There are numerous non-planetary influences that can be ascertained through your Natal Chart.  We will cover two of what to this date are considered to be the most important:  CHIRON  in Lesson 6 & THE MOON NODES in Lesson 7.



The Wounded Healer … The Rainbow Bridge


TEXT FOR LESSON 6:  CHIRON: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer

                   Planets, Barbara Hand Clow


          Barbara Hand Clow, in her book CHIRON:  Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets, considers CHIRON a new planet.  Others think it is a minor planet, comet, or asteroid—some, both a minor planet and comet.  Whatever CHIRON is, its healing influence is being recognized as “the bridge between matter and the subtle realms, the bridge between Saturn—the Dweller on the Threshold to Higher Consciousness and Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—and Higher Consciousness/Ascended Masterhood. 

          Ancient mythology considered CHIRON to be one of the greatest astrologer-teachers.  With its discovery in 1977, some believe CHIRON signals a return of the beautiful, ancient science of astrology.  I say “beautiful” because I have studied esoteric astrology for 40 years and find it to be “my teacher” of the Ancient Hidden Wisdom.

          Consider a quote by Barbara Hand Clow:  “CHIRON is the teacher of the Earth connection to higher planes and the planetary sighting indicates the time has come for us to manifest our divinity.”


          The symbol for CHIRON is included the symbol chart below.


          “CHIRON is the wounded healer; he triggers us into feeling our deepest inner wound so that we can clear inner pain.”   The path to self-mastery includes recognizing, deliberately bringing forth into conscious awareness, forgiving, and releasing all inner pain.  CHIRON is our helper/healer.

          “CHIRON is the essence of pragmatism, of gaining a palpable or “hands on” awareness of ourselves so that we can metamorphose into something entirely new.  This Chirotic form of transmutation is so systemic, the change so complete, the experience so intense, that most people forget it happened to them within hours.  Often it can only be recognized by its effects, such as a sudden new vision, a complete path alteration in life, a feeling of being reborn….  CHIRON rules the most intense and mystical experiences; it rules spiritual ecstasy.”


ASSIGNMENT:   Find CHIRON in your natal chart … note the house in which it is located and its zodiac sign.  Study its meaning in the house and sign.  Determine the manner in which you are to “metamorphose” into something new, something higher on your spiral of spiritual evolution for this incarnation.




CHIRON may not be listed in your natal chart, according to the computer software used.  If not, there are plenty of other configurations to study


You can order your natal chart from the Aquarian Bookstore –instructions

are in the Introduction to this course.


CHIRON IN THE 1ST HOUSE – indicates a channel of Healing, one who is charismatic, unforgettable, and a true leader of consciousness unfoldment.  You need a nurturing environment, time in nature, and soothing music. Ego involvement acts as a short circuit and will unground you.  As you rise above the ego need to “be the healer” and learn to “Be still & Know that I Am God,” synchronic events and manifestation by thought becomes a natural part of your life.  You learn to allow the healing energies to flow from the Divine through you.


CHIRON IN THE 2ND HOUSE – indicates extreme interest in balance, a strong proselytizing urge, a desire to define values that can be healing for others, if you do not take sharing those values too dogmatically.  The preacher who creates values in others.  Presents the need for you to recognize that all persons are unique.  This placement can be beautiful as it offers an unselfconscious compassion of all humanity.


CHIRON IN THE 3RD HOUSE – presents a “crisis of integration on Earth that involves communication, agility, and personal mastery.”  You can have difficulty in discernment, thus have experiences that you later consider to be wasteful.  You are learning through making mistakes.  There can be a maturing growth challenge in relationship to a sibling or lack of a sibling.  You may demonstrate unusual talent for teaching and communication at a young age.  However, living in accordance with the teaching may not be present.  This insincerity may mean that you fool others into thinking you are more advanced than is true.  Talent, however, to become a great communicator is present.  The crisis of integration involves incorporating mastery of self into your communications.  CHIRON in the 3rd house signals a crisis of the highest order—living in alignment with what you communicate and teach.  Failure to learn this lesson will affect all other areas of your life.


CHIRON IN THE 4TH HOUSE – signifies the “deepest healing of self will come from a connection with roots.”   Discovering who you are is based upon knowledge of your roots.  Your true roots are within the Oneness of All.  You can be “intense, brooding, deep, and often nervous”—resulting in disturbing those around you.  The 4th house relates to your family-of-origin and the family you create.  You may have suffered during childhood and felt misunderstand.  Now, you may tend to carry childhood traumas into the family you create.   As you heal yourself, you will begin the healing process of those around you.  As a result of your suffering, you feel deep compassion for the pain of others.


CHIRON IN THE 5TH HOUSE – creates a “powerful sense of the child within” for good or ill.  Ego issues can be present, which can be resolved only through experiencing the repercussions.  Sexual experimentation can result in activating the Kundalini energy too soon.  You may tend to “experience “like a child” with little mature understanding and you may deny what you are doing.”   Sexual energy is creative energy that can be expressed in a myriad ways.  Conscious expression of your sexual energy is very helpful.  The potential for outstanding creativity is present.  “Creative expression, teaching children, and conscious sexuality are the mature expressions of your CHIRON in your 5th house energy.”


CHIRON IN THE 6TH HOUSE – creates a connection with medicine and healing.  This connection can begin with you being hypochondriacal >>> evolve into an uncompromising effort to maintain good health >>> a search for the secret of good health.  As you let go of the tight control of your health, you become sensitive to your body and to your electrical system.  You know intuitively what is going on within your body and what it needs.  Your work experiences and your search for a meaningful goal in life can be your Healer, as you learn the answer to “what am I?”  Holistic health is also your Healer.  “CHIRON in the 6th house symbolizes the working out of transformation energy in form as a karmic issue.”  If your CHIRON is retrograde, you can activate past life healing skills for use in this incarnation.  You are meant to serve others.


REMEMBER:  We develop our personality through Houses 1 to 6; our Soul from Houses 6 to 12.  You can sense the growing intensity as we move through the houses.  Each of your incarnations consists of movement through all 12 of the Houses with the Soul goal of developing evermore spiritual maturity.


CHIRON IN THE 7TH HOUSE – presents a “dynamic of knowing the self through significant relationships on the personal level, and strongly affecting other people on a mass scale.”  You can possess tremendous charisma and you may come to crave the adulation of the masses.  If you allow your ego to be involved, this craving can become destructive.  You need to understand how you affect others, as you do not see the power of what you do.  You have “enormous potential to express the collective unconscious of our times” and an “uncanny ability to mirror the self-image of other people.”  The essential truth to master is “I am you and you are me.”  You will learn who you are through relationships, which can become so intense that you find yourself “unable to see the forest for the trees.”  The 7th house rules our connection to extraterrestrials and as the time for interaction with them draws closer, you “will resonate with them with a special frequency.”  Once you gain control over your life, you possess the capacity to greatly influence the masses for Good.


CHIRON IN THE 8TH HOUSE – creates a major life struggle—“a gigantic karmic crisis—over earthly desires:  sex, money, power/fame, and immortality.   This struggle tends to, in one way or another, impact strongly you and everyone around you.  There is the need to comprehend true power—an earthly throne can be easily toppled.  True power is the inner power that comes from self-mastery.  If, for whatever reason, your environment stifles any show of legitimate power, you will tend to express your inner rage in a destructive manner, such as actually becoming violent or developing cancer.  CHIRON in your 8th house does not indicate a violent person so much as it reminds you that it is important that your true self not be stifled.  “The resolved and high side of this position is an absolute mastery over desire resulting in a deep and essential knowing about the motives of others.”  It gives you a “penetrating mind, a great facility for exacting research, and an intense understanding of primal life forces.”  You must learn never to misuse your power to manipulate others.  With the development of self-discipline and a higher consciousness, you have the opportunity to balance much negative karma. 

          It is imperative that you NEVER turn over your power to another person. 


CHIRON IN THE 9TH HOUSE – signifies “a crisis of connecting with the higher self in this incarnation.  The higher self [or Soul] is the wisdom energy that is the integrating spiritual force of each lifetime….  Each individual lifetime is a journey of ensoulment, of activating, embodying, and radiating out of the higher self.”  You are naturally interested in philosophy and spirituality and may teach these concepts.  Understanding metaphysical wisdom is likely one of your talents.  (Metaphysics = that that is beyond the physical.)  You cannot rest until you find the Truth that satisfies your thirst and when you do, you want to share it with others.  Even though Higher Thought is natural for you, your Chirotic crisis always involves attuning to and resonating with your Soul. 

          Learning to resonate with your Ascendant energy can be helpful in achieving attunement with your Soul.  Study your Ascendant again.

          Imbalances can be pronounced, thus the need to learn balance. 


Suggestion:  For helpful hints in achieving balance - look to your Sun Sign page at the “Health & Well-Being” Section.  Achieving a balance with your Opposite or Polarity Sign energy is a prerequisite to Wholeness and attunement with your Soul.


CHIRON IN THE 10TH HOUSE – “signals a crisis about manifesting true purpose on the Earth plane….  The 10th house will always be a driven house because that is where we get the planetary juice, but it only becomes a sacred power if we are prepared to give it all away.”  You are not seeking power for yourself, but to release it in advancing your dreams for the world.  You have authority, but may be hesitant to take it on; you possess power, but using it may create conflicts within you.  One reason for the hesitancy to take on your power can be that your parents project power onto you OR you feel that if you express it, you will be competing with one/both parents.  You, as a Master Warrior, treat women and men as equals.  You wear the “mantle of power” and the only solution is for you to use it—but with self-mastery.  As you learn to express your authority/power in positive, helpful ways, you will increasingly be at peace with yourself.  Your opportunity to master power is a sacred gift … it is your birthright.


CHIRON IN THE 11TH HOUSE – indicates “a crises over the possibility of playing a unique role in culture.”  You have the opportunity to give of your creative gifts to the world.  It is important to view all positive activities as talents … you have a role to play within the divine plan and whatever you have to offer is your talent, your divinely planned gift.  Study your 11th house, the zodiac sign on its cusp, the planets or lack of planets in it—to begin the journey of discovery of your unique talents. 

          For example – in our Sample Chart, Pisces is on the 11th house cusp, indicating one who is gifted with a compassionate nature and is very likely to demonstrate  compassion through a use of one or more of the arts.  The individual may also be a gifted healer—one who may use art for healing.  With no planets in the 11th house, this individual will have little problem in understanding and using talents for the world-at-large. 

          The highest level of expression for any talent is that you recognize that the power comes through you and you simply allow it to flow.  Examples can be consciously allowing the food you cook to be filled with the love vibration as it flows through you.  You may garden with the devas, or fairies, by being conscious of their presence with you and seeking their help.  Findhorn Garden in Scotland originated with a family working consciously with the angels to grow food in rocky soil and harsh weather.

          The key to using CHIRON in the 11th house is to let go and allow the energies of the Universe to flow through you. 


CHIRON IN THE 12TH HOUSE – “signifies the potential to actuate cosmic immersion, to enter deeply into mysticism.”  In today’s culture, we can be mystics while living within the world.  We can develop our capacity to use our Right Brain Hemisphere (the Intuition) in harmony with our Left Brain Hemisphere (the Intellect).  We can recognize the Presence of the Akashic Records (The Book of Life, Jung’s Collective Unconscious) from which we can read our true history. 

          With CHIRON in the 12 house, you will be highly intuitive and need to develop faith in that intuition.  You want to probe into life, to study subjects in an in-depth fashion.  You will coming into your own with the New Aquarian Age because you possess the talent to be a treasure house of esoteric knowledge.  The tendency is present to be highly intuitive, but handicapped by the under-developed Left Brain Hemisphere—in other words “how do you bring into the world all that you know inwardly?”  The intellect is the practical brain.  You like to be alone so you can enjoy the inner world of knowing.  It is important that you not “dance to the tune of anyone else.”  There is a tendency to “follow” a teacher or guru and this is not what you need to do.  You are to learn to trust your own inner guidance and inner knowing.    You incarnated to fulfill a high purpose in the Aquarian Age; therefore, spiritual maturity earned by overcoming the challenges in your life prepares you for your mission. 




CHIRON IN ARIESthe search for identity is paramount in your life.  Until you feel that you know who you truly are, you will be restless.  You are a trailblazer, with Warrior energies.  Warrior energies are not warring energies; instead, they are to be used to express the Arian power in positive, pioneering, and meaningful ways.  An Aries whose power is stifled is prone to suffer cancer.  Aries need to be active.  The house in which your CHIRON is located will reveal the area of life where you can initiate progress.


CHIRON IN TAURUS“a search for values on the material plane predominates….  Determining  ‘what is right or wrong, permanent or not, becomes a crisis.”  You are more interested in maintaining the values you feel are significant than in bringing the new into being.  The house in which your CHIRON is located will reveal the nature of the values you cherish.  You are talented in manifesting resources from other people and can stretch these resources wisely.  The warning with this placement is that you not become stuck in a value system that has outlived its meaningfulness.  Creativity is essential; otherwise you may block off the Chirotic  healing energies.  The house position of your CHIRON is the key.  Study it again.

          Bizarre sexual habits may be present, unless you understand the sexual energy is creative energy and is present to be used with balance. 

          You are a stabilizing factor within society in that your contribution is a talent for creating good out of what already exists, rather than being inventive. 


CHIRON IN GEMINI – indicates “a personal crisis about integration here on Earth, which affects balance and the nervous system greatly.  [You] are highly attuned to the consciousness of individuals around [you] and to mass awareness.”  You are a natural teacher and communicator.  Richard Nolle stated:  “Awareness is the keynote for persons born under this CHIRON sign, whose prime existential mission is to understand the way we think in order to effect changes in our mental realities.”  Your Soul intends that you learn our thoughts create our reality.  Therefore, we can change our reality with our thoughts.  Self-discipline is essential in achieving balance as you are innately  attuned to the sudden changes that Uranus can bring.  Change for change’s sake accomplishes little, or nothing, of significance—thus the need for self-discipline. 


CHIRON IN CANCER – signifies a “crisis over cultural roots and/or of personal protection.”  This CHIRON placement can be difficult because CANCER is tied to the past and you tend to feel safe only as your environment is safe.  Thus, you can feel very threatened by the chaos presently occurring on Earth.  Your body cells remember your parents’ struggles for survival during World War II.   You may feel intense insecurity.  Letting go of a structured environment is difficult as you see the changes taking place on our planet.  It is important for you to understand that what you focus your attention on manifests in your life.  Gloria Karpinski, in her book Where Two Worlds Touch states:  “Worrying is praying for you do not want.”   Once you realize just how powerfully your thoughts can manifest, you possess the capacity to be “at the forefront of manifesting true security for Earth….  Meanwhile, [you] will either be desperately seeking a means for real security or [you] will have [your] crab shell around [yourself] and be hiding.” 

          You “are meant to be a leader in the battle to alchemize the Earth.”  Therefore, it is essential that you learn to resonate with your own power.  Study your 5th house to determine where your creative juices are to flow—because “the only real power is the power of creativity.”  Also study the house in which CHIRON is located because it is in this area of life that you feel restricted, where you need to learn to let go and let God work through you

          Involvement in natural healing techniques that bring forth the deepest of wounds and assist the patient in releasing that inner pain may interest you.  Our cells are filled with memories from the past, including our ancestors’ past.


CHIRON IN LEO – indicates a crisis over the ego.  For Leo, it is imperative to first develop a strong sense of self/ego, then begin to move from wanting to sit on an external royal throne to the self-mastery that allows you to sit on your inner royal  throne.  This can be a very traumatic struggle, but well worth the effort.  Study your 5th house and the type of creative efforts indicated thereYou are developing personal empowerment through creativity—understanding that you are a co-creator with the Universe.   As you successfully complete this lesson, you become the “Royal Person or Soul being in the body.”

          You have an innate feeling that you are special, a feeling that may have impacted your childhood by others telling you, “You think only of yourself” or “What makes you think you are so special?”  For you, this is an essential step in developing a strong ego structure—a structure you need until you have achieved the spiritual maturity to deal with the higher intuitive world and rapidity of change that Uranus (ruler of your opposite sign Aquarius) brings.  You are naturally intuitive and need a strong sense of your egoic self in order to enter the higher vibrational world of the intuitive planes.   In other words, you need to know who you truly are and to feel empowered to be your authentic Self.  The creative process must be honoredAs you can move beyond the egoic self, you can become a gift to our world through the high use of your will power and creativity.


CHIRON IN VIRGO – “subtlety and exactitude characterize” you.  On the personality level, you may tend to compulsive and desire a firm structure within which to live and work.  Men with CHIRON in Virgo may become workaholics, then engage in kinky sex off work; women may hold absolute power in the office, then fall apart at a party.   Aging for those who remain on the personality level of maturity is characterized by increased crystallized behavior; whereas, aging for the more spiritually mature is transformative growth.  Aging—while clinging to the old and outworn—can create physical conditions that involve crystallized energy, such as arthritis.  Resisting the Uranian energy of change represses your energy and causes it to manifest crystallized in form.  Yours is the desire to create form, but not form that is destructive to your being.

          Virgo is the last of the personality development signs as it merges into the soul development signs, thus CHIRON, the bridge, is at home in Virgo.  You are developing and accepting the self-discipline required by Saturn (the Dweller on the Threshold to Higher Consciousness) and becoming attuned to the flexibility, rapid movement, and highly intuitive energy of Uranus.  Yours can become a deep, intuitive knowing regarding perfect timing. 

          Study the house in which your CHIRON is located to determine the way in which you are working to locate transformative energies on Earth.  “Generally speaking, CHIRON in Virgo in the 2nd, 4th, & 7th houses causes problems with Saturn fixation.  CHIRON in Virgo in the 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th, & 11th houses favors comfort with Uranian transformation. 

          Now that CHIRON has been discovered and assigned to Virgo, the CHIRON in Virgo individual is to “teach perfection of form on Earth so that the bridge to the higher dynamics can be built.  Virgo can be the essence of love of Earth-healing combined with joy in higher consciousness.”  Virgo rules natural healing, which recognizes that your body is the Temple of God.  You are here to assist (by teaching and/or by example) in preparing others for the higher realms of consciousness. 


CHIRON IN LIBRA – indicates a crisis of balancing yourself in relationship to the responses of others, who are mirroring you to yourself.  You tend to lean heavily on constant feedback to define yourself, even while you claim to be your own person.  While operating on the personality level, your sense of self can be quite undeveloped and you will tend to crave a constant flow of new experiences as a result.  As you mature spiritually, you come to know yourself well as a result of having so closely observed the responses of others toward you.  Great artistic talent can be present.

          CHIRON in Libra can create strong fixations –on the ruling parent from childhood, on the need for structure, on the need for relationships that are not necessarily beneficial, but that you can’t release—even though these relationships may smother you.  You may seem old for your years. 

          Zane Stein described those with CHIRON in Libra:  “One major lesson these people must learn is how to really tell when something is fair or just.  They have a personal imperative to discover which side is correct, and a hatred of injustice—it must end NOW.” 

          The house position of CHIRON in Libra reveals the nature of your journey into wholenessRelating to others is your primary form of learning.  Your healing can involve multiple karmic situations.  In fact, Barbara Hand Clow’s research reveals that statistically, those with CHIRON in Libra seem to be more “immersed in burning old karma off or creating new debts than those with CHIRON in other zodiac signs.  


CHIRON IN SCORPIO“the transformative and evolutionary energy of Pluto [ruler of Scorpio] becomes the personal quest.”  Plutonian power is a force to be reckoned with.  You may feel that others cannot imagine how you feel inside, while you have soul memories of a time when this powerful energy was integrated into the society, such as during the Age of Taurus.  This feeling of others’ lack of understanding can cause the struggle between Saturn’s structured existence and Uranus’ highly intuitive, changeable one to be volcanic for you.  You will be either extraordinary in your personal evolution or you have not yet found a suitable avenue to express the growing power you feel within.  On the personality level, you may try to express this Plutonian energy by seeking power and pleasure at the expense of others.

          Those with CHIRON in Scorpio “face a death crisis or a significant choice to live relating to the issues of the house containing CHIRON.”  CHIRON in Scorpio encourages an interest in metaphysics.  Yoga can be beneficial. 

          It is important to note whether or not you are repressed.  Do you recognize your own power?  “Is the issue ruled by the house position of CHIRON empowered?”   Do you understand the value system of that house’s affairs?  Are you aware of making progress in your spiritual evolution in regards to this house?


CHIRON IN SAGITTARIUS – you will experience a “crisis about integration of the Higher Self into [your] consciousness.”  You are on a “quest to be ensouled, to bring the highest essence into [your] own form so that [you] can connect with the central organizing principle of all [your] incarnations—your Soul.  This connection is blocked until the Higher Self is embodied.  Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is the home planet of the Ascended Masters.  You are innately in tune with these teachers and guides.  You may go on many quests for wisdom, but ultimately, you are discover that the bridge to wisdom is within you.  You incarnated to be a prophet of the Age of Aquarius and teacher of the chirotic force—the wounded healer who heals by connecting with, forgiving, and releasing the inner pain. 

          CHIRON rules the initiation process.  Clow’s research files reveal a high number of children with CHIRON in Sagittarius possess high consciousness at an early age.  You are mystical in nature and on a search for your own Truth.  You “will cause a new awareness about kundalini energy as a healing force.  A helpful website in dealing with the kundalini energy is:   http://www.kundalinicare.com/ 


A CAUTION:  It is best to allow the kundalini energy within your Root Chakra to rise naturally rather than attempting to lift it through exercises, meditation, etc.  Kundalini is extremely powerful energy and best left to its own divine unfolding and timing.  As you work for and intend spiritual maturity, your kundalini energy will rise harmlessly within the appropriate timing for you as a unique human being.


CHIRON IN CAPRICORN – a “karmic crisis about succeeding in [your] quest and balance in life between success and nurturance.”  This can be a complex placement because you can be personally invested in your own success while still being relatively unevolved.  You may have trouble being open to any path other than your own.  You tend to understand your path to the Higher Self as being in conjunction with your desire for power and success.  As a result, you invest your path to worldly success with spiritual significance, resulting in difficulty in hearing or seeing the ways of other people.  Thus, you lose of the mirror or sight offered by feedback from others.  You “possess great power and are adept in manifesting it.”  You usually do get what you want, but may—in the process—wake up and find you are alone.  Your most important lesson is learning to listen. 

          You are comfortable with the self-discipline of Saturn, so it takes an intentional effort to get you to play.  “Born with CHIRON in Capricorn, [you] are not having any fun; the seriousness must break down or the quest will be an iron-fisted search for control over everything, even the passage of time.” 

          You are likely to be an early achiever and proud of it, even though those who have not succeeded at a young age are the ones who may do better in the long run.  The early achiever tends to develop a blindness toward others, while also demonstrating remarkable skill.  The “deadly serious quality” most often characterizing the early achiever precludes play and fun—this will eventually backfire unless you learn to listen to others.

          If you have not been especially successful, you may find it difficult to define your true purpose.  You are sensitive and other people may have hurt you; you may “feel under-appreciated because you are tense about not meeting the impossibly high standards you have set for yourself.  You may need to recognize that there is plenty of time or if you are an early achiever, you may need help gaining a perspective on the many facets of life you have missed.   Either way, nurturing is needed. 

          CHIRON in Capricorn is your signal that balance between work and play must be achieved.


CHIRON IN AQUARIUS – indicates a crisis over being grounded to Earth and living life in a balanced manner.  You are electrical and not grounded.  On the personality level, you may known as an “air head.”  You “are meant to manifest idealism, to bring great gifts to the culture in areas ruled by CHIRON’s house location, but [you] must carefully connect deep into the Earth and become realistic.  [You] possess great potential, if [you] can balance and connect” to Earth.  You are here to greet our galactic family.  You can be a powerful teacher of the Chirotic force—bringing the inner wounds to the surface to be healed.  A study of the Rainbow Bridge and our galactic family would be interesting areas for you.  Experiential learning can be helpful for you—to ground your attention onto the Earth plane.

          CHIRON in Aquarius is too recent to have much research done on these individuals and how they are manifesting their life’s expression.  Yours is a location of CHIRON still in the creation stages.    


CHIRON IN PISCES – signifies a “crisis over connecting with the God-force, the universal Oneness.”  You hear different music than the majority of us.  Attunement to the higher levels of Neptune can mean that you are manifesting this benefic spiritual energy.  Resonance with Neptune’s personality level influence can mean that you experience the astral plane and illusion.  You may rise above this by connecting with your Soul—an essential achievement to enjoy Neptune’s most beautiful influences.  At the Soul-centered level, Neptune’s influence is highly mystical and benefic.  It is important that you fill your life with positive influences and avoid thinking in negative terms.  I remind you of the Divine Self Chart, in which you see that you are surrounded in a protective shield of White Light—all you have to do is recognize it and ask to remain in its protective arms wherever you are.

The late Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s Divine Self Chart



          Neptune assists you in aligning with your highest potential.  Once you are clear that you desire to rise above the astral level of Neptune’s influences, I suggest meditating with the Divine Self Chart on a regular basis.  You build the Rainbow Bridge to your Higher Self (the middle form in the chart) and to your I AM PRESENCE (the upper form) by meditating and building that bridge of light as shown in the chart.  Fear of the unknown allows the astral plane to seep into your energy field.  Instead of fear, intend the Shield of White Light Protection around you

          You must learn the Chirotic focus—the deliberate bringing down into the body of the Higher Will and the Higher Self….  Neptunian ecstasy and mysticism will flood your consciousness once CHIRON is mastered as a tool.

          You are a healer and need to find a modality through which to channel divine healing power through you.


End of Lesson 6