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 Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.



Scott Mowry’s July 24, 2013 excellent summary of all that has/is happening behind the scenes in our world reminded me that Americans have a huge role to play in the unfolding of the Divine Plan for Planet Earth (Gaia). Our Divine Destiny is that we demonstrate to the world how to live in a nation where freedom and equal treatment of all persons can thrive.

We are about to discover just how many lies and unthinkable plots have been perpetrated against us. These revelations will follow the official announcement of the new Basel III worldwide economy, which—along with the prosperity packages—will bring prosperity to everyone. This new economy will free all of us from the enslavement of having to work for survival. This freedom from economic constraints is essential because we have much work to be done in learning how to be responsible citizens of an American Constitutional Republic as opposed to the mess in which we have become entangled as a result of thinking of America as a Democracy.

We have much to learn in the coming weeks.

First, we must understand the difference between a Republic and a Democracy.


Second, we must learn how to be free and to allow others to be free.


Third, we must come to understand the difference between a 3rd dimensional plane of duality—good and evil—society … AND … a 5th dimensional, galactic society—Love and Light only.


Fourth, because we are to be reunited with our Star Brothers & Sisters, we must learn to create a galactic society that will enable us to become a part of the galactic community that surrounds Earth, but to which we have heretofore been blind. Disclosure of this community will follow on the footsteps of the new Basel III economy.


The future is very, very bright for everyone! Let us be conscientious in preparing ourselves to create a 5th dimensional American Republic!


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