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There is really no order of spiritual merit in your daily activities

July 26, 2013 by John Smallman

Ascended Master Jesus

The collective heart of humanity is opening up beautifully as Light-workers, Light-bearers, and wayshowers all across the world continue to strengthen and intensify their intentions to align perfectly with the field of divine Love in which all are enveloped.  It is as though a new collective Love grid was forming very rapidly across the planet to integrate with and fully engage with the divine one to bring about humanity’s long-wished-for awakening, and that is exactly what is required and what you are building.  Here in the spiritual realms our joy is boundless as we observe the ever-more effective engagement with Love that humanity is so enthusiastically embracing.  The fact that you do not see what we see should not concern you, because if you go within to your holy center, where your Light burns intensely and eternally, you will get a sense of comfort, of certainty that all is going precisely as divinely planned, as it definitely is, and that therefore your awakening is inevitable, as you have been told so many times by so many loving entities.

Just keep doing what you have been doing, namely, intending sincerely and constantly to hold your Light high as you demonstrate loving intent at all times in your daily lives.  That is all you need to do. . .nothing else.  It is very simple, profoundly effective, and yet many of you do have difficulty with it, mainly because in your state of limited consciousness you get practically no confirmatory feedback. That is why so many of you are either receiving personally channeled messages or are drawn to read the messages that others share and make public.  The aim of these messages is to uplift and inspire you, and the Love with which they vibrate and with which they are imbued embraces you as you channel or read them.  The encouragement that you receive from them strengthens your resolve, your intent to continue doing the holy work you contracted to do, ensuring that the awakening process flows along smoothly, just as our Father intends.

The work you are doing with such good grace and determination is an essential part of the process.  When you enter your inner place of peace, to sit and clear your minds of distractions and worries, you are not just sitting idly by waiting to be rescued!  Sitting meditating, contemplating what you conceive of as the divine plan, or channeling inspirational messages from guides, angels, or mentors in the spiritual realms is most certainly not being idle, lazy, or in the least bit ineffectual!  It is the most effective way in which you can fulfill your life contracts, your reasons for being incarnate on Earth at this point in her spiritual evolution.

For spiritual evolution to occur people must become spiritually aware and active, and no matter what good works you may be doing to help others you also need to spend regular daily quiet time alone, and centered, because that is where the real and spiritual action is taking place.  Yes, you can and should hold the intent to be loving presences throughout your daily physical activities, whatever they may entail (please note that there is really no order of spiritual merit in your daily activities). But ensure that you also allow space for that essential quiet time, that down time, at one with the flame of Love that burns constantly within you where the real work is being done.

You all know that you are on a holy path home to Reality, but the myriad enticements with which the illusion constantly presents you frequently succeed in distracting and disturbing you.  Make a point of noticing this when it happens so that you can return your focus and attention all the more quickly to the work you chose to do.  We are always available to help you with this, so please, do call on us – often – and we shall delight in assisting you to, as it were, regain your spiritual balance. That is our duty, our task, our vocation, and it gives us enormous satisfaction to be able to respond to your requests for assistance.  We are never too busy doing other things: we are always available and we will never put you on hold!  When you feel you need our help, call us at once, and we will answer.

Each one of you has your own personal guides in the spiritual realms; they are aspects of your soul family and are always watching over you, rooting for you, and protecting you.  They are always aware of you, and always conscious of your hopes and desires. Make a point of asking them for a sense of their presence, an intuitive indication of their presence, and they will provide it, because they want you to know that they are always with you.  When you suddenly “remember” where you put your keys, your cheque book, or where you parked, one of them was probably nudging you.  Give thanks.  They love to be recognized, appreciated, and thanked.  Giving thanks is a very effective way to raise your energy frequency more into alignment with the field of divine Love surrounding you.

Your loving brother,  Jesus.



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