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Karen Hudes (World Bank): “IRS collects your taxes and gives it to the Vatican” “Syria actors….”

Karen Hudes

Gregg Hunter, at USA Watchdog, interviews Karen Hudes


This is an excellent interview!  Gregg is great at representing our old 3rd dimensional thinking; Karen is great at presenting the New Earth’s 4th dimensional thinking in which we all come together in love and cooperate together to create a new world that works for everyone.

During the interview, Karen mentions that our present problems can be solved by moving away from 3rd dimensional thinking … that there is enough actual money in the world to allow every individual to be abundant financially.  This is what NESARA is all about.  NESARA is the LAW that cares about each one of you!  It is up to each of us to leave behind our 3rd dimensional thinking and move into our heart … think and act with love as you support the LAW that cares about you.


This interview took place in August of 2013.  Since then Pope Francis has taken moves to rid the Vatican of some of its corruption.  Karen speaks of the huge amount of good being done around the world to prepare for the collapse of the old world and economic system.  What Gregg presents as what will happen is the old 3rd dimensional way of thinking—the thinking of fear and deprivation.  What is really going to happen is the thinking of Love and abundance!  NESARA is already LAW!

As truth comes out, we will be shocked and dismayed … perhaps feel like the rug has been pulled out from under us (and it will be, if we refuse to wake up to the corruption that fills every area of our planetary culture).  There are no exceptions!

Keep in mind that there are three City-States that have ruled/controlled our 3rd dimensional world:  the Vatican, the City of London, & the District of Columbia.  These City-States are entities unto themselves and operate outside Law.


You can read a thoroughly researched series of articles by David Wilcock on “Financial Tyranny:  Defeating the Greatest Cover Up of All Time” at:



Karen Hudes’ official website is:  http://kahudes.net/

May we all wake up and assist those who are giving their all to

bring about our New Earth!



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