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Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel


Ascending to a higher level of consciousness involves looking at an expanded version of the simplistic statements we have heard for generations. The information that satisfied while we were in the elementary stages of ascension in consciousness is no longer adequate.

One such statement is frequently made by those who are channeling and by New Age teachers: We live in an illusory world while on Earth. As we ascend, it will disappear; it never happened. These simplistic statements have allowed us to build a foundation for expanded awareness; but it is now time to increase our comprehension of the nuanced meanings within them.

All of life is energy, moving at varying rates of speed. This energy can change from steam >>> to water >>> to ice; but, it cannot disappear. ENERGY NEVER DISAPPEARS; IT ONLY CHANGES FORM. Therefore, the thought and emotional energies that created the Illusion will never disappear. They can only be transmuted and re-formed.

Let’s say, for example, we watch the snow melt into puddles of water. The simplistic statement is “The snow disappeared.” We all know what that means—that the snow melted into water. It did not disappear; it changed forms.

With this understanding in mind, how do we deal with the illusion—the matrix of lies—in which we live?

We are the creators of our world. Although someone else, i.e. the power elite, created many of the forms of darkness, we have believed them to be “the way life is”–content to remain in elementary school. We have been told, “We live in a dangerous world; therefore, we must fight wars to protect ourselves. Within the illusion of our elementary understanding of life, “this is the way life is” constitutes a valid simplistic statement. However, as we ascend in consciousness, we become aware of peaceful alternatives.

Working together, we create organizations that teach living in peace with self, our families and close personal others, and the world. We focus on strengthening these organizations and stop relying on violence or war to protect ourselves. Pretty soon, there is no need to protect ourselves, our families and friends, or our country. The illusion that we have to protect ourselves via violence disappears. However, the illusion did exist as a means of granting us the opportunity to expand in consciousness.

The Genesis creation story is the symbolic story of Earth humans choosing between the Paradise of living innocently or naked … and … acquiring knowledge of good and evil. The serpent tells them that if they choose experiencing good and evil, they will become gods. They chose to live on the plane of duality—good and evil or Light and Darkness—for a purpose: so they could more quickly grow up– from child gods into Adult Gods.

Earth humans created the illusion in which we live so we could experience evil and learn to transform it into good. In order for us to have this experience, Earth had to be surrounded with the veil of forgetfulness. We created the illusion that we are alone in the Cosmos … that pain, suffering, deprivation, illness and death are the way life is. To explain the presence of evil, we created a God of violence, jealousy, revenge—an unforgiving God who is willing to punish some for eternity. The Bible and other sacred texts tell the story of Earth humans residing on the plane of duality and our efforts to find our way back to Loving Oneness with our Source of Being.

Within the last two hundred years, Earth humans began to awaken. New ways of viewing life have been increasingly accepted. Concepts such as: We live within an Illusion or Matrix of lies … We can create better lives by focusing only on the good we want …. Worry and focusing on our concerns attract what we do not want. It is not that these concepts are false, but that they represent elementary knowledge. Ascension means that we are to expand our conscious awareness and learn to transform the evil we created with the Good we also create. As we create Good to overcome or replace Evil, the Illusion will dissipate.   As we adjust to ALL GOOD, the Illusion will disappear from our memories.

As a result of overcoming evil, or darkness, Earth humans will take an evolutionary leap … we will ascend to the higher dimensions of life, heretofore hidden from our view. The Illusion, or Matrix of lies, has played a vital role in our evolutionary leap.

As St. Germain tells us in his book St. Germain On Alchemy: “We can be alchemists of the Spirit with the goal of ennobling the race and becoming benefactors of the race in the highest sense of the word.

Overcoming the Illusion has been a stepping stone to our ascension!

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