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Channel Panel Radio Show – 9/23/15

Dr. Kathryn MayDr. Kathryn May

This show left me without words. It is so sincere, so loving, so dedicated to the unfolding of Mother/Father God’s Divine Plan for our planet. I ache from feeling the pain of not only Mother & Daughter—Kathryn & Christine, but of my recently revealed Soul Sister, and a little girl with large brown eyes calling to me, her earthly mother for only a few weeks. As Father God told us, you are all breaking out of the egg shell in which you have been living.

You will hear Kathryn and Christine on this show. I pray the world will once more hear a live performance of my extremely talented Soul Sister. We met 2-3 weeks ago and instantly knew our Souls were deeply connected. As Father God told us on this show, when you meet someone and know that you have always known her, you have experienced life as it is on the 5th dimension. Kay, a very talented musician, had cancer several decades ago. As a result of the chemo used then, her spinal cord is now disintegrating and she experiences chronic, at times severe, pain. Regardless, she carries on with her Soul’s mission as best she can.

The little girl with large brown eyes had just arrived in the U.S. from Honduras. Our Souls had immediately recognized each other, enough so that we became adoptive Mother & Daughter. This beautiful little girl had to get a vaccination; the nurse had trouble with the injection. With tears streaming down her face, her brown eyes looked at me in such desperation, “Mama, do something!” 40+ years later, that memory is still seared in my mind. My little girl was hurting; I was helpless. In a small way, I understand the torture Kathryn is feeling as she watches Christine suffer severe pain for months, helpless to “make it go away.” Her mother’s heart is breaking.

This poignant show brought to the forefront of many a listener’s heart and mind the loving dedication that many Lightworkers are demonstrating as they continue in all circumstances to walk their Path of Service.

All I can say to each of them is, “I love you! Thank you for your service to our planet!”




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