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The list of family members listed below is not exhaustive. Further research would likely indicate many more members who served in the United States military.


The Revolutionary War


James Caudill – son of Stephen Caudill - is known to have fought in the Revolutionary Army at the Battle of Kings Mountain and the Cowpens. He was granted 95 acres

of land by the United States Congress for his service. This land was located in

Big Cowan, Kentucky (still part of Virginia at the time).

Source: Collins Family History at


Benjamin Caudill (Caudle), Sr. - son of Stephen Caudill – joined the Revolutionary

Army in Chatham County, N.C. He died before 1776 while in the Army.

Absalom Caudle, Sr. – son of Benjamin Caudill, Sr. - joined the Revolutionary Army

of North Carolina, 10th regiment in November 1775 and was discharged in

December 1776. He later became a substitute for Jahn Elwell of Bladen County,

N.C. and served 3 months. He was discharged in July 1780, then re-enlisted and

served the remainder of the war. At age 75, Absalom, Sr. applied for and received a pension. His record in the National Archives was erroneously filed as Absalom Candell. Absalom, Sr. served in the military under Captain Robert Roan and Colonel Thomas Clark.

Sources: Dr. William R. Caudle of Tampa, Florida

Julie Ganis of Eden, N.C.



The Civil War

The 43rd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry was assembled at Camp Mangum, near Raleigh, N.C. in March 1862. Its members were from Mecklenburg, Wilson, Halifax, Edgecombe, Warren, and Anson counties. During the war, the 43rd was assigned to General Daniel’s, Hoke’s, and Grimes’ Brigade. It fought in the Seven Days Battle and saw action at Goldsboro, Gettysburg, Plymouth, Dewry’s Bluff, and Cold Habor. The regiment was then involved in Early’s Shenandoah Valley operations and the Appomattox campaign. It was organized with 1,066 officers and men, lost 26% of the 572 engaged at Gettysburg, and had 4 killed and 13 wounded at Plymouth. On April 9, 1865, it surrendered 9 officers and 164 men. The field officers were Colonel Thomas S. Kenan, Lieutenant Colonel William G. Lewis, and Major Walter J. Boggan.

Source: Confederate North Carolina Troops


William Harrison Caudle –son of Richard Caudle and father of James

Carson Caudle – served in Company K, the 43rd Regiment.

John C. Caudle – son of Richard Caudle and brother to William Harrison Caudle

served in Company K, the 43rd Regiment.

Ambrose Caudle – son of Jesse Caudle (brother to Richard Caudle) – was a 2nd Lt. in the 81st Regiment, 20th Brigade, Anson County Militia.

Absalom A. Caudle – son of Jesse Caudle (brother to Richard Caudle) – served as a Private … wounded in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Archibald Benjamin Caudle - son of Jesse Caudle.


Genison D. Caudle – son of Jesse Caudle – died 3/1/1863 in a hospital in Goldsboro, N.C. Genison was serving in Company K, 26th Regiment of the N.C. Troopers.

William Marshall Caudle – son of Absalom A. Caudle – served as a Private … hospitalized 10/7/1864 in Richmond, Virginia.

Jesse Caudle – son of Absalom, Sr. – served as Captain in the Civil War.

Edmund D. Caudle – son of Richard Caudle and Ernest’s Grandfather – served in Company K, the 43 rd Regiment.

Thomas J. Caudle – son of Jesse Caudle – served in Company K, the 43rd Regiment … wounded at Drewry’s Bluff, Virginia.

William H. Caudle – son of Alfred Caudle – served in Company F, the 21st N.C. Infantry.

William Ambrose Caudle – son of Sampson Caudle (brother to Richard Caudle) – served in Company K, the 43rd Regiment.

Military Records on Anson County website

Emery Wesley German – husband of Richard Caudle’s daughter, Elizabeth – served in Company K, 43rd Regiment of the N.C. State Troopers.








Allison Darling German, Jr. – grandson of Elizabeth Caudle & Emory Wesley German. Allison died on September 12, 1943 while serving in World War II.



Frederick Griffin – (son of Bertha Caudle & Fred Griffin – served in the Army, on the Island of Saipan.

Frederick in Saipan.



William (Bill) Boyce Caudle – (son of Fannie Mae & Ernest Caudle) – served in the Army from 7/19/1944 – 7/6/1946. He was stationed in Germany, France, and Lunenburg.




Julian Allen Brooks, Sr. - (husband of Ruby Evelyn Caudle) was deferred because his work as a Mechanical Engineer with Grinnell automatic fire sprinkler systems was essential to the war effort. Allen drew the blueprints for installing sprinkler systems.



Ed Gulledge (husband of Lee Caudle’s daughter Margaret) was employed at Grinnell during the war as a Sales Representative. He was deferred from military service due to asthma. I include Allen and Ed on this page because their work was considered essential in the protection of buildings and ships during the War.

Ed Gulledge at Grinnell


John Milton Detweiler (husband of Ruby Caudle’s daughter, Nancy) served in the Army during World War II. He was stationed in the Philippines and in Japan. John played the trumpet in the military band. His band went on one tour with Danny Kaye.


Charles Nance (husband of Fannie Mae & Ernest Caudle’s daughter, Betty) served in the Navy during World War II. He entered the U.S. Navy Reserve in November 1944. He received his training in Bainbridge, Maryland; Gulfport, Mississippi; Richmond, Virginia; and was transferred to San Francisco, California to board ship on July 31, 1945. His ship went to the Philippine Islands and Okinawa. Charles was assigned as crew member of the LSM 220. The LSM 220 was involved in mine sweeping around Japan after the Japanese surrendered following the allies’ atomic bombing of Hiroshima.


On March 3, 1946, they were ordered to return to the States, arriving in April 1946. Charles received his honorable discharge papers on July 11, 1946 in Norfolk, Virginia with the rank of Motor Machinist Mate 2nd class. He had served approximately 18 months, assigned mainly to the engine room on the LSM 220.


John Mason Caudle – son of John C. Caudle and grandson of Richard Caudle – enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1942 and served for the duration of the war + 6 months.




Robert (Bobby) Caudle Griffin – (son of Bertha Caudle) served in the Air Force as a Staff Sergeant 1947 – 1952, 1955 – 1961. Bobby was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska during a portion of his military service.




Haskell Tarlton (husband of Ashe Caudle’s daughter, Annette) served in the U. S. Air Force.


Hoover Ross (husband of Bertha Caudle’s daughter, Sarah Ellen) served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He was drafted in February 1952 and received his basic training in Fort Dix, New Jersey. His next assignment was in Fort Hood, Texas. In January 1953, he was transferred to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Hoover was discharged in February 1954.




H. Donnell Smith (husband of Ruby Caudle’s daughter, Evelyn) – served in the Marines.

Julian Allen Brooks, Jr. – (son of Ruby Caudle) served in the Army as a Communications Specialist, stationed in Okinawa.

Allen in Japanese Bunker - 1970



Richard Bain Austin(grandson of Eva Caudle, son of Eva Hammond Huntley Austin) served in the Navy for 4 years, touring the world during this duty

and in his professional career as a Captain for Tug Boat Lines.


Jason Wells ( son of Teresa Austin Feightner – great grandson of Eva Caudle Huntley) – served 4 years in the U.S. Navy.




The Caudles of Anson County, NC

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