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The Zodiac Sign in which your natal chart Sun is located reveals your basic soul purpose for this incarnation. For example: If your Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aries, your basic earth plane classroom assignment will be to fulfill the requirements of an Aries.

The events and relationships in your present life were selected by your Soul in order to enhance the specific learning process involved with your zodiac Sun Sign. You are experiencing this incarnation within the overall framework of your Sun Sign, while also being influenced by the remaining planets and configurations within your natal chart.

During your numerous physical incarnations, your Soul evolves within each of the zodiac sign energies. As you learn the lessons entailed in each sign, you evolve into a well-rounded individual. The goal is to learn well the lessons of the Sun Sign in which you are presently incarnated, so that your Soul may continue to grow effectively in future incarnations throughout each of the twelve signs.

At some point in time, your Soul will choose to undergo successfully the initiatory process, thereby overcoming the need to reincarnate on physical plane. Until that time, your Soul will continue to incarnate around the zodiac circle. Because we are now into the New Aquarian Age, all of us-with hard work-can make our ascension at the end of this lifetime, regardless of the zodiac sign in which our natal Sun is located.

NOTE: Your present incarnation takes place within the energies of only one Sun Sign. Therefore, only one of the signs listed below will relate to you during this particular incarnation. You may determine your Sun Sign by finding the day and month of your birth in the following list.


ARIES - March 21 to April 21 LIBRA - September 23 to October 22

TAURUS - April 21 to May 22 SCORPIO - October 23 to November 22

GEMINI - May 22 to June 21 SAGITTARIUS - November 22 to

December 22

CANCER - June 21 to July 21 CAPRICORN - December 22 to January 21

LEO - July 21 to August 22 AQUARIUS - January 22 to February 21

VIRGO - August 23 to September 22 PISCES - February 21 to March 20




Sun in Aries - During this incarnation, you are to establish a separate identity as a human being. The more you tend to "follow the crowd," the more your Soul will lead you into lessons that compel you to stand tall within yourself. You are to give birth to new ideas, to be a pioneer.

Sun in Taurus - During this incarnation, you are to seek and find the true meaning in life-to become illumined with Truth. Your value system is to reflect the results of your search. The goal is to lift your vision to spiritual values as opposed to materialistic ones. Thus, your Soul will lead you into lessons that compel you to "choose this day whom you will serve."

Sun in Gemini - During this incarnation, you are to learn, through a variety of experiences, to develop an awareness of self and others within cooperative relationships. You are to move from communicating solely your opinion to sharing wisdom with the world that you have synthesized from the variety within your life experiences. You are learning to control your mind, to move from thoughts that are scattered to thoughts that have intention and purpose.

Sun in Cancer - During this incarnation, you are anchoring your Soul into a physical body in preparation for a new cycle of spiritual evolution. This means that you are to create a strong inner foundation of psychological and spiritual well-being. You are to know the Source of your being and to live your life from the inside out.

Sun in Leo - During this incarnation, you are to develop a strong sense of your individual uniqueness and to become whole within self while recognizing that you are "a Part" of the Whole. Your natural creativity is to flow from your inner being and to be expressive of you (as opposed to duplicating the work of others). You are learning to cease your search for an external throne and become comfortable sitting on the inner throne of Self. (Studying the Divine Self chart will help you visualize your inner throne.)

Sun in Virgo - During this incarnation, you will seek meaningful avenues of service that allow you to manifest the desires of your Soul on the physical plane. Virgo is to ask: "How can I demonstrate the Christed Consciousness within my daily life and vocation?" A natural interest in the healing arts offers one avenue of service.

Sun in Libra - During this incarnation, you are enhancing your ability to be in intimate partnership with a meaningful other and to deal constructively with others. You are striving to balance the polarities of life, especially the masculine/feminine polarities, and to express your own individuality while being in close personal relationships.

Sun in Scorpio - This incarnation tends to be a demanding one in that your Soul is now ready to undergo the personal battle of Armageddon-the battle between the selfish desires of your personality and the self-less urges of your Soul. This is an incarnation of transformation into one capable of great self-sacrifice and the capacity to rise above the world and soar into the intuitive realms of Spirit.

Sun in Sagittarius - During this incarnation, your search is for understanding and wisdom. Yours is the opportunity to be a source of inspiration to others through the wisdom you communicate to them. A major concern for you will be: "What is my purpose in life?" You are goal-oriented and strive continually to reach higher levels of comprehension and expertise in your chosen field of interest. To be a "one-pointed Disciple" is your ultimate goal.

Sun in Capricorn - This incarnation is to be one of Initiation, in which you evolve from Disciple to Initiate. Whereas your former Cancer incarnation was one in which you were to anchor your soul within the physical, this Capricorn incarnation can be one in which you make your ascension back to Spirit, as an Initiate. Administrative positions offer you the opportunity to earn the respect of others based on the quality of your inner being, as opposed to demanding the respect of others because you are the one holding a position of authority.

Sun in Aquarius - During this incarnation, you are to be a Waterbearer to humanity through the ways in which you serve others, consciously and intentionally. You have a message to share and will likely set about doing so. You can be open to the intuitive planes and provide innovative solutions to our planetary problems. Working within group relationships is important, while maintaining your own unique identity and mode of service. Your ultimate goal is to assist in creating a better world for all of humanity, as a World Server.

Sun in Pisces - This incarnation marks the culmination of a cycle around the zodiac and preparation to move to the next highest spiral of spiritual evolution. For this reason, you are striving to integrate into a meaningful whole all of the twelve zodiac energies. (See summary below.) This process may entail many emotional struggles between the personality and the Soul. Selfless service is imperative and can be your most valuable means of integration into a whole being. Ultimately, Pisces becomes a World Savior.

Though only one Sun Sign represents your Soul during this incarnation, you can see the spiritual evolutionary pathway by reading through all of the signs. Each cycle around the zodiac makes up one spiral of evolution and should result in increasingly subtle manifestations of the goal for each incarnation. The self-conscious soul moves from Aries to Pisces, adding to the complexities of its self-expression as it evolves. We cannot know on which spiral an individual Soul is evolving. Therefore, a person who is Aries this lifetime is not necessarily less evolved than one who is Capricorn. We all evolve at our own pace; our progress cannot be compared to another's.

Note that each cycle around the zodiac involves a movement from the more personally oriented to the more world oriented. On each cycle we move from establishing a separate identity in Aries . to establishing an illumined value system in Taurus . to learning cooperative relationships in Gemini . to building a strong inner foundation in Cancer . to sitting on the inner throne in Leo . to a meaningful mode of service in Virgo . to living in intimate relationships in Libra . to transformation into the Light in Scorpio . to One-Pointed Discipleship340 in Sagittarius . to Initiation in Capricorn . to being a Waterbearer to humanity and a World Server in Aquarius . to integration of all life experiences into a meaningful whole and a World Savior in Pisces.

This is the Path each of us must walk to the next stage in our spiritual evolution, that of becoming an Ascended Master.

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