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Would you like to know the areas of your life in which Saturn is most actively leading you onto and along the path of Initiation? If so, check to see in which of the twelve houses of your astrological natal chart Saturn is located. Once you know the location of Saturn, study the information listed under the correct house. This knowledge will allow you to be more intentional in your spiritual growth process.

Saturn can be a very beneficial influence, supervising the learning of an essential lesson on your spiritual path-self-discipline. Self-discipline lays the foundation for the successful achievement of spiritual maturity and enlightenment. Saturn, in each of the houses, works to lift our consciousness to a higher plane of living and perceiving.

It has taken us many lifetimes to learn all the lessons involved in spiritual maturity. For this reason, our Soul plans to work on particular lessons during any one incarnation. Saturn reveals the lessons selected by your Soul as being the most meaningful for you at this stage in your spiritual evolution. This does not mean you will learn no additional lessons. Just that the particular lessons indicated by Saturn's location in your natal chart are the most important for this incarnation.

NOTE: Saturn will be in only ONE house in your natal chart. This is the only house that will relate to you in terms of your Soul's major desires.


1st house - Saturn in your 1st house indicates many of your lessons will center on the constructive expression of your authentic, unique self. Heightened levels of awareness will be derived from learning that your true responsibility is to yourself, not to those who would mold you according to their desires. You, alone, can discern your true identity and give expression to it. Lessons in self-discipline will include learning that you are not responsible for others.

2nd house - Saturn in your 2nd house reveals your lessons will center on the use of your talents and personal resources. Determining the values you attach to the use of your talents and the sharing of your financial resources will be your opportunity to learn self-discipline. Are you seeking applause and fame, or are you offering your talents in loving service to others? Experiencing the accolades of the public is entirely possible. However, the lesson involves being certain that you are functioning on the basis of a value system that joyfully gives to others as well as to self.

3rd house - Saturn in your 3rd house reminds you of soul lessons to be learned in your communications with others, especially relatives. Difficulties in communicating personal authenticity and obstacles in gaining your education may assist you in learning persistence, self-discipline, and the determination to be true to yourself, regardless of the opinions of others. Developing the capacity for a give-and-take mode of communication is desired. This means learning to listen while others share their opinions, even though you may disagree.

4th house - Saturn in your 4th house grants family responsibilities that allow you to develop self-discipline in offering loving service with no expectations in return. It reminds you of karmic ties to one or more family members. Service to a family member is often a means of resolving karmic debts and cleansing your energy field. The lessons learned are to assist you in developing a strong inner foundation of psychological and spiritual well-being. You may feel overly responsible for family members. Underlying these feelings of responsibility, often verbalized as "I owe it to him/her," is your intuitive knowing that you owe a karmic debt to this person. Being a martyr or becoming co-dependent does not resolve the debt. Instead, the active expression of unconditional love allows you to do so.

5th house - Saturn in your 5th house indicates lessons in developing and expressing your own creativity. There is a strong urge toward positions of authority, while the goal is to learn self-discipline through serving others. You may feel inhibited or restricted within love relationships and with your own children. You may need to learn to more freely express warmth and caring. The objective is a balance in using your position of authority in ways that nurture others. Example: a teacher who guides the students into expressing their unique, individual talents.

6th house - Saturn in your 6th house presents lessons in self-discipline within your work environment, and in caring for your physical health. Lessons in cooperation with co-workers, positive thinking, and wholistic growth (body, emotions, mind, and spirit) have direct impact on your physical well-being. You are learning to care for your entire being as the Temple of God that you are. Karmic debts likely stem from having misused positions of authority over others. Now, you are learning to appreciate the value of others' contributions to the overall work plan. Converting your thought patterns to positive affirmations of Truth help to transform your attitudes.

7th house - Saturn in your 7th house signifies lessons in learning to relate cooperatively with others on an intimate basis, such as within marriage or partnership. It indicates a past life tendency to isolate self from others. Now, the goal is to interact constructively with others while maintaining an ability to feel complete within self. On a more esoteric level, Saturn in your 7th house indicates the opportunity to achieve the mystic marriage with Self. Wholeness within Self requires self-discipline in spiritual practices.

8th house - Saturn in your 8th house means lessons involving the energy dynamics of close relationships, such as the energy of sex, money, and life's transformations. The lesson regarding self-discipline can be the need to balance a tendency to be overly disciplined and to neglect the joy of spontaneous interaction with others. Balance is the goal. Saturn in your 8th house offers the opportunity to "choose ye this day whom you will serve." (Joshua 24:15) 8th house is the house of your personal Armageddon. It entails lessons relating to the many forms of death: death to a relationship or situation, physical death, and the most transformational of all deaths-death to the lower self and resurrection into the Christed Self.

9th house - Saturn in your 9th house presents lessons dealing with frustration in your attainment of a higher education and in your foreign travels. Self-discipline can be enhanced as you attune to your Higher Mind (your intuition) and as you seek your own Truth. Spiritual practices are related to the 9th house and may be very meaningful to your well-being. Self-discipline and discernment are essential skills as you strive toward spiritual maturity. A tendency to be overly restrictive on self and others is to be balanced with flexibility.

10th house - Saturn in your 10th house indicates lessons to be learned while holding positions of authority. 10th house is the House of Initiation. Used constructively, Saturn in your 10th house can lead you into achieving the Christed Consciousness. Positions of authority are to be used to serve others, not to attain social status and prestige for self (although these may be a natural outcome of your loving service to others). You are learning to be your brother/sister's keeper while utilizing your position as a means of running an effective organization or company. Self-discipline is essential to this process.

11th house - Saturn in your 11th house teaches self-discipline in learning to work cooperatively with others, especially within socially oriented groups that strive to create a better world for Earth humans. Lessons can relate to your own endeavors at bringing to fruition your dreams and visions. Saturn in your 11th house requires that you serve others with no thought of recognition for your deeds. Here you learn one-pointed concentration in order to successfully achieve your goals.

12th house - Saturn in your 12th house signifies your lessons are focused on Jesus' teaching, "So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet. For I have set you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you." (John 13:14-15) Jesus served others in ways that lifted them to a higher plane, that rendered them better able to stand on their own inner foundation. You are to serve in like manner. You are overcoming a 12th house tendency to serve as a martyr, in ways that tend to be co-dependent or to cripple the person served. You are moving toward understanding the difference between non-helpful sympathy and supportive empathy. Neglecting to serve others constructively can result in suffering and chronic illness. Serving helps to resolve your negative karma; failure to serve forces this negative energy to find expression through emotional and physical disease. With Saturn in your 12th house, the lesson of forgiveness is essential.

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