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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Lamat, 1 Tzotz, 3 Manik -- September 25, 2007

Jai Bashara! (Sirian for Good Day!) We return, blessed Ones, with more to discuss. Your world is embroiled in the definitive struggle that will transform the present reality into one more to Heaven's liking. The dark cabal continues to behave in its accustomed manner, namely, with much bile and arrogance. Their state of mind contributes appropriately to what is happening to them. These ones very much want the world to continue on as before, but the planetary changes are rapidly accelerating and posing a growing threat to their dark vision of the future. Everywhere the rate of extinction of multitudes of plants and animals grows. These early warning signs will be followed by even more compelling indications on the part of Mother Earth that the world these obdurate ones seek to maintain is indeed dying! Their excesses in the financial and banking arenas are reaching a breaking point. Their inflicted wars, their covertly propagated violence and encouragement of sectarian hatred are reaching explosive levels. These conditions cry out for resolution! "Something's gotta give," and soon.

The picture that we draw is dark and bleak; yet there is a huge desire on the part of humanity for something very different from this frightful prospect. Deep within and bubbling swiftly to the surface is a common intent to create a realm of Light, Love, and prosperity. And this world is now being birthed behind the mass media lies, the manipulation of events, and the self-destructive greed pursued by your dark cabal. Millennia ago, there was a general revolt against the Anunnaki overlords on the part of many earth rulers and a wish to return to the concepts of the former realm of Lemuria and the initial colonizers from Sirius-B and the Pleiades. This challenge to off-world authority was dealt with by horrifying destruction that was intended to stamp out any potential re-occurrence. Afterwards, all that was left were odd telltale signs of destruction and some relics that were treated with much reverence by those who survived this great onslaught. The Anunnaki put a new stratum of ruling Earth minions in place, and your present dark rulers are the descendents of these new minions.

Today's global circumstances are in many ways similar to those at the end of the age mentioned above, only now, the tables are being turned. The coming of the Galactic Federation and the worldwide spiritual revolution instigated by Heaven has put a spoke in the wheel of the dastardly plans of the dark. Our promised divine intervention in Earth affairs is rightly viewed as a grave threat to their schemes. Their panic reaction is creating the chaos you have watched spreading all around you over the last half decade. Your world is gripped by manufactured fears and the hovering threat of global martial law. One aspect of this panic reaction is seen in the ever-tightening stranglehold over the global money supply, which is their major power base. The financial markets at the highest levels are closely monitored, and the transferring of funds internationally has become very difficult and requires either special expertise, or the ability to pull strings within the hierarchy of the dark cabal. This is all about to change.

Our Earth allies are working carefully to ensure that this dark fortress turns, at the pivotal moment, into a house of cards! A divine wind is preparing to blow this house of cards into oblivion. Great stealth is essential, and so, details of the strategies cannot be revealed at this time. But we can tell you that the decisive and most critical step is underway. We can only repeat that meticulous secrecy is of the essence, as the dark is quite paranoid about everything and everyone they associate with. It therefore follows that the cabal must be lulled into believing that everyone around them and involved in their stratagems is a good friend and can be trusted. Our end game takes this paranoia into account and capitalizes on the implications of this. Once the end game is successfully accomplished, we will take great delight in providing the details! The caretaker governments that are to take over once the illegal dark-cabal regimes are legally toppled will mention these matters.

We have talked about this new realm at length, and we assure you that its manifestation comes closer each day. Our fleet and its many diplomatic teams scrutinize each development, using a technological surveillance network that covers every inch of the planet. This keeps us instantly and vividly informed of all that happens. So far, all is going as planned, and proceeding as swiftly as possible within the strictures of not arousing suspicion within a most suspicious environment. Those who, for generations, have wielded absolute power do not lightly give it up, and this is the case with our dark adversary. These ones have recouped the degree of global control, with the attendant control structures, that a united global elite possessed before the Anunnaki, their off-world mentors, quite suddenly changed sides, thus making a shambles of control structures and strategies. Despite these gains, our arrival and the Agreement of 1998 still constitute thorns in their side and frequently trouble them.

Your world is reaching out toward its divine destiny and still the dark ones persist in ignoring the many signs of this phenomenon. They are focused on the fact that their schemes have now got back to the point where the bottom formerly dropped out of their world. Now they intend to push on to complete their global agendas as quickly as possible. Our presence and Heaven's momentums somewhat hinder their activities, but they remain determined to finish on schedule. With typical forethought, they set up the means to overwhelm any possible interference to their plans and they are manifesting these even as we speak. But! Unbeknown to them, it is precisely within these "means" that lie hidden the devices, which can cause their dark schemes to fail utterly!

While all this works its way forward, our fleet remains on permanent alert. We are fully aware of and take fully into account the considerable resources at the disposal of this last dark cabal. Our mission objective is to complete this first contact within the divine timeframe given to us by Heaven, and we take this responsibility very seriously. To this end, we stepped up the reconnaissance flights directly concerned with first contact. This includes increasing the number of defense triangle-scout-ships that accompany each of these missions. We duly advised those surface governments allied in any way with the goals of the dark that we cannot brook any form of interference with these critical tasks.

As we mentioned before, first contact with a realm so physically and mentally unprepared for our arrival is rather beyond our ken. We come, nonetheless, to do something very special. Our role here, as a court of last resort and as the world's future mentor, is an excellent learning opportunity for our personnel. Further, those from the former Anchara Alliance not only find your world a thing of enormous beauty, but also recognize the chance to review their former ways and to participate, for the first time, in a quite novel (for them) operation. Their view is that what you are going through is approaching a most successful conclusion, regardless of the obstructions arrayed against you. The dark's master plan for Earth reminds them very much of those schemes filtering through the Alliance just before the peace of Anchara was formally announced. So, in light of this uplifting prognosis, we ask for your ongoing patience and a confident focus on your coming triumph! Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we gave you more information about the secret doings on your world. These are ensuring that the promised interregnum bridging this reality and first contact rolls out as planned. Our role is that of the physical arm of Heaven, which is to solemnly ensure the divine Will through a mass first contact with you. We now retire. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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