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The Personality is developed from Aries to Virgo; the Soul is developed from Virgo to Pisces.




ZODIAC ENERGY:  LIBRA                                                 SYMBOL:  The Scales




ELEMENT:  Air                                     QUALITY:  Cardinal/Masculine or Positive

Masculine signs are Positive; Feminine signs are Negative.



PERSONALITY LEVEL:  Venus                                        SOUL LEVEL:  Uranus




RULES:   LIBRA rules the 7th house-----------Aries rules the 1st house


RAYS:  3rd RAY of Active Intelligence – AND – 7th RAY of Ceremonial Order & Magic




BASIC SOUL PURPOSES:  A LIBRA incarnation entails a search for the soul mate.  LIBRA is learning to perceive right values and to make perfect judgment in dealing with others.  LIBRA is attempting to balance the polarities of life, especially as they relate to the masculine and feminine energies. 

          QUALITY TO OVERCOME:  The urge to be victorious over others.

          LESSON TO LEARN:  Balance of Will, Love, & Intelligence in every situation.

          MOTIVATED BY:  The desire for relationship.



          MOST COMPATIBLE ENERGIES:  Gemini & Aquarius

          COMPATIBLE ENERGIES:  Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius

          INCOMPATIBLE ENERGIES:  Those of water & earth elements – often compatible Ascendant energies will largely overcome incompatibility.


                   An intimate relationship with another LIBRA means inability to recharge each other’s energy field.  There is a tendency to blend and “act as one element.”  Unless there are other strong energizing elements present, there can be a slow starvation of the nervous system.  Conflict need not be present.       

                   Attraction to others attuned to an element one lacks usually does not form the basis for a lasting relationship.  One or both will end up saying, “We are too different.”

                   Relationships can be either “too intense” or “devitalizing” according to the energy combinations of both persons.  A strong reason for knowing the Soul Maps of those with whom you have close personal relationships.  We can work positively with what we know.

                   Sleeping together merges the energy fields and can dramatically affect each other’s state of health, for good or ill.  If in an intimate relationship with a neutral or incompatible Sun Sign, sleeping in separate beds/bedrooms can be very beneficial.  (Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Psychology, & the Four Elements)


EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL:  (According to Alan Oken, Soul-Centered Astrology) – as we grow holistically, we spiral upward from Personality-centered >>> Awakening to Soul-Personality relationship >>>Soul-Centered Individual.


          Functioning on the totally Personality-Centered Level – LIBRA, on this level, has relationships for the sake of having them.  LIBRA’s need to experience the projecting of his personality and the external response to the ego is all-encompassing.  The stronger LIBRA PERSONALITY’s motto is:  “Be cooperative and do things my way!”  At this stage, LIBRA is aware of people solely as vehicles of response for his personal self-expression.  The drama and passion of “love affairs” is at the heart of the personality-centered LIBRA.  He loves passionately for the purpose of fulfilling his personal desires.  LIBRA’s natural charm and social skills are often used to mask their real goal—the urge to emerge from any relationship as victorious.  LIBRA’s polarity energy, ARIES, is the Warrior whose personal qualities are combative and aggressive.  LIBRA uses this Warrior energy to engage another person in a drama of “point and counterpoint.”  Relationships with a Mars-ruled Aries and Scorpio (Mars is the personality ruler of both signs) can be especially Warrior-like.


          Awakening to the Soul-Personality Relationship – on this level, LIBRA grows increasingly aware of the true meaning of oppositional energies and of the “other” within his relationships.  The urge to be victorious over the “other” gives way to a need to bring about a balanced rapport within the relationship.  The urge for harmony expands into the arts, business, politics, and more abstract philosophies.  LIBRA’s purpose on this level is to gain an increased association with love.  The duality between the lower and Higher selves is more pronounced.  The search for the ideal partner, one who complements LIBRA’s goals and aspirations, begins to dominate his personal approach to relationships.  LIBRA develops a refinement in his taste for beauty and a desire for fair play between self and others.  At this stage, LIBRA is very aware of the increased tension that occurs within self when the environment is not harmonious – or – when he is not being just or fair to others.  LIBRA now strives to treat all things equally.  While at this stage, LIBRA rides the seesaw up and down between the lower self and the Higher Self/Soul.  He is constantly weighing the opposing forces.


          Soul-Centered Individual – LIBRA has now balanced the lower self with the Higher Self/Soul.  His personality and Soul are in alignment.  LIBRA is now an active and conscious worker for the benefit of humanity.  LIBRA is the personification of the Law of Right Human Relations and strives to create unity between all persons.  He is busy in the outer world, bridging and fusing ideas and social structures in order to advance the Divine Plan.  Now, LIBRA is adapt at dealing with the chaos of a variety of opposing forces—to perceive a common thread weaving among them.  The shared vision of the group is now LIBRA’s goal.  The soul-centered LIBRA is a social innovator, the cohesive force in the world of finance, politics, and diplomacy.  The ultimate goal is to create a balance between his expression of Will, Love, & Intelligence in every situation of life.  LIBRA now perceives the One Humanity and views life through the 3rd Eye (the eye of the Soul).



          The I BALANCE, THEREFORE I AM sign is the turning point on the evolutionary spiral.  Living through the first six zodiac sign energies has given the individual Soul a sense of “selfness.”  In LIBRA, the soul embarks on the development of the soul as he learns to cooperate within relationships.  LIBRA, as the sign of marriage, must move away from functioning in the “me” consciousness and enter the “we” consciousness.  LIBRA possesses an excellent, executive type mind.  LIBRA likes to travel and explore new horizons.  Though LIBRA can be “sweet” and diplomatic on the surface, there is a fist of iron underneath the velvet glove.  Still, LIBRA is the diplomat par excellence.  He is friendly, extroverted, fair-minded, and interested in living life to the fullest.  There is a strong sense of justice and the will to do good.  LIBRA has a refined appearance and taste; he likes for his home to be beautiful and peaceful.  The LIBRAN smile is legendary for its ability to melt the hearts of those around him.   LIBRA is happiest in work that involves partnership and is located in a pleasant environment.  He is appreciative of the arts, even when not talented in them.  LIBRA’s natural charm, intuition, and social skills fit him well for the social arena.  He is usually calm and even-tempered.  In love, LIBRA is affectionate and loyal.  Functioning on the soul-centered level, LIBRA is the ideal of spiritual beauty—beauty that is more than skin deep.  At this stage, LIBRA may not be interested in marriage; he has married within himself.  Now, LIBRA is graceful, beautiful/handsome, and wise with a wide circle of friends.


NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS:  (Remember that as you focus on developing your positive characteristics, the negative ones tend to disappear.  Those who express in negative ways are frustrated, consciously or unconsciously, because they are not being who they truly are.)

          LIBRA finds it almost impossible to remain emotionally stable while surrounded by discord.  As a result, LIBRA will often settle for “peace at any price.”  LIBRA can be indecisive, dependent, lazy, insincere, and self-indulgent.  Because LIBRA is tenacious, he finds it hard to be generous.  Due to a tendency to be “in love with love,” he may rush into a marriage and end up in a difficult relationship.  LIBRA procrastinates, tends to worry over health issues.  LIBRA has a difficult time accepting that some people will inevitably dislike him.  He will, therefore, delude himself as to why some people react as they do.  LIBRA, in an effort to keep the peace, will allow others to dominate him—to the point of living life through the mate or children.  LIBRA can, thereby, lose his sense of individuality and self-esteem.  On the other hand, LIBRA can consciously change his energy within a relationship.  He can as easily be warm and gentle as he can be aloof and distant.  LIBRA can be the lovely/handsome, mysterious individual at a party—the one the opposite sex finds so alluring.  Then, the charm can be turned off and in its place is the cool man/woman who is totally in control.  LIBRA goes through life “weighing persons in the balance.”  Often the spouse suffers most from this tendency to judge.  Because LIBRA seeks the ideal spouse (the soul mate), he may judge his partner harshly—believing that the grass is greener somewhere else.  In his efforts to be victorious, LIBRA can also be the manipulator within relationships.


A LIBRA INCARNATION presents the opportunity for the soul to rest before moving into the transformative struggles that characterize Scorpio.  A LIBRA INCARNATION relates to the 7th Day of Creation, a karmic hiatus.  A sense of self has been achieved during incarnations in the first 6 zodiac signs; now a day of rest is permissible.  A LIBRA INCARNATION will focus on relationships, on balancing the personality and the soul while relating to the external world.



Be sure to check your chart to see what your Ascendant is.


          The zodiac energy on the ASCENDANT is the energy that the public beholds.  We also look at the world through our ASCENDANT.  LIBRA ASCENDANT, on the mundane level, sees a world of potential relationships.  LIBRA ASCENDANT is most often very attractive in physical appearance with refined taste and personal charm.

          In soul-centered astrology, the ASCENDANT indicates the soul’s purpose in physical incarnation. 

          LIBRA ASCENDANT reveals that the soul is to be activated through the 3rd RAY of Active Intelligence and the 7th RAY of Ceremonial Order & Magic.  LIBRA ASCENDANT is to infuse his activities toward right human relations and diplomacy with the divine intelligence (3rd RAY).  LIBRA ASCENDANT is to use the 7th RAY energies to create social structures that benefit humanity.  His spiritual evolution unfolds through the interplay of interpersonal dynamics.  Relationships are of primary importance to his soul’s growth.  Music and art will play a vital role in LIBRA ASCENDANT’s life and work.  LIBRA ASCENDANT is evolving out of materialism into a deeper understanding of life’s meaning.  He possesses the capacity to be calm in times of crisis.  LIBRA ASCENDANT knows the wisdom of resting, taking time to appreciate the beauty of nature, to ponder problem-solutions while relaxing.  He can often do his best idea work while drinking coffee and allowing his mind to roam free.  LIBRAN ASCENDANT sees all sides to a situation and seeks to be fair to all concerned.  He can often make firm decisions at work, while vacillating with personal decisions (in order to maintain peace and to be liked by all).


          THE HOUSE IN WHICH URANUS—AS THE SOUL LEVEL RULER OF LIBRA—IS FOUND will indicate the area of life’s experiences where the lessons of the 3rd and 7th RAYs will tend to manifest.  Since URANUS CHANNELS THE 7TH RAY, many of the lessons will involve LIBRA ASCENDANT & SUN IN LIBRA’s learning to maintain self-determination while working within structures established by others.  Though LIBRA ASCENDANT possesses an executive mind and managerial skills, he will often choose the “lazy” way out and submit to work environments not of his making.  LIBRA ASCENDANT is learning to bring forth order out of chaos. 



Be sure to check your chart to see where your MOON is located.


          The MOON reveals the personality as it is displayed in our reactions to the events within our daily lives.  It also reveals much that is hidden within our subconscious minds.

          On the soul-centered level, the MOON reveals habit patterns that must be overcome or transformed in order to advance in spiritual maturity.  This struggle to overcome the negative tendencies revealed by the MOON is the “cross” we bear.  (Alan Oken)  The MOON reminds us of the negative habit patterns formed in prior incarnations that created the karma we brought into this lifetime.

          MOON IN LIBRA indicates that soul growth will occur as the individual learns to achieve and maintain a strong sense of personal identity within the marriage/partnership.  MOON IN LIBRA reveals habit patterns within relationships that are to be overcome, such as:  dependency, manipulation, living through the life of the other, and striving to be victorious in having his own way.  MOON IN LIBRA indicates using relationships as a means to fulfill the needs of self, while being unaware/unconcerned over the needs of others.  It reveals a passive/aggressive approach to others—LIBRA can be very sweet while manipulating the other person on a subtle level.  When the other person gets angry with LIBRA, he/she feels guilty because, “how can I be angry with LIBRA when he is so sweet?”  MOON IN LIBRA has been psychologically insidious in his efforts to manipulate within his prior lifetimes personal relationships.  MOON IN LIBRA is now to learn the art of compromise, honest cooperation, honesty with self and others, and consideration for “the other” in relationships.  MOON IN LIBRA possesses the capacity to be a wonderful, fun-loving companion.





          The LIBRA/ARIES POLARITIES work together to bring about a positive regulation of energy flow within the physical body. 

          Achieving a balance between the qualities of LIBRA and ARIES, thereby transforming negative habit patterns, will assist in maintaining good health.  For examples:  achieving a balance between:

                   LIBRA’s dependency – and – ARIES’ independence.

                   LIBRA’s love of peace at all costs – and – ARIES’ self-assertion.

                   LIBRA’s love of companionship – and – ARIES’ search for a separate identity.

                   LIBRA’s love of the arts – and – ARIES’ pioneering nature.

                   LIBRA’s ability to cooperate – and – ARIES’ capacity to be competitive.


          LIBRA & ARIES are vitally connected in a way that the other polarities are not.  LIBRA’s two symbols (the scales and the book) are the only inanimate symbols in the zodiac.  The scales nor the book have life or prana because they do not breathe.  Likewise, LIBRA often tends to be a spectator in life, an observer who fears making mistakes, who believes the odds are against him, so why fight?  Only in the area of romance will this type LIBRA come alive.

          The active, courageous, alive fire energy of ARIES can be used to breathe life into LIBRA.  This requires a conscious effort on the part of LIBRA to incorporate the innate energy that lies within him—a gift from his polarity, ARIES.  LIBRA must consciously practice the virtues of ARIES until a comfortable balance is achieved.  Hidden beneath LIBRA’s calm, relaxed energy is an outstanding capacity to move out into the world with a sense of refinement, executive mindset, and innovation that holds the potential to greatly benefit humankind.


Failure to recharge one’s Sun Sign energy results in depletion, irritability, and increased vulnerability to physical and emotional dis-eases.  The element of one’s Sun Sign is the fuel needed to feel alive.  It is the source of vitality and power, the resource for coping with stress and challenges.


LIBRA recharges by:  1) Regular association with other airy people, such as Gemini and Aquarius.  2) LIBRA gets its power from the air—its element.  The highly electric air of the mountains is especially helpful.  For a LIBRA, more so than the other air signs, a mountain retreat home can be most helpful.  Here LIBRA can find the peaceful, beautiful surroundings that so refresh him.  3) Close personal relationships with people of like mind.  Social engagements and entertainment recharge LIBRA.  Work and relationships that allow for intellectual freedom, stimulation, and the expression of LIBRA’s ideas also recharge the air element.


CONFLICT RESOLUTION:  LIBRA, especially on the personality level, is the manipulator par excellence who gets his way using one subtle technique or another.  This is maddening to the partner/mate who ends up feeling guilty over being angry with “sweet” LIBRA.  Meanwhile, LIBRA strives to be victorious over any confrontation in ways that “appear” to be graceful.  LIBRA is to learn to be honest with self and others and to learn the art of compromise. 


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