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Sheldan Nidle's Current Message

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Matthew, through his mother, Suzy Ward


In order to work with Earth humans, our galactic family, the Ascended Masters, and the angelic hierarchy communicate with those able to hear and comprehend their telepathic messages. A peaceful revolution is taking place throughout planet Earth, especially within the United States of America. The goal of this revolution is to rid our planet of the corruption that has imprisoned Earth humans and to create a galactic culture based on love, peace, and the honoring of all persons as members of the One Family of God. This revolution prepares the way for planet Earth and its inhabitants to ascend into the 5th dimension of a New Earth and a New Heaven.

There are numerous examples within the Bible of persons communicating with higher beings through face-to-face contact, dreams, visions, and acting as a channel of communication to the people. The phrase "Thus says the Lord" was a signal to the people that the Earth human speaking to them was channeling the words of a higher being. Jesus repeatedly told his disciples that he spoke not his words, but the words of the Father. Jesus served as a telepathic channel for the Father.

Sheldan Nidle has communicated with our galactic brothers and sisters since early childhood. As a young boy, he was frequently beamed up to a Sirian Mothership where he learned lessons far in advance of what Earth humans know. Sheldan's ability to communicate with extraterrestrials deeply frightened his parents. His father, a professional boxer, reacted by constantly beating Sheldan. Time and again, little Sheldan was left for dead on his bed. His galactic friends would take him to the Mothership and heal his wounds. The next morning, Sheldan's father would behold him completely healed-----a sight that both thrilled and filled him with horror. Sheldan, himself, was caught between two worlds: one filled with wisdom, Love, and Light; the other, abusive and ignorant in comparison. Sheldan has a photographic memory that allowed him to read and quote from memory his earth plane school textbooks. The Sirians taught Sheldan that he was being prepared to assist Earth humans through the transition period in which we are now living. (This information was taken from Sheldan's book Your First Contact.)

Dr. Michael Salla - a pioneer in the development of 'Exopolitics', the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. His interest in exopolitics evolved out of his investigation of the sources of international conflict and its relationship to an extraterrestrial presence that is not acknowledged to the general public, elected officials or even senior military officials.

Dr Salla's groundbreaking Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (2004) was the first published book on exopolitics and explained the political implications of extraterrestrial life.

Dr. Salla is an internationally recognized scholar in international politics, conflict resolution and US foreign policy, and is the author/editor of several additional books. You may read more about him here.

I am adding Dr. Salla's articles at this point in time because Earth's humanity is now ready to begin integrating knowledge of the cosmos in which we live into our worldview. The cosmos is populated with intelligent beings on many planets and in Hollow Earth. Admiral Richard Byrd discovered Hollow Earth and the people who live there. You may find books about Admiral Byrd's polar expeditions here.

The United States has a Space Program in which Corey Goode participated and is now sharing with the world on Gaia TV and elsewhere.

Dr. Salla's articles will assist us in keeping up with the unfolding drama of discovering the gigantic community in which we live!



Sheldan Nidle Update for October 2, 2018

Selamat Jalwa (Be in righteousness) All is as before. While the dark cabal persists in being its usual arrogant self, we move forward dynamically, assisting our Earth allies in keeping far ahead of the cabal. Their days are numbered and they are painfully aware of it. As our Earth allies continue to carry out the next stage of our ever-evolving strategies, victory is assured. These plans of action are immensely complex and include a myriad of variables. Remember that this is a global undertaking. We recognize that the time to dismantle the current power structure is taking its toll on your patience. We ask for your continued perseverance and trust while these joint timetables are in process. They will manifest in right divine time. Be confident and gracefully accept that the time approaches for your blessings to begin. Be prepared to use the prosperity promised you to fulfill all your dreams.

The entire process of altering this planetary society has become much more complicated than first expected. Your world was initially conceived by the Anunnaki as a realm utterly convinced of the invincibility of those in power. Thus, the present crew of minions saw themselves as Beings capable of overcoming whatever might reduce or end their hold on power. A contemptuous set of core beliefs was deeply etched into humanity's psyche. One of many reasons we have had such difficulty in supporting our partners in the Light was the very persistence of these insane conceptions. But now, day by day, these beliefs are receding as Heaven beams bursts of positive and consciousness-raising energies at humankind. We have watched as our earthly partners triumphantly transformed this negative ideology while launching a succession of major arrests among this global gaggle of sycophants. The intent of this operation is to ensure that prosperity will lead directly into GESARA for your long-suffering world. Step by inevitable step, this is indeed becoming the case!

As you view your planet, you observe how these changes are taking place. The real truth is that this world of yours can no longer function as it previously has. A glaring and desperate need for change is everywhere. The water crisis is one of the most obvious. Most of your world lacks a totally safe water supply. Resources to provide it are there yet are unavailable, owing to politics and supposed expense. Blessings are to be bestowed, empowering you to use these funds to solve this monstrous humanitarian crisis. This is one of many infrastructure problems to be resolved: many others, such as roads, bridges, and restoring war-torn countries, require compassion, courage and cutting-edge thinking. We know that a great many people are standing by, eager to demonstrate the solutions needed for success. It is a matter of providing a solid foundation for all by producing enough food to end starvation forever.

Surface changes are also affecting the inner realms of Mother Earth. Even the central Sun, the crystal core of your planet, is heating up. This increase of energy is in preparation for Gaia's coming move into full consciousness. These alterations to the Earth's crystalline core are reflected in ecological changes occurring in many parts of Inner Earth: these are being addressed by its Governing Council and the people of Agartha. They decided to increase the frequency of their rituals and send to Gaia's surface specialized teams of scientists who could propose more felicitous solutions. Your Agarthan supporters and your sacred secret associates are alert and equipped to begin a sequence of events that are to result in triumph for the Light. Heaven blesses all who support Gaia's transformation; and all who have worked tirelessly in establishing a funding network, the basis for a new financial system, reworked worldwide currencies and, most of all, a global network of common law. These various frameworks are now interlocked in place to transform and enLighten your dark and distorted reality. Never allow all the previous delays to diminish and dispirit your vision of a new and sacred realm for all humanity. Final celebrations are coming into view! Hallelujah!!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with great blessings! We watch as each of you grow in consciousness and gracefully use your new skills to help move the process forward toward your ultimate freedom. Now you are to observe as many unknown to you rise and, in unison, assist Gaia and this "global village" in which you reside to transform and co-create a marvelous new reality. This is the reality that is to welcome your greater family. Always remember that this is all a divine blessing. We thank those of courage and magnificent abilities who have made it possible. We also thank each one of you, who has long held this vision and unleashed your bounteous energies to be added to all that we do.

This undertaking has taken several millennia to develop. You, and your progeny, are to joyfully savor its most delectable fruit. Be ever grateful to Heaven and ready to praise all those who have journeyed from afar to assist you in this sacred cause. As Masters, we deeply bless this task and are fully aware that this momentous change is to be sublimely peaceful. It is to be the dawn of a greater shift, signaling the end of cabal rule. You are to be introduced to clean and transparent governance! This is a new era of rebirth and unsurpassable joy at how Heaven is transforming your reality.

Vibrant spiritual energies will be available to alter your existing reality and prepare you for your crystal Light chambers. Their special living Light is to return to you what the Atlanteans stole. You are to expand this large assembly of Masters and complete the work begun long ago in ancient Lemuria. You are to witness the rebirth of this solar star nation and use your superior new powers to greatly intensify the meditations and prayers that we perform each day in support of Gaia and her sister worlds. Our Sun contains a mighty Spirit that welcomes you in joy to this new realm. The darkness under which you have lived has served a purpose. You are to use its acquired wisdom, much as we have, to transmit the power of the Light to all corners of the Universe. As beings in divine service, we joyously await what Heaven so desires. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we moved forward with our messages about what is unfolding all around you. Your reality is shifting, preparing itself to be transformed by the Light. In the course of this process you are being readied to meet your spiritual and space families. You will then be able to become fully conscious Beings of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Sheldan Nidle's Archive

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From Matthew, through his mother, Suzy Ward

November 17, 2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. "How much does Forgiveness help to change the energy that causes storms and the mass consciousness of the planet and does it help the earth??"  It is not an overstatement to say that forgiveness is one of the most vital ways to help Earth and its civilization. The energy of forgiveness emits the high vibrations that are undergirding planetary and personal ascension, and it is the same with the energy of gratitude, compassion, kindness and sharing from the heart-all of those emotions are filled with light, the same energy as love and the most powerful force in the cosmos.   
Still, there are two considerations when it comes to changing the energy that causes storms. By releasing a great deal of negativity, storms are a form of planetary cleansing, and if they were left up to Mother Nature, they would be fewer and milder. But for many years that hasn't been the case. Illuminati-controlled technology, which they have kept hidden from you, is used-misused-to broaden storms, accelerate winds, and put turbulent rainclouds in stall mode so they can cause torrential downpours and flooding; and extraterrestrial crews use their technology to reduce those factors to the extent possible. So, although the energy of forgiveness is powerful indeed, in the matter of storms, it is up against clashing technologies.
However, that doesn't diminish one iota the effects on the forgiver, and therein is the value of forgiveness. Forgiving those you feel treat you unfairly or meanly-and be mindful that they may be doing exactly what you and they chose in pre-birth agreements to help each other evolve-eliminates the low vibrations of bitterness and resentment and allows light to enter your heart and mind. You benefit from uplifted feelings, so do those whose lives you touch, the lightheartedness of all of you goes into the collective consciousness of Earth and on into the universal mass consciousness-that is how powerful the light in forgiveness is!
"As one of many lightworkers who focus our intentions on calming storms, wildfires, and other environmental challenges, I'd like to see if our work is having a noticeable effect from Matthew's perspective."  Like storms, fires are cleansing the planet by releasing negativity, and, if no human hands were involved, Mother Nature would handle forest fires in a manner that rejuvenates the forests. But dark ones get into the act. Once a fire has started-a small brush blaze that was ignited by a spark from an electric line, for instance-they technologically increase wind velocity and steer gusts in different directions so that wind-whipped flames quickly become an out-of-control wildfire.   
But absolutely the intentions of your focus are noticeable in many environmental advancements! Consider the growing emphasis on curtailing manmade causes of climate change, preserving rain forests, protecting animals' natural habitats and creating other types of income for poachers, using or developing natural fertilizers and herbicides and protesting the use of those with toxic chemicals, removing plastic trash from beaches and oceans, recycling used materials. It is the light in benevolent intentions that motivates people to initiate or join progressive movements such as those, and wherever you direct those kinds of intentions, you are intensifying love-light on the planet and within its residents. You would feel as encouraged as we do if you could see your world from our perspective: As incandescence continues spreading around the globe, some areas that once looked dark and foreboding now are sparkling and others are glowing radiantly.      
"I know it's important to forgive dark ones who cause suffering for so many people, but I can't get out of my mind what they're doing and I'll never be able to condone it. Please ask Matthew how I can deal with this."  We say to this dear soul and others who may have similar feelings, never does forgiveness mean condoning actions that cause pain and anguish or blanking those from your mind. We advise, however, not becoming preoccupied with what the perpetrators are doing, and forgiving them is letting go of hatred, vengefulness or intense desire to see them severely punished.   
Forgiveness is a process that enables the healing of mind, body and spirit, and since the light engendered by such healings reaches the mass consciousness, the power of forgiveness is incalculable.   
Whether or not convicted in your courts of law, individuals who commit crimes against humanity will be held accountable by laws of the universe. In accordance with the energy they generated throughout the physical lifetime, they will be drawn to the lowest layer of Nirvana; and during life-print review, the reliving of every moment, they will feel the same intensity of trauma endured by every person whose life their dark activities affected. And, completing the karma they have incurred will take numerous embodiments in harsh circumstances in deep third density worlds.
We have urged sending them light because, of all souls in our universal family, they are the ones who most need it; their lack of light isolates them in a dark void, and that influences their conscious choices. Those souls, the weakest in The Oneness of All, are loved unconditionally and are not held in judgment-like every other soul, they are of Creator's pure love-light essence.    
Some of you have written that "a loving God" wouldn't allow any of his children to cause great suffering for so many others. My mother spoke at length with God about this, and I asked her to copy brief parts of their conversations that fairly well summarize what He told her.   
      Do I wish that all of my parts were within the light in which I was created?  Yes!  Who would not wish that perfection of Creator to be returned?  But I do not hold forth condemnation or punishment to any faltering part of me. I am here to respond to what you call prayers of the "godly" just as I am bound by the (free will) laws of Creator that are set up within the parameters of my operating powers if the choice made is not within the light.  
      You have said that you experience exactly the same joy or pain as every one of your children anywhere because of your inseparability with all of us.
      Many times I have told you that, Suzy.
      But you also experience the evil of those who cause such suffering to others. How do you feel about that? 
     My child, think how a baby bird feels when it is pushed from its nest by a different bird. Think of its shock and fear at falling, its pain from physical injury, and a fright it cannot even understand as to what happened and what is coming next. I feel the same frightened, helpless way about those parts of me who have so fallen from light that they delight in what you call evil. What will become of them?
     Do I abhor the suffering they cause others?  YES, and I send light to reach the souls of those beings who cause the suffering. But it is up to each individual, as inviolate parts of me functioning independently, to respond to the light or not. I am saddened beyond your imagining when darkness flares, especially when such innocence is suffering, often killed, because as you know, not all chose what they're physically enduring.    
     With the increase of light being willingly received by my Earth children, the major source of what you call evil that has constricted the energy of Earth for eons is changing.  [Excerpts from "God: More of Who I Am" chapter in Illuminations for a New Era] 
Thank you, Mother.  Moving on, "Please ask Matthew what we can expect after we're rid of all Illuminati." The effects of their long, dark reign will not end with their downfall. The revelation as to who they are and how that secret society has been controlling life on Earth for centuries will be a shock akin to a category 5 storm. And, although decades ago the light vanquished the dark forces from your solar system, the forces' influence remains in tyrannical dictators and dynasties that are not Illuminati, and those regimes have to crumble so the oppressed people can be free.  
That religions were devised to control the masses and Christianity is based on falsehoods will be shocking, too.  So will learning that civilizations abound throughout this universe and many in forms that would astound are much more highly evolved than Earth humans.   
People whose beliefs and trust have been shattered will need time and assistance to heal-they need to know the power of forgiveness so healing can begin by forgiving those who deceived them. You have the knowledge and innate wisdom to help them during their adjustment to truths that are staggeringly different from what they have been taught, and in this, ever-rising vibrations will be your ally and theirs. As their conscious and spiritual awareness grows, peace, love, mutual respect and being in harmony with Nature will become the new foundation of life on Earth.   
The many steps that will build that foundation cannot happen quickly, and there will be confusion and wariness as governments, legal and justice systems, multinational corporations, mainstream media and all other organizations and agencies that impact life on Earth are purged of corruption and are reformed by wise individuals with moral and spiritual integrity and leadership ability.

After the new global economy is established, the primary undertaking will be ending impoverishment, rebuilding war-torn countries and facilitating the return of the millions who fled. Because people have been kept ignorant of factual history and science as well as their beginnings in Creator, accurate textbooks for all ages will be written in all languages and distributed to educational systems worldwide. 
Industries that turn out the machinery of war will manufacture products designed for a healthful, peaceful world, and the millions in military service or whose jobs have been lost due to technologies will receive training in fields that will open or expand to accommodate all who want to work. Extensive infrastructure will be built or modernized wherever needed; commerce, the medical industry and transportation, information, communication and energy systems will change. In short, everything Gaia envisioned for Earth's Golden Age will come to fruition.
Dear ones, it is likely that many of you will leave the planet before that Age reaches its fullness, but you will not be disappointed-you will see the entire panorama from wherever you are. Not only will you feel gratified by having helped Earth's peoples manifest their new world, but by doing so, you leaped forward in soul evolvement. And, once again aware of your unlimited powers as multidimensional souls, you can experience whatever joyous adventures you choose. 
All light beings in this universe honor you for willingly leaving your homelands to assist Earth's civilization awaken and take its rightful place in our universal family.  

Suzanne Ward

Matthew Archives


Update by Dr. Salla for November 18, 2018

Above Majestic Producer Reveals Secret Space Program Disclosures & Document Dumps Imminent

Corey Goode, producer of the bestselling Above Majestic documentary, released a major update on November 17 concerning a new insider that he has privately met and vetted. The insider is a retired surgeon with 30 years experience in a major branch of the US military, and used the pseudonym "Bones" after revealing his true identity. Goode says that after he met Bones about a year ago, he subsequently put Bones in touch with his other insider sources, including "Sigmund", another pseudonym used by former senior officer in a USAF run secret space program.

Sigmund first met Goode in early 2016, when he was leading interrogations of Goode's information, which included classified information about the USAF program, which Goode calls the Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC-SSP). Sigmund eventually had to go on the run from the Cabal/Deep State after confirming Goode's claims of a far more technologically advanced Navy run space program, Solar Warden. Sigmund eventually began working with the Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance - a broad alliance of defectors from rival secret space programs and Solar Warden - who rescued him.



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