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The Personality is developed in Aries to Virgo; the Soul is developed in Virgo to Pisces.




ZODIAC ENERGY:  PISCES                  SYMBOL:  Two Fish Connected With a String




ELEMENT:  Water                                 QUALITY:  Mutable/Feminine or Negative

Masculine signs are Positive; Feminine signs are Negative.


          As a mutable, negative energy, PISCES is interested in people and relationships.  Mutable signs are flexible, adaptable.



PERSONALITY LEVEL:  Neptune, Jupiter                           SOUL LEVEL:  Pluto




RULES:  PISCES rules the 12th house-------------Virgo rules the 6th house


RAYS:  2nd RAY of Love/Wisdom, 6th RAY of Devotion


BASIC SOUL PURPOSES:  A PISCES INCARNATION is one in which she struggles with duality, especially the struggle of fusing her personality with the Soul/Higher Self.  PLUTO, as her soul level ruler, provides the necessary destruction of old forms from previous incarnations so that renewal may take place as the soul returns into a new cycle as Aries.  PISCES is both the culmination of a cycle and preparation for a new cycle on the spiritual evolutionary spiral.

          QUALITY TO OVERCOME:  Emotional ups and downs.

          LESSON TO LEARN:  The meaning of Divine Love.

          MOTIVATED BY:  A desire to escape from physical living.





          MOST COMPATIBLE ENERGIES:  Cancer & Scorpio

          COMPATIBLE ENERGIES:  Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn

          INCOMPATIBLE ENERGIES:  Those of air and fire elements – often compatible                        Ascendant energies will largely overcome incompatibility.


                   An intimate relationship with another PISCES means inability to recharge each other’s energy field.  There is a tendency to blend and “act as one element.”  Unless there are other strong energizing elements present, there can be a slow starvation of the nervous system.  Conflict need not be present.

                   Attraction to others attuned to an element one lacks usually does not form the basis for a lasting relationship.  One or both end up saying, “We are too different.”

                   Relationships can be either “too intense” or “devitalizing” according to the energy combinations of both persons.  A strong reason for knowing the Soul Maps of those with whom we have close personal relationships.  We can work positively with what we know.

                   Sleeping together merges the energy fields and can dramatically affect each person’s state of health, for good or ill.  If in an intimate relationship with a neutral or incompatible Sun Sign, sleeping in separate beds/bedrooms can be very beneficial.  (Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Psychology, & the Four Elements)


EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL:  (According to Alan Oken, Soul-Centered Astrology) – as we grow holistically, we spiral upward from Personality-centered >>> Awakening to Soul-Personality relationship >>> Soul-Centered individual.


          Functioning totally on the Personality-Centered Level – PISCES, at this level, is sensitive to everyone and everything, with an inability to discriminate the source of that sensitivity.  The astral plane and solar plexus are usually quite open and undisciplined, so that sensation is often mistaken for consciousness, psychic impressionability for spiritual understanding, sympathy for compassion.  Experience is usually instinctual and emotional.  PISCES’ openness and acceptance tends not to be grounded in any practical form.  PISCES’ altruistic sentiments often end up in “throwing herself away” on someone, or to so completely merge with the energies of the group as to “almost disappear.”  This totally unconscious aspect of martyrdom/self-sacrifice is unhealthy.  The expansive nature of PISCES’ waters extends outward with no dams or shoreline, flooding the surrounding area.  As a result, PISCES can end up completely dominating her environment, family, and friends as she oozes out indiscriminately.  Thus, in her efforts to extend outward (to be altruistic), PISCES on the personality level, can take over and through subtle seepage control her environment.  The urge for other worlds and existences (remember the solar plexus is open to the astral plane) often leads to substance abuse or other escapist practices.  PISCES, at this level, is attracted to religious groups that are emotional and showy.  PISCES circumvents the mental discipline required to uncover her own inner wisdom.


          Awakening to the Soul-Personality Relationship – PISCES now begins to orient herself along specific lines of intention or direction.  The fluidity which is at the very core of PISCES remains, but is now more consciously contained in its search for balance between the high and low tides.  A study of bio-rhythms can be most helpful for PISCES.  At high tide, PISCES can offer an enormous amount of understanding to a project.  Within her being, she has access to an unlimited supply of prior life talent and resources.  Meditating on the ocean is helpful in understanding PISCES.  No amount of force can hold it back; yet, it needs structures in which it can be used for practical purposes.  Planets in Aries and/or Capricorn can be of great help in structuring PISCES’ self-expression during high tide. 

          During low tide, PISCES needs to withdraw, to gather herself together, to rid herself of all the energies she has unconsciously soaked up in her environment.  PISCES is a very magnetic energy, which can create havoc in relationships.  Others may not want to be pulled into an ocean of emotional situations. 

          PISCES is now moving toward the spiritual and attunement to higher values.  She is experimenting with the instinctual and the intuitive, the real and the ideal, and even the sacred and the profane.  Sensitivity to others takes on a much more solid grounding as PISCES develops her ability to discriminate.  She is moving into a relationship with her polarity energy—Virgo—that will eventually lead to the unfolding of true intuition, conscious self-sacrifice, and an attitude of universal service. 


          Soul-centered Individual – PISCES, at this level, awakens to her role as a World Savior and her part in the unfolding of the Divine Plan on this planet.  PLUTO’s transformative and regenerative energies now move into the conscious awareness.  The task is the smashing of all crystallized forms of life that inhibit the flow of spiritual reality and loving inclusivity.  It is here that the true soldiers of God are born, carrying with them the strongest of weapons—the love and wisdom of the 2nd RAY.   The lessons of PISCES at this level are:  the lesser is always sacrificed for the Greater and the way of the Soul is always inclusive.  From the undisciplined life of PISCES at the personality level >>> she has moved into the crucified life of the personality awakening to the Soul >>> to the resurrected life of the soul-centered PISCES.  From “slave” to her instincts and astral impressions >>> she moved to “servant” as a PISCES personality awakening to her soul >>> to the “Savior” of the soul-centered PISCES.  She now affirms, “I leave the Father’s house and, turning back, I save.”



          This I BELIEVE, THEREFORE I AM sign can be empathetic, compassionate, imaginative, creative, and self-sufficient.  PISCES possesses an innate ability to “absorb” complex material; her mind is extremely active.  PISCES can be highly intuitive, adaptable, congenial, and versatile.  PISCES may appear to be strong and very determined on the outside, but inside the inner doubts are seething.  She needs reassurance from others.  PISCES needs to learn to use her prophetic gifts and to listen to her strong intuition.  As a result, she will benefit greatly on an emotional/spiritual basis.  These gifts are to be used to serve others, not for PISCES’ gain.  PISCES will always feel at her best when serving others.  When she fails to express her compassionate nature, she can become moody and introverted.  A neat, congenial home helps PISCES to balance her emotional ups and downs.  PISCES needs to channel her inborn desire to escape physical living into creative activities.  PISCES is attracted to all forms of art and needs to engage in them.  PISCES can be a fine musician and healer.  PISCES is instinctively aware of her limitations and her capabilities.  The knowledge of her limitations often results in an inferior complex.  Many PISCES enjoy acting because it allows them to escape into another character and temporarily forget the inferiority complex. 

          In love, PISCES is very sentimental and romantic.  She likes to receive unexpected gifts from loved ones as well as give them.  She is faithful and loyal, but tends to place her loved one on a pedestal.  When that loved one falls off the pedestal, she can be disillusioned.  PISCES children need parental attention and a strong sense of security in order to assist them in dealing with their tumultuous emotions.

          When PISCES is connected with her inner Source of Being, she is capable of great achievements.  When PISCES is true to her inner Source, she has a high and holy destiny—that of World Savior. 


NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS:  (Remember that as you focus on developing your positive characteristics, the negative ones tend to disappear.  Those who express in negative ways are frustrated, consciously or unconsciously, because they are not being who they truly are.)

          PISCES, as the last sign in the zodiac, is clearing up odds and ends left over from prior incarnations.  PISCES is moody, hypersensitive, impressionable, indecisive, changeable, and prone to self-pity.  The combination of these characteristics and having to deal with past life residue renders PISCES introspective and difficult to understand.  If asked, “what is wrong,” PISCES is not likely to know.  PISCES needs to be alone, to regularly retreat, to be away from the world in which they feel so uncomfortable.  Because of PISCES’ undifferentiated psychic sensitivity on the personality level, she is open to being obsessed by astral entities or to have them attach to her.  PISCES has a deeply hidden pride that is fiercely defended if threatened.  PISCES suffers from an inferiority complex and feelings of unworthiness.  She never feels she has done enough, so she will overwork, overgive, and overstress her physical body.  PISCES tends not to care for her physical body Temple, often rendering it a Tavern in which great suffering ensues.  PISCES without a spiritual orientation feels separated, resulting in a tendency to be submissive and to completely resign herself to whatever life hands her.  PISCES suffers tremendously when two factors are ignored:  1) she must be creative and 2) she must serve in constructive ways—constructive for self and for others. 

          PISCES tends to see life in absolute terms, according to her own concept of black and white.  For example:  a scene on TV of starving children can cause PISCES to turn down an invitation to go to a restaurant for dinner.  Then, on a good day, she can be extravagant in her shopping.  PISCES’ concern for the underdog can set up all sorts of unhappy situations for her, because she is very likely to marry one.  Since PISCES is clearing past life residue, these underdog relationships can be karmic and difficult.  PISCES’ spiritual goal is to use her intuitive powers and her access to inner wisdom to discriminate how best to deal with or assist the underdog.  She need not merge her identity with the underdog.  PISCES may even attempt to have two romances at once.  The soul-centered PISCES will have the Divine as the primary love. 

          Reading the life of Therese of Avila, in the Interior Castle, can be helpful to PISCES and for those seeking to understand PISCES. 


A PISCES INCARNATION involves the search for the inner Castle of Peace.  It is in PISCES that the Victory of Love is to be won.  The meaning of PISCES is found as she learns to take the journey into her creative unconscious, where her spirit is refreshed, where a period of inactivity in the outer world can restore her ability to heal and serve in that outer world.   Time spent in the unconscious—reading, meditating, creating, writing, composing music—is absolutely essential to PISCES’ well-being.  To deny this part of self is for PISCES (more so than the other zodiac energies) to deny her Soul.  PISCES is the sign of rebirth as the Divine Child.



Be sure to check your chart to see what your Ascendant is.


          The zodiac energy on the ASCENDANT is the energy that the public beholds.  We also look at the world through our ASCENDANT energy.  PISCES ASCENDANT, on the mundane level, views a world that can be overwhelming and from which she would like to escape. 

          In soul-centered astrology, the Ascendant is indicative of the soul’s purpose in physical incarnation.

          PISCES ASCENDANT reveals the individual incarnated to bring an end to the personality self and to allow the Soul to come forth in all its glory.  The values gained through incarnations in the other eleven zodiac signs are to be brought into full consciousness.  PISCES ASCENDANT gives an overwhelming intuitive and creative ability.  She can become a very refined artist who creates from her own emotional center.  PISCES ASCENDANT has the capacity to bring forward the wisdom from past lifetimes.  She can be extremely resourceful.

          There are two kinds of PISCES ASCENDANT persons.  1) The server, the doer.  Though PISCES is not a physically strong energy, she loses herself in service to others.  This PISCES ASCENDANT draws her energy from a higher plane with which she is in attunement.  She is calm, compassionate, and emotionally detached, going about her work quietly and with no fanfare.  She is the “salt of the earth.”  2) The drifter, the dreamer who dreams big dreams and goes no further.  She cannot face failure, so she refuses to try.

          PISCES ASENDANT has an emotional outlook on life.  For this reason, learning to play a musical instrument can be healing, as the music helps to harmonize and balance her emotional energy.  Music feeds PISCES’ emotions like food feeds the body.  There is great loneliness in PISCES that nothing of this world can alleviate.  The “dark night of the soul” is an integral part of the PISCEAN incarnation.  This “dark night of the soul” is required in order to release her soul from the bondage of the personality.  A willingness to accept loneliness can set PISCES free.  The way for PISCES is UP, not down into the astral level of substance abuse.

          The inner world beckons to PISCES SUN/ASCENDANT.  Recognition of this need to retreat periodically into the inner world, by allowing time in her daily schedule for such, affords PISCES a means to achieve a sense of balance and centeredness. 

          PISCES ASCENDANT reveals that the soul is to be activated through the 2nd and 6th RAYs.  The 2nd RAY’s healing function is most important because it is through the attunement to the Soul that the healing forces emanate and produce a greater wholeness.  The 2nd RAY person seeks to establish Right Human Relationships by lifting the consciousness of the planet.  It is to be the consciousness of Universal Sister/Brother.  PISCES ASCENDANT’ soul is activated as she recognizes that love is the healing force of the universe.  The 6th RAY’s lessons are tolerance, practicality, common sense, balance of emotions, and the flexibility to appreciate the views of others.


          THE HOUSE IN WHICH PLUTO IS FOUND will indicate the area of life’s experiences in which the lessons of the 2nd and 6th RAYs will tend to manifest.  Soul growth will occur as the individual overcomes a tendency to ask, “Why is it always happening to me?” and be satisfied with her own unique accomplishments.  Soul growth will occur as PISCES ASCENDANT overcomes any tendencies toward blind devotion, hero worship, and emotional dependency on others.  Since PLUTO CHANNELS THE 1ST RAY OF WILL/POWER, PISCES ASCENDANT/SUN will have spiritual assistance in using the spiritual will and power for the benefit of humanity.  The 1st RAY is the leadership ray; it grants the ability to inspire others.  It is also the RAY OF THE YOD, the “finger of God” guiding PISCES. 



Be sure to check your chart to see where your MOON is located.


          The MOON reveals the personality as it is displayed in our reactions to the events within our daily lives.  It also reveals much that is hidden within our subconscious minds.

          On the soul-centered level, the MOON reveals habit patterns that must be overcome or transformed in order to advance in spiritual maturity.  This struggle to overcome the negative tendencies revealed by the MOON is the “cross” we bear (Alan Oken).  The MOON reminds us of the negative habit patterns formed in prior incarnations that created the karma we brought into this lifetime.

          MOON IN PISCES indicates that soul growth will occur as the individual learns to balance her emotions and to channel them into constructive activities, such as music and art.  In prior lifetimes, MOON IN PISCES has drifted, escaping the physical world through substance abuse or living in a dream world.  MOON IN PISCES allowed life to defeat her and failed to determine a constructive direction in life.  MOON IN PISCES allowed self-pity, hypersensitivity, and indecision to hamper any real accomplishments in prior incarnations.

          MOON IN PISCES holds the potential to be incredibly creative through learning to use her heightened sensitivity to life to enhance her musical and artistic endeavors.  Suffering through the emotions can be great; however, the suffering is present in order to assist in lifting her consciousness to the Soul level.  MOON IN PISCES/PISCES SUN/PISCES ASCENDANT must always serve.  The alternative for PISCES is to suffer.  PISCES needs to remember that great service to and healing for others can take place through the use of her musical/artistic talents.  She need not serve in an institution that stifles her creativity.





          The PISCES/VIRGO POLARITIES work together to bring about a positive regulation of energy flow within the physical body.

          Achieving a balance between the qualities of PISCES & VIRGO, thereby transforming negative habit patterns, will assist in maintaining good health.  For example, achieving a balance between:

                   PISCES’ creative imagination – and – VIRGO’s practicality and attention to details.

                   PISCES’ emotional approach to life – and – VIRGO’s analytical approach.

                   PISCES’ desire to operate on faith – and – VIRGO’s logical strategy.

                   PISCES’  otherworldliness – and – VIRGO’s earth plane clarity.

                   PISCES’ compassionate service – and – VIRGO’s practical idealism.

                   PISCES’ attunement to music/art – and – VIRGO’ inclination toward

                                      natural healing techniques.


          Failure to recharge one’s Sun Sign energy results in depletion, irritability, and increased vulnerability to physical and emotional dis-eases.  The element of one’s Sun sign is the fuel needed to feel alive.  It is the source of vitality and power, the resource for coping with stress and challenges.

          PISCES recharges by:  1) Regular contact with other watery persons, especially Cancer & Scorpio.  2) Living in close proximity to bodies of water, swimming and boating.  3) Work in which PISCES can express intense emotional involvement.  PISCES must serve and must create.  The alternative for PISCES is to suffer.

          PISCES must regularly retreat from the world.  Her search is for the Castle of Peace.  Establishing an earthly paradise is an important dream for PISCES.  The mountaintop is often the ideal spot for this earthly paradise.  PISCES’s paradise is a type of salvation; it is particularly difficult to find her personal identity when she is constantly merging into the vibrations of others.  This mountaintop paradise is to protect PISCES, her family, and friends from the pressure of emotions, vibrations, and depressing energies floating in the sea of life outside the walls of paradise.  The more deprived PISCES felt in childhood, the more elaborate the paradise castle tends to be.

          PISCES often spends the greater part of her life in work that is more VIRGO-like in nature.  By the ages of 50-60, the longing for a Castle of Peace often propels PISCES into new ventures that offer an avenue of release for her bottled-up creativity.



          PISCES is hypersensitive and can become depressed easily over little things said to them.  If PISCES feels she is being criticized, she will suffer extreme embarrassment.  If the criticism becomes severe, PISCES will tend to panic, causing her to either flee or become hysterical.  In times of conflict, PISCES may attempt to rationalize her way out, rather than face the consequences or engage in open communication.  Honest communication can be difficult because PISCES often does not know why she is disturbed of behaving as she is.  Allow PISCES to maintain her inner pride.


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