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His 1st appearance as Pope

An excellent show!


NOTE BY NANCY:  During the intervening days between Pope Benedict’s resignation and the Conclave, I read or heard someone say, “I’m hearing that Jesus may the next Pope.”  Although I have no idea as to the source, my heart leaped as I thought, “What a compassionate thing to do for the 1.2 billion Catholics on this planet.”

As it turns out, something close to this may have happened!

Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News Anchor, was in Rome.  Listen to his account of the hours just before the new Pope was announced.


Upon hearing Scott’s account of the bird, in which he connected it with St. Francis, I intuitively felt “something big is happening.”  Has the Soul of St. Francis of Assisi truly walked into the body of Pope Francis? 

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For the past couple of days, Scott Pelley seems fascinated with Pope Francis, giving him  a goodly amount of time on both the March 14 and March 15 newscasts.  On March 13 and both evenings since then, Scott has given details of Pope Francis’ former life in Argentina.

On March 13, Kathryn E. May, PsyD. channeled the following information:

“The Pope is not the Pope.  By this we mean that the soul of the man who has just been voted in agreed to depart from the body and has already been replaced by one of our Ascended Masters, as what you sometimes call a walk-in.  The one who has entered the body of the Pope will not experience the Veil of Forgetfulness, but will have full memory of Us [meaning the Ascended Masters] and complete communication with Us.  He will function as our Emissary of Light to the world, in this the most powerful social and religious position on the planet.”


For Catholics, the Ascended Masters are what you call Saints.  Thus Francis of Assisi is called by Catholics “Saint” Francis of Assisi … metaphysicians call him an Ascended Master.  And just as a newly elected Pope takes a new name, so many ascended Souls take a new name upon returning to the world of spirit.

A Walk-In is a Soul that takes over the body of another Soul who agrees to allow him/her to do so because a greater Mission is to be accomplished.  I accept the interpretation of the bird lighting on the concave chimney an hour or two before the white smoke appeared to be a sign, especially after the new Pope chose the name “Francis.”

So, there is a very strong likelihood that St. Francis of Assisi is the new Pope using the physical body of Cardinal Bergoglio!  During this Ascension Period, a far greater mission is to be achieved—that of shepherding 1.2 billion Catholics through a time of tremendous change!

St. Francis’ Ascended name is Ascended Master Kuthumi.


 Since his ascension, Ascended Master Kuthumi (or St. Francis—he will answer to both names) has been serving with Jesus in the Office of World Teacher.  The Ascended Masters most often work with Earth humans through telepathic communication, channeling, meditative insights, and/or inspired music/paintings/writings/speeches.  In the case of a Walk-In, it is felt that the work requires a physical presence among the people.

During his lifetime as Francis of Assisi, he renounced family and wealth, choosing instead to live among the poor and lepers.  He created the monastic Franciscan Order.  His twin flame, Lady Clare, was his disciple and co-worker.  She created the Order of Poor Ladies—a monastic order of the Franciscan tradition for women.  Today, the Order is known as Poor Clares.

Pope Francis immediately changed papal customs and routines.  He rejected the golden cross for his first appearance.


 We have already seen numerous changes since then. So far the changes have been characteristic of Cardinal Bergoglio.

As the days and weeks go by, I intuitively feel that we will see more and more changes that will be groundbreaking in their impact!  We will know that an Ascended Master is Pope!


October 2013




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