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1.  We must recognize that much has been hidden from Earth humans.  The 25 miles of secret archives in Vatican City is just one example of the immensity of this hidden information.  It is up to us to awaken to this fact and to diligently seek Truth regarding life on this planet and within the cosmos.  We are part of the Whole of creation.  How do we fit in?  What is our purpose?  Who are we?

2.  We are living through the final days of the Age of Pisces, a 2,160-year cycle.  The Age of Pisces has been characterized by separation:  separation into differing religions and political ideologies, separation into vastly divergent economic and social positions.  The power elite have ruled by separation, in accordance with military strategy—divide and conquer.   Each division is convinced truth resides with them and no one else. 

3.  We are moving into the next 2,160-year cycle—the Age of Aquarius, the next 5,125-year cycle—a New World Age, and the next 25,625-year cycle—Earth’s orbit through the 12 constellations of the zodiac.  We live within ever enlarging cycles of time, where time is consciousness.  It is a well known fact that Earth humans use only about 10% of their brain power.  As we move forward in time/consciousness, we re-gain the full use of our power to know.

4.  The Age of Aquarius will be characterized by unity, full consciousness, and a realization of wholeness within the Divine Self.  Should we choose to remain within our present framework of separation, materialism, and strife, we will be allowed to move to another planet within the cosmos and return to god-likeness at our own pace. 

5.  2012 indicates a time of ascension into higher realms of consciousness for our entire solar system.  How Earth—nearly destroyed by Earth humans’ neglect, wars, and focus on materialism—moves into ascension is up to you and me.  We can choose to lift our consciousness … to exhibit love for all beings and the planet … to cease all war … and to learn to share instead of hoard.  We must awaken to the fact that most religions have taught one life to be lived within a three-layer physical reality:  hell, earth, and heaven— a concept that has very little to do with Truth.  We must shift our attention away from “I’ve fulfilled the religious requirements, so I have nothing to worry over—I’m going to heaven.”  Look at our world … we have much to do!  The alternative is for Earth and Earth humans to be cleansed/awakened through another end of a World Age cataclysm.  

6.  The Good News is that we have time to transform the end of the fourth World Age into a time of preparation for ascension in which we re-join our galactic family in a culture of love and peace.  Our ancient ancestors left behind a calendar to assist us in attuning to galactic time.  Our galactic family is present on and around Earth to guide us in cleaning up our planet so that Earth has no need to transform via a cataclysm.  They are here to assist with their extremely advanced technology and spiritual understanding.  We can prepare for 2012 by spreading the word about the Disclosure Project, the FASTWALKERS DVDs, Exopolitics, and Galactic Diplomacy—a citizens’ effort toward diplomacy with extraterrestrials.  We cannot wait on governments to move to disclose their knowledge of the extraterrestrials’ presence; we must do so ourselves.  

7.  The ancient Mayans, among numerous others of our ancestors, foresaw the end of this 5,125-year cycle and left instructions for us to successfully pass through it.  “They knew that Calendar Reform is the final act of history, and the first step toward Earth regeneration in the cradle of galactic culture.  The 13-Moon, 28-day calendar is the key they left for present day humans to remember their galactic inheritance and change the course of history before the closing of the Mayan Great Cycle in 2012.”  (Jose Arguelles, Ph.D.)  One way to attune to fractal time, and thus to time as our galactic family knows it, is to follow a 13-Moon, 28-day calendar.  Because this type calendar is synchronized with natural time, following it allows us to attune to the synchronic unfolding of the cycles within cycles in which we reside.   As we do so, we become peaceful, we come to know ourselves as an integral part of the Whole.  As we become One with All That Is, we can no longer abide with warring, greed, materialism, or any other negative emotion.  According to Dr. Arguelles, a world programmed to the 13-Moon, 28-day calendar is a peaceful world.  Dr. Arguelles’ version of the 13-Moon, 28-day calendar can be ordered through the link to his Law of Time website on my home page.

8.  In order to ascend with Earth, we must “KNOW THYSELF” as the child-gods we were created to be.  This means moving beyond following the doctrines of any religion and reuniting with our indwelling I AM PRESENCE.  All Great Teachers, such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, & Moses incarnated to show us the Way.  However, we must do the work ourselves.  Much of the material found on this Pathway To Ascension website is provided to assist in knowing thyself and moving past teachings that have held us imprisoned in doctrinal, religious boxes.

9.  We must develop the art of discernment between those who truly work for the Light and those whose motives are less than light-filled.  It is up to us to support the Lightworker, who very often will be initiating activities “outside” the traditional mold.  The old is passing away.  It is our responsibility to initiate and support the new, more peaceful and loving creations. 

10.  It is time to ignore all attempts to separate us with religious doctrines, political parties, and issues such as abortion and gay rights.  As long as we allow ourselves to be fragmented, the power elite remains in control.  Now is the time to move away from all control by separation and fear.  Instead we must lift our consciousness to a higher plane of unity in unconditional love and peace with all Earth humans. 

11.  Now is the time to accept and act upon our divine sovereignty.  We are child-gods, made in the image and likeness of our Creator God.  We, as child-gods, were granted dominion over the Earth—not to destroy it, but to maintain its pristine beauty and innate capacity to support all life in plenty and peace.  We must wake up to the truth of who we are and why we are present on Earth during the last years of this 4th World Age.

12.   Our community is to become the cosmos.  We are surrounded by loving beings, some of whom we can see with our physical eyes … some of whom we can see only with our spiritual eye.  Our task at this point in time is to recognize that life extends far beyond the confines of our physical planet … to know that our community is the One Cosmic Community!



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