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A Light on my Path

Bob Keeton, host of his Living Successfully talk show on WRVA, interviews me, Nancy Detweiler, regarding my 1st book, A NEW AGE CHRISTIAN

Living Successfully -- an award-winning radio talk show -- had its beginning on a local Richmond, VA radio station -- WRVA. Bob evidently left WRVA and began doing LIVE SHOWS before an audience. After the show went live, I was privileged to have a segment on it, called SOUL TALK. You may read examples of SOUL TALK here.

Bob interviewed well known authors, lecturers, and activists, like Gregg Braden and Marianne Williamson. "He has a broad range of life experience underpinning his views on soulful, successful living. In all, he has found that holistic approaches, not a singular reliance on science and technology, hold the potential to unleash miracles which now have become critically important." (

Bob's show became a popular one in Richmond, especially when it became live and was hosted in various churches and other places around town.

My book is on Kindle at It was written to bridge the gap between orthodox Christian doctrines and the forthcoming New Age that is seeking a deeper spirituality and knowledge of God as Unconditional Love.

Those who would like a free copy of the paperback edition can write me on my website: I have a limited number of paperbacks ad will be glad to mail you a free book for a $5 shipping fee, which you may send by PayPal. If you are not a member of PayPal, ask me for my mailing address and I will send it to you. Upon receiving the $5, I will send you a free, autographed copy of my paperback book.

Now for the interview about the book!

Click the play button to listen:

Duration: 48 minutes


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The Caudles of Anson County, NC

What's Really Happening in America?

Divine Government

Re-introduces House Bill 808 Calling for a Dept. of Peace

Wake Up To Mother Earth

Foreclosures, Bankers' Manifesto, & Land Patents

The Debt Crisis Is The Best Thing That Has Happened!



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