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Quotes from Barbara Marciniak’s “PATH OF EMPOWERMENT:  Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos”

With Comments by Nancy B. Detweiler

Angelic Lord of the Trees

Taken from:  Geoffrey Hodson’s KINGDOM OF THE GODS

“Your ancestors in both the distant and recent past were capable of navigating reality with ways and means that are forgotten to most people in the modern world.  Nearly all of written history has been purged of the fascinating aspects of life involving experience with paranormal versions of reality.  Over the ages human beings have been led to believe that they are less than who they really are….  People could travel the cosmos and explore their greater reality….”

“Your ancestors knew their senses were for interacting with nature, and when they wanted someone to watch their children, they were able to create an energy vortex around a favorite tree.  They could then walk into the forests and fields and maintain communication with the tree, and the tree would use its own energy, in cooperation with the mother and father, to watch their children.  People once knew that the system of nature was a necessity of life, and they used the knowledge to empower themselves to survive and thrive in cooperation with the natural world.”

“One of the most subversive battles for control of the human mind began thousands of years ago as organized religions sought to draw people away from their sacred connection with nature by convincing them to ‘worship the gods’ in buildings designed to mimic nature’s majesty.  Much later … the Industrial Revolution … created a drastic increase in people leaving the countryside to seek urban living.  Insanity and poor health became more common as people lost their connection to nature and then, too, lost the ability to tell the difference between one stream of time and another.”

“An accumulation of rigid social and cultural beliefs, limiting the confines of time and space, have disconnected you from the experience of direct learning from nature.  The resulting systemic confusion within your cellular circuit board has become detrimental to humanity’s spiritual growth….  By claiming your inherent abilities to move your conscious awareness around the field of existence, you will experience direct knowledge and be able to tell the difference between truth and deceit.”

“Even though the political management of your planet appears to be racing out of control; from a higher perspective, the flamboyant scourge of lies and deceit stimulates your growing awareness to awaken to your true spiritual identity, while you occupy a human form during these times of tumultuous transformation.  As spiritual common sense prevails, an agenda of fear-based entrainment has no hold on an awakened mind.  Conscious awareness, dear friend, is the key to unraveling the mysteries of the multiverse.”

Angelic Mountain God

Taken from Geoffrey Hodson’s KINGDOM OF THE GODS

COMMENTS BY NANCY:  During my 11 years as a State-employed Social Worker and Rehabilitation Counselor, I spent my career in the inner city slums—before urban renewal.  Try to imagine a child growing up in the slums almost totally deprived of the beauty of nature, invigorating fragrances, and the joy of creating beautiful forms such as in art and music.  Only then can you begin to walk in the shoes of the child, and later the adult, growing up deprived of God’s beauty.

At one point, I worked as a rehabilitation counselor in a high school for the mentally challenged.   At lunch time, I would take several of my depressed students for a run around the school grounds.  They were outdoors—exerting their bodies and breathing fresh air.  Because they were out of breath from running, they had to breathe deeply.  We could smell the freshly mown grass.  They loved it and we found that is hard to remain depressed while outside running on green grass, with trees swaying in the breeze, and fresh air filling our lungs.

One day I, and several of the counselors, took a busload of students on a field trip to Hanging Rock State Park, near Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Most of the students had never been outside their small world consisting of the slums and the bus ride to their school.

They had never seen cows and horses grazing in an open field.  They had never seen the bubbling water of a creek or the little fish and bugs swimming in it.  They had never seen a colorful leaf floating like a boat downstream, maneuvering its way around the rocks.  They had never felt the joy of wading in the cool water.  They had never seen a mountain grow higher as we approached it.

When we reached Hanging Rock, we enjoyed a picnic lunch prepared by the school cafeteria.  They had never been on a picnic.  They had never sat at a picnic table amidst the trees and watched to be sure the ants and flies did not join in on the feast.  They had never walked on a nature trail … never climbed down the rocks to a waterfall … never sat on a rock and felt the spray from the falls leave droplets of water on their cheeks.  They had never experienced the challenge of hiking to the top of a mountain to see a breathtaking view that extended for miles.  They had never felt the closeness of white fluffy clouds hovering overhead, as if heaven was communing with them.  They had never called out their names and listened for the echo.  They had never seen the glorious variety of wild flowers growing along the mountain trail.

Their senses had become deadened from the lack of experiencing nature’s stimulants that energize and nourish the soul.  Forty years later, I remember that day as one of the most marvelous of my life.  I saw first hand what nature, including the vivid colors, can do for the starved spirit.  I understand why children growing up with senses deadened by the lack of stimulation, by the lack of hope, by the lack of adventure, often end up with deprived adult lives.

These children were so excited many reported not being able to sleep that night.  I saw genuine smiles of inner joy.  One girl with cerebral palsy would not stop until she had reached the top of the mountain and seen the world from a high peak.  That was the fulfillment of her dream.  She was sick for a week afterwards from the unusual exertion, but her smile never left her face—because, “she had been on a mountain top.”










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