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HILARIAN, October 30-November 5, 2016

HILARION, October 30-November 5, 2016 “Beloved Ones, As you endeavour to stay in equilibrium and balance during these days with all that is occurring within your sphere of resonance, you are finding that the intensified energies are having their effect, not only within your own...
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HILARION’S WEEKLY MESSAGE from Marlene Swetlishoff ~~ October 23-30, 2016 “Beloved Ones, The changes to the systems that have been operating upon this planet are taking place. There is no choice for those who have created them but to make changes that will reflect the...
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HILARION – September 20-27, 2015

HILARION September 20-27, 2015 Beloved Ones, There are portents everywhere that are informing the people of the world that a great change is taking place upon their planet and that it is time for them to awaken to the knowledge that all are connected to...
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HILARION – February 22-29, 2015

  HILARION “See yourselves as the powerful and wise beings that you truly are and step into those shoes! Become those powerful beings who wield their power for good to manifest into their world.“  February 22-29, 2015 Beloved Ones, As you sit at the crossroads...
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HILARION – January 18-25, 2015

HILARION January 18-25, 2015  Beloved Ones, You have all struggled to maintain equilibrium as the new energies brought out thoughts, feelings and emotions that you had no idea you harboured within and you are now ready for a greater refinement of your four lower bodies....
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HILARION – December 7-14, 2014

HILARION December 7-14, 2014 Beloved Ones, It is important that you make time each day to be still so that you can go within. During this time of the year, one’s schedule can become full of activities that you feel must be done, with family,...
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HILARION – November 1-7, 2014

NOTE BY NANCY:  The necessity of observing and controlling our thoughts has been a predominant theme recently.  As we approach November 5 and the worldwide effort to bring about a Congressional Hearing for Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence with us, controlling our thoughts becomes imperative. ...
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HILARION – October 12-19, 2014

HILARION   October 12-19, 2014 Beloved Ones, Going with the flow of energy as it comes through is most helpful in the coming days. Whatever comes to the surface of your consciousness should be met with love, compassion and understanding, patience and tolerance. Your loved...
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HILARION October 5-12, 2014

HILARION   October 5-12, 2014 Beloved Ones, Love abounds and permeates everything. Tune into this warm and gentle but powerful energy and drink your fill each day. Experiment with different tools and techniques that will help you to do this. An easy way for most...
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HILARION      September 14-21, 2014 Beloved Ones, It is time to divorce yourselves from the endless distractions that present themselves in relentless attempts to take you from your inner core of knowing. Look instead to the heavens and to the alignments that are taking...
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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 7 Manik, 0 Zip, 1 Ik – September 5, 2017
Awakening of Friendship with the Star Beings by Master Kuthumi – channeled through through Natalie Glasson 1st September 2017
Q&A with Benjamin Fulford White Dragon Society August 29, 2017
When you go within, to your holy inner sanctuary, you find peace and release from fear and anxiety.
Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 9 Cib, 14 Uo, 1 Ik – August 29, 2017