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Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

God n Zodiac 2God Painting the Zodiac


NOTE:  I wrote this article a few days after 9/11.  Now, a few days after the November 2010 mid-term elections, it is once again extremely relevant.

The twelve tribes of Israel … Jesus’ twelve disciples … the twelve powers of humanity … the twelve zodiac signs.  The significance of the number vibration “twelve” is evident throughout the Bible and cosmos.  It is indicative of the twelve avenues through which the Soul makes its pilgrimage and offers the service that leads to the birth of the Christ Consciousness within each of us—the consciousness anointed with the energy of Divine Love.  According to Corinne Heline, who based her teachings on those of Pythagoras, twelve forces encircling the One and thereby forming a Unity, vibrates to 13.  Within this formula of 13 lies the secret of plenty, peace, and empowerment for all of humankind.  Within this holy vibration of 13, all things are possible.

America stands within this vibration of 13.  According to Heline, in her “Sacred Science of Numbers,” America’s destiny is based on the number vibration of 13.  The Seal of the United States of America exhibits repeated use of 13.  The designers of the Seal were knowledgeable of cosmic law.

With a destiny number of 13, America’s mission is wrought with responsibility.  Resonating to the choices we make, the energies involved in the number 13 will manifest as “death through failure and degeneration”—or—the attainment of regeneration as a nation of enlightened democracy living in a world of peace and goodwill for all.  There are no halfway measures with the number 13.  The vibration of 13 demands all or nothing.

America was created by our Founding Fathers in response to a high calling—a call from the Ascended Masters in compliance with the overall Divine Plan for Earth humans.  The Ascended Master St. Germain worked closely with the Founding Fathers, assisting in the preparation of what was to be a shining example of an enlightened democracy.  America, under the vibration of 13, is to inaugurate fresh beginnings for all inhabitants on this planet.

On this 4th day of November 2010 (as on the 15th day of September 2001), America stands at a crossroads.  Once more, the entire world is watching … waiting.  Which way will we go?  Will we take the path of additional death and destruction—or—will we accept our destiny as a nation of 13 and set an example of enlightenment for our planet?

Every American represents 1 of the 12.  Will we together encircle the One God and create a Unity of 13, with the power to do all things, including re-creating our world into one of peace and justice for all?  Or, will we add to the destruction already rampant on our planet?

As 1 of the 12, every American has a role to play—a role that is unique and in accordance with the zodiac energy in which his/her Soul is incarnated.  Each of the zodiac energies signifies a major thread in the tapestry of our nation.  The zodiac energies do not differentiate between race, religion, political party, or economic status.  All parts are equally vital within the whole of the tapestry.  Even though all 12 zodiac energies seek to express according to their unique qualities, we are to come together as the 12 in Unity with the One.  In order to do so, we must know and appreciate the energies involved.  We must leave no one out.  We must remember that it is from the ashes of sorrow and pain that we may arise into newness of life.  America has an unprecedented opportunity to rise from the ashes and to transform our nation and world by the choices we make at this very moment.

As 1 of the 12, every American must re-evaluate our present cry for retaliation and punishment.  Presently, we are choosing the path of destruction.  Violence begets violence.  We must re-consider and notify our national leaders that we choose to be 1 of the 12 in the circle of Unity with the One God.

Let us rise from the ashes and assume our role in the re-creation of our nation and planet.  Let us understand and honor the unique qualities of each of the 12 zodiac energies.  Because we are a nation and planet of 12, our reactions will vary.  We feel the urge toward active, physical participation with varying degrees of intensity.  All of the 12 are needed.

I list below the characteristics of each zodiac sign that are most needed during this crucial point in the assumption of our national destiny of 13—to work as the 12 in unity with the One.  According to the extent the zodiac energy is represented in the natal chart, we may witness the strength and goodness of these characteristics within each of the 12.

ARIES:  although Aries will tend to react initially with the desire to “fight back,” this energy may be transformed by asserting self in positive ways that inspire and lead others to something better.  Aries can lead in ways that pioneer into new vistas of life and that lead us into an expansion of possibilities.

TAURUS:  although Taurus will resist change, its fixed quality and groundedness to the Earth play a positive role in the life of our nation.  Taurus offers the stability needed in the face of tremendous change.  Taurus can lead the way in adopting new values, especially as these values relate to money and material possessions.

GEMINI:  although Gemini can lack definitive direction, its conscious awareness of duality can offer valuable insights pertaining to all sides.  Gemini is a channel for the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom.  Gemini can hold the energy of love and provide intuitive insights, while the more practical zodiac energies work to express this Love/Wisdom in concrete ways within our nation and world.

CANCER:  although Cancer will tend to be overly attached to the individual family unit, its urge toward nurturing others can manifest thru very creative avenues of expression.  Cancer can become the Universal Parent, with talent for bringing forth the creativity of others.  Cancer possesses an excellent sense of business and can easily discern the needs of the public.

It is important to know that America’s zodiac sign is Cancer.  Thus, its destiny reflects the characteristics of Cancer energy.  America’s destiny is to nurture every citizen into his/her unique avenue of creative expression.  America’s destiny is to be a Universal Parent.

LEO:  although Leo may view the world in terms of self, it is one of the political energies that also carries an outstanding talent for leadership.  As Leo learns to think of others, it can easily assume the leadership of service-oriented groups or organizations.  Leo’s optimism and flair for the dramatic can add spice to life.  Leo shares eagerly the Sun’s warmth and generosity.

VIRGO:  although Virgo will lean toward perfectionism and being overly critical, its talent for details serves well in organizing projects, documents, and research.  Virgo is the primary channel for the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom.  With its earthy practicality, Virgo is skilled in serving others via expressing Love/Wisdom in tangible forms.  Virgo will often be the follower who serves well the leader of an organization.

LIBRA:  although Libra will tend to hide its unique identity behind that of others, it is talented in diplomacy.  A Libra who also carries the Leo influence will possess excellent skills in politics.  Libra’s need for balance between opposites allows it to perceive the dynamics of all sides of an issue.  Libra is socially adept and can be counted on to add a sense of refinement and culture to any event.

SCORPIO:  although Scorpio’s initial reaction will be to fight and seek victory over all adversaries, it can be counted on for an in-depth perception into the behavior of others.  Scorpio’s energy is that of transformation and regeneration.  Scorpio is the primary channel of the highly artistic 4th Ray of Harmony thru Conflict.  Scorpio is capable of tremendous self-sacrifice.  With the word “sacrifice” coming from the Latin root word meaning “to make holy,” Scorpio is capable of extraordinary transformation of the lower into the higher.

SAGITTARIUS:  although Sagittarius may procrastinate and want to be in control, it possesses an innate sense of the Spirit within all things.  Sagittarius aspires to lofty heights of pure ideas and wisdom.  It is the minister and teacher of humankind.  Sagittarius offers, to all nationalities, its optimism and its ability to inspire others to greater heights.  Once Sagittarius knows the Good, it can easily lead others into the Truth of All Good.

CAPRICORN:  although Capricorn may be overly concerned with personal prestige and gaining the respect of others, it is the Builder of Form.  Capricorn is at home with structuring building blocks or ideas into a meaningful whole.  It is a natural administrator of large corporations, with an innate sense of the type organization needed to stimulate the greatest benefits.  Capricorn can be the Universal Father, while its polarity (Cancer) can be the Universal Mother.  Capricorn can provide the structure needed; Cancer can provide the nurturance needed to allow all to unfold according to their fullest potential.

AQUARIUS:  although Aquarius can be overly persistent in propagating its own ideas, it is also a very intuitive, inventive energy.  Aquarius seeks to provide the water that quenches the thirst of humankind.  It is universally oriented, impersonal energy that seeks to provide on a large scale.  Its goal is a better world for all of humanity.  Aquarius thinks outside the box and can be counted on to provide innovative solutions to the problems of humanity.

PISCES:  although tempted to hide its talents in substance abuse, Pisces is extremely sensitive, creative energy with a love of drama.  Pisces is the energy of selfless service to others.  It is mystical, with a direct link to the invisible realms of existence.  Music and healing talents are usually present.  The high calling of Pisces is to be Servant Savior of the World.  Mother Theresa was Pisces.


As you study the 12 zodiac energies, visualize Americans—representing each sign—standing hand-in-hand in a circle, with the One standing in the center.  Note the 12 avenues of service, all focused upon serving the One God.  Feel the unity … the beauty … the variety … the peace of this Circle of 13 ……………

Would you not much rather experience the coming years within this Circle of 13 than within the destruction that responding to violence with violence will cause?

All that the world needs may be found within the planetary Circle of 13.  All of the talents and skills needed to re-create a world, without terrorists and political bickering, exists within this Planetary Circle of 13.  Violence will shatter this Circle of Unity.  Our beautiful planet will be marred with even more devastation.


America, the nation whose destiny vibration is 13, must choose.  Will we stand within a loving Circle of 13—or—will we wreak havoc on our planet?  Will America fulfill its role in the Divine Plan for Earth humans—or—will we choose death and destruction instead?

Please contact our president and congressional representatives and let them know you choose to stand within America’s highest destiny:  as a member of the loving Circle of 13 … as a member of an enlightened democracy … as a citizen of our world and galaxy, abiding in peace and justice for all.

Within the power of this sacred 13, all the forces for Good within the cosmos are available to America.

May God bless America with the courage to stand within the Circle of 13!


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