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Suzanne Lie, Ph.D.


An important message through Dr. Suzanne Lie:  As we learn of all the evils that have been perpetrated upon us, we may be angry and desire revenge.  To want to see the dark cabal punished will hold us with them on 3rd dimension when we could, instead, react with forgiveness and move with Mother Earth into the 5th dimension where suffering will be no more.  The dark cabal will not be on 5th dimension.  They will be left behind.  Each of us must ask ourselves:  “Do I want to be left behind so I can see them punished – or – do I choose forgiveness and to ascend into the realms of Light and Unconditional Love?”  This question is a freewill choice offered to each one of us at this point in linear time.

Dr. Lie’s message below is a very important one.




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