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Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

NOTE:  The following includes sections quoted from a variety of reports, all of which possess Endnotes.  All quotes are in BOLD font.  I have taken the liberty to italicize and create “standing alone” paragraphs from these quotes in order to place emphasis on the material.


 During the latter 1940s, one of my favorite activities with Daddy was to accompany him to my uncle’s country store.  Of course, there was a candy jar.  But more important was a wood stove sitting in the center of the store.  The men of this small town regularly gathered to sit around the wood stove and talk politics.  I loved to sit with them, listening and sucking on my candy stick.  It was there that I first heard of the Secret Government in America.  Back then, it was not considered a conspiracy theory.  It was a fact of deep concern.

Now, in 2012, the Secret Government, the Illuminati, or dark cabal (whatever you choose to call them) remains unknown to the majority of Americans and the rest of the world.  Yet, they have managed to come frighteningly close to enslaving the whole of humanity through subtle methods like mind control.  They have infiltrated and control every area of human life:  religion, education, government, the medical and pharmaceutical practices, insurance companies, media, and large corporations.  Their ultimate goal is to establish a New World Order in which one world government dominated by the dark cabal would control humanity by enslaving them.  Their most recent attempt occurred at the June 2012 G-20 Conference.[i]

Needless to say, although a segment of the public knew of the dark cabal and their plans, humanity has been unable to gain enough power to overcome them.   Thankfully, the Family of God is vast beyond our capacity to comprehend.  Help is present with us in the form of our galactic brothers and sisters.

I became aware of our galactic family’s involvement with us while working on NESARA early in the 21st century.  A vital part of Earth’s ascension into 5th dimensional higher consciousness by the end of 2012 is that humanity will be reunited with our galactic brothers and sisters.  In preparation for this reunion, a portion of Earth’s population have learned to communicate telepathically with them.  Although, for now, we term this telepathic communication channeling, we will all remember how to communicate in this manner upon once more achieving full consciousness.  Meanwhile, a comparative few are sharing these communications via the internet.

The responsibility for the rest of us is that we learn to discern a clear channel for the 5th and higher dimensions – from – a channel whose energy field still contains negativity and can therefore only resonant with the astral or 4th dimension.  Learning to intuitively discern the difference is important because 4th dimension channeling may contain disinformation or egoic level information, regardless of the sincerity of the person channeling.  Like attracts Like is Universal Law; therefore any negativity within the channel’s energy field holds the possibility of attracting disinformation.  For the moment, this ability to discern the difference is extremely important because we are not yet communicating with our galactic family face-to-face, as we term it on the 3rd dimension.  This leaves us dependent upon those who can communicate telepathically to explain our galactic family’s role in removing those who insist upon enslaving humanity from their positions of power.

One of the major lessons humanity is about to learn or is presently learning is the immense difference in the ways by which our galactic family treats their 3rd dimensional brothers and sisters.  Those of us living on the 3rd dimension are accustomed to dealing very harshly with criminals.  In historic American villages, tourists can view the stocks in which one who committed a crime would be placed on public display and at the very least receive the ridicule of others.

Because we no longer burn people at the stake, flog or behead them, we consider our present treatment of criminals humane.  And yet, on a recent radio show, an individual called in to state that a friend who lives near one of the FEMA camps told her that gallows are being prepared for members of the dark cabal following the mass arrests.  Whether or not that is true, it demonstrates the feelings of rage, vengeance, and hatred that many will feel upon finding out all the crimes that have been perpetrated upon humanity.

Without question, the dark cabal must be removed from their positions of power in order to free humanity to prepare for ascension into higher dimensions of consciousness.  Individuals who are starving, living in abject poverty, having to work long hours just to earn enough to feed their families are not free to think in terms of ascension.  They are, instead, consumed with their survival needs.

The question of how to conduct the mass arrests has become paramount.  Let’s look at a brief outline of the most recent considerations.

JANUARY 3, 2012

SHELDAN NIDLE, who spent the majority of his childhood studying on board a space ship, telepathically communicates with galactic beings from Sirius.[ii]  His report for January 3, 2012 reveals:  A huge upwelling of consciousness has swept across your globe and is ready to advance in earnest upon the forces of the dark. We have watched this Light-energy gather strength throughout the past Gregorian year and remain steadfast in the face of the deplorable militarism resorted to by the dark….

Several governments and wealthy, interested parties joined with your Ascended Masters to drive the dark from your world, and now, many organizations, both private and public, have convened to work out the scope of this movement….

It is also a challenge for you to sense the sheer immensity of what this energy is achieving. You are witnessing nothing less than the greatest coming-together in 13 millennia of your history. Far from the post-apocalyptic hell planned for you by the dark, it will be a new age of Light and full consciousness.[iii]


JANUARY 4, 2012

MIKE QUINSEY channeled SALUSA from Sirius as saying:  Thus far you were expected to take the major responsibility for achieving success but now we are becoming more involved, as we have our part to play to ensure all is completed as decreed.[iv]

Our galactic family is required to respect humanity’s freewill, which has limited their physical participation in removing the dark cabal.  They have not been here to do it for us.  However, with the arrival of 2012, the galactics are assuming a more active role in accordance with the Divine mandate.

MARCH 30, 2012

MIKE QUINSEY channels SALUSA reporting:  It will not take long at all for the realization to sink in that we are here to help you, and that includes removing all those who have usurped their authority and responsibility to you for many years. It is the end of the Illuminati already seriously weakened by losing much of their control over you.

 As Sheldan Nidle reported on January 3, 2012, many different Earth human factions are stepping up their overt activities in an effort to remove the dark cabal.  In this interview by David Wilcock, we learn of a huge operation being planned by the good guys at the Pentagon to play a back-up role as Federal Marshalls and the local police forces conduct mass arrests.

APRIL 5, 2012

David Wilcock interviewed a whistleblower, Drake, who recently emerged.  They discuss a plan by which American Federal Marshalls and the local police conduct mass arrests of the dark cabal, with back-up support by the Military.


There is a core group responsible for the majority of these problems. If this group is defeated, it will be much easier for us to heal our planet.

Mass arrests of this core group have been planned since at least the 1970s — according to Drake, a new whistleblower I recently interviewed….

Like it or not, a civilian uprising alone would never have the logistical and tactical ability to resist such a well-armed and deeply-entrenched group.

There is an absolute requirement that the military, or at least a significant majority of it, supports the will of the people in a case like this — in order for us to have a real chance at succeeding….

Although a certain percentage of people are not strong enough to face the truth, just yet, everyone is aware at some level that we have occult [hidden] forces manipulating finance and government.

Movies like “Thrive” lay it all out for you — including the fact that these groups hope to kill billions of people, reducing Earth’s population to a size they feel would be easier to control….[v]

This Financial Tyranny is the underlying root of a staggering number of problems on Earth.

Starvation and disease is epidemic in much of the world, and even in the modern countries there is widespread poverty and economic hardship.

The majority of the world is completely fed up with Financial Tyranny, and has formed an alliance to stop it — using as non-violent a means as possible, while still achieving the necessary results.

The most significant new data from Drake’s testimony, to me, is how these mass arrests have been planned since at least 1979 — and the briefing document was already five inches thick by then….

 My own insiders have told me that this plan for mass arrests has been in very high gear ever since 9/11. However, they cannot move until they have everything lined up properly — and legally. That moment has finally arrived….

 David begins his interview with Drake.


I contacted him [meaning Drake] because I have been covering this story about pending mass arrests….  We’re talking about a systematic, potentially world-wide effort — although most of these conspirators are in the G5 countries, so I’ve heard….

 [The G5 countries are the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France.]

 Up until now, the only people who have really been reporting on these pending mass arrests whatsoever have been Benjamin Fulford and myself.

 In both cases, we have, together and independently, sets of contacts, some of which are deeply embedded within the Pentagon, who have reported to us that this is VERY REAL.

 David Wilcock vetted Drake thoroughly.

I called you jointly with one of my very senior top insiders. You will now be able to vouch that you spoke to him, and how amazing that discussion was.

 More importantly, I’ve trusted him, built it up over years, and he vetted you out.

 He actually identified dozens of specific points you said that are not on public record, that you could not have known unless you are the bonafide, authentic, real deal….



Right. And one of the main reasons why I’m confident that you’re not one of those [meaning Drake is NOT connected with the dark cabal] is I vetted you out with someone who has impeccably proven trust over years of time.

The degree to which we validated you was vast. It encompassed over four hours of discussion….


This does not include any military coup. It does not include any military action, and it does not include martial law.

 None of that is going to happen.

 What is going to happen is you will see federal Marshals backing up local law enforcement, taking people into custody.

 There may be a stand of troops — in case they need extra bodies to snatch somebody that decides to run.

 Or, let’s say there’s a whole bunch of people in a building, and they didn’t know there were 7,000 of them in there.

 You’re going to need an extra hand in order to incarcerate all these people, put them on the bus and send them wherever they need to go….

What’s happening is this — the intent and purpose of this plan was to minimize the chaos involved in the action.

 Now, when you arrest several thousand people in a city, it’s going to create a little bit of a hubbub.

 People are going to see the military. They’re going to see a lot of policemen doing their jobs — and this will be on video….


I’ve heard from my own insider that there are an astonishing number of very deeply embedded moles who are much closer to these people than they ever thought anybody would get — and actually not have been outed….


There’re a couple of things in this. First of all, the gist of The Plan is to not create chaos. In other words, you’re going to have public announcements.

People such as yourself and myself will be notified approximately a day ahead of schedule — in terms of putting this on the Internet so it can go viral….

 Irrespective as to what the fear mongers will tell you, the bad guys have lost enough funds, lost enough support and there are enough people that are upset with them that their powers have been curtailed tremendously….

 I was requested to contact as many of the underground as I could … to include militias, to include freedom groups….[vi]

 We see, through Drake’s information, that Earth humans are making an effort to solve the dark cabal problem using the legal method required on 3rd dimension.  Actions by Earth humans to help themselves have increased to the point that they satisfy the requirement that our galactic family not interfere with our freewill choice and do it for us.  Once the Occupy Movement spread throughout the U.S. in 2011, we had succeeded in demonstrating that the freewill of the people is for freedom from the control of the cabal.

APRIL 20, 2012

MIKE QUINSEY channeling SALUSA from Sirius:  Everything continues to build up to the point that what is happening where the arrests are concerned cannot be ignored for much longer by the media. We not only want their support, but events reported as they truly happen and with a truthful explanation. Eventually we will provide our own services to ensure our actions are not misrepresented, but meantime we welcome and thank those of the Light who are in the forefront of revelations through the Internet. Sometimes the reports are somewhat speculative, which means that you must still be discerning in how you interpret them. By and large they will be reliable, but you must still watch out for deliberate disinformation….

We want to see our allies [meaning Earth humans who are working to remove the dark cabal] mount a massive drive to once and for all clear out all of the dark Ones, so that those of you who serve the Light can lead the people through the last days of this cycle….[vii]


JUNE 25, 2012

MIKE QUINSEY channeling SALUSA from Sirius:  At present matters are reaching a point of no return and we and our allies wait for the signal to go into action. All is prepared and although the dark Ones are aware that their time is up, the suddenness and extent of our arrests will still surprise them. Naturally there will be confusion amongst the public, but at the earliest possible moment they will be informed….

Where there is resistance we shall back up our allies and explain that freedom must be given or else we will be forced to intervene….

SaLuSa wants to be sure we Earth humans understand that when our galactic family is involved, THERE WILL BE NO LOSE OF LIFE.  Bear in mind our actions are carried out in such a way that there is no loss of life. We can “remove” people quite easily and deposit them wherever we choose, and often it is off planet. We re-educate those who indulge in killing and violence, so that they may return to Earth as useful citizens….[viii]

At this point, Earth humans are still expected to conduct the arrests themselves, with the invisible back-up support of our galactic family.  The cabal has been given numerous opportunities to surrender peacefully in exchange for more lenient treatment.  They repeatedly refused.

JUNE 26, 2012

SHELDAN NIDLE communicated telepathically with his friends from Sirius:  The dark cabalists have refused the eleventh-hour offer made by our Earth allies to surrender and allow an easy and peaceful transition of power. Their refusal has put the ball in our court, and we are now composing our response.

Our liaisons have spent the last few days putting together the arrest strategy with those who will be physically carrying it out. We wish to do it in such a way that it does not lead to negative propaganda by those news networks most closely linked to the cabal. We can, if necessary, require that a number of these controlled media sites be properly discredited and shut down. It is also necessary for major government officials in the cabal-led regimes to resign, as it is important to be publicly seen that a legal transfer of power is underway….

The first requirement is to neutralize any dark-cabal media counterattack….  Once the government resignations start, the first 72 hours must be handled very carefully. We have briefed those liaisons involved and are ready to shut down a number of cable and network programming sites before they have a chance to air….

We have video evidence in our hands that can be used to show the reasons behind our actions. This is to be a time of crisis that we are fully equipped to handle….

It is no easy matter to overthrow and reverse 13 millennia of a planet’s reality!…

This phase of the transition is getting more difficult for our Earth allies and we have therefore intervened.

Our headquarters for this phase is our main Mothership. The liaison teams assigned to each sector of our Earth allies are now using on-board technologies to monitor the cabal groups and listen in on their verbal and written communiqués as well as telepathically survey the leaders of these dark groups….  In addition, we intend to employ one particular technology that ensures a swift, smooth surrender….

Heaven has given us a divine mandate that basically asks us to move this world forward to the point of transformation….

The landing group is now busy working on how and when to land the ‘special’ technicians who are to install technologies such as replicators, communicators, and healing devices. These technologies are mostly operated by the use of telepathy and we need to demonstrate how to restore this ability in your minds, as this will also make it a lot easier for you to interact with us. We see this restoration of one of your natural abilities as your first concrete step on the path to full consciousness….[ix]

 Our galactic family may now assume a more active role in the removal of the dark cabal.  Except for the violence instigated by members of the cabal during the Occupy Movement demonstrations of 2011, there has been no bloodshed within the United States.  The people have been determined to accomplish their goals of justice and freedom through peaceful means.  We have witnessed this self-restraint in other parts of the world too.


JULY 2, 2012

Steve Beckow[x] talks with ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through channel LINDA DILLON[xi] on In-Light Radio.[xii]  During this show, Archangel Michael expressed concern over the term Mass Arrests, explaining that our 3rd dimensional concept of arrest connotes violence.  He added that what our galactic family would mean by the word arrests would be very different from our 3rd dimensional understanding.  5th dimensional consciousness holds no room for thoughts of violence or negativity of any kind.

Archangel Michael’s explanation indicated a new growth stage in the lives of Earth humans.  Heretofore, we have assumed that what is implied by a word like arrest on the 3rd dimension would also apply on higher dimensions.  Instead, we were startled to realize the difference and, also, that we had not recognized that difference on our own.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL reveals:  We have a process that you do not understand, because you tend to think in terms of your reality on Earth, of course. But you can think of it as a process of containment and of restraint so that these beings are restrained and contained, and for all intents and purposes, for your purposes and references, they are taken out of action. Or the actions that they are permitted to participate in are mostly illusion, and they do not affect the collective. In fact, if anything, they simply bounce back at the individual….  What you think of as their sphere of influence is simply disappearing….

So this I ask of you. Do not become entrenched in what you think is going to be a third-dimensional quasi-military maneuver to go to people’s homes and put people in jail or in contained environments. The containment is on a whole, completely different level.

Now that the “ball has been throw into the court of the Archangels and our galactic family” by the cabal’s refusal to surrender, the method of arrests executed by them has also changed to one based on unconditional love and rehabilitation.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL continues:  And what we also say is that containment is done much more rapidly by this side than any military action or police action that could possibly be conceived of on your side. There is not that much cooperation amongst nations. Let us be very clear, much of the attention seems to be focused on the United States of America, but these darkness, these what you think of as agents of control, of manipulation, are all over your globe….  And so it is far easier for us to address this issue….

What is Containment?


Think of a box that you see coming off the large ships, containers. Only these are containers of light, these are containers of pure energy, these are containers of love. And the individual — or the group, by the way, because there are several where we have simply put an entire group; it is easier that way, and more rapid, by the way — we are placing these beings in containers of light and love.

Their energies that may be disruptive or based on the old paradigms of hatred or greed, control, cruelty, just plain nastiness, my brother — they’re placed in these containers and that energy has no way, because they are sealed, and they are sealed by the mighty ones — myself, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel and Gabriel. They are sealed. And in that sealing, their negative actions, emotions, et cetera, cannot escape….

They remain there, continually and constantly penetrated by love and light….  The reason we tell you, ask you, guide you not to do this — first of all, you are not strong enough, and this is something that is done only in very extreme cases. If you look closely at one of these who are contained, sometimes you will hear screams, cries for mercy, false promises of good behavior, but they remain there until such time as the purification is absolutely complete. And that decision of removal lies in the hands of the Mother and Father.

This is a method of bringing peace that has not been utilized as a strategy since the time of intergalactic wars.

It is an act of love. We only do this because we know these beings and these groups deserve, just like all deserve, to be fully embraced in love. And they have been so reticent to do so. We are not altering their free will. They can act out or not within these containers. But it will not go anywhere.

So can you look for radical change?…  This began last Monday [June 25, 2012]….  You can look to the removal of effective power by many who have been in positions of leadership….  We don’t just mean the heads of state, we also mean those in positions of social leadership, financial leadership, because that is very connected to the equalization of resources. Similarly, those who have positions of power in the military, all militaries, who have been fully aware of your star brothers and sisters but who only wish to engage in warring scenarios — well, that is never going to happen. So they are also on our list of containment….

STEVE BECKOW ASKS:  “Is the container the predominant way you’re immobilizing the cabal?”

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL:  The container is the predominant way.[xiii]

JULY 2, 2012

On the same day Archangel Michael first mentioned Containment, Dr. Suzanne Lie channeled the same information from our Archturian brothers and sisters.  One method of confirmation regarding a channeled message is to have the same message come through several well-respected channels.

THE ARCHTURIANS speak through DR. (Carroll) LIE:  We remind all of you, our ascending ones, to KNOW that these broken ones have no power-over you, for they are leaving the system. As information is released as to just how much power-over others these lost ones have taken, and just how much suffering of others they caused, it will be a great temptation for the ascending ones to want revenge or punishment. However, these desires will only serve to lower the ascending ones consciousness. Furthermore, punishment does not alter behavior. It only makes the behavior go underground where is can actually cause damage.

Behaviors can only be altered by detached compassion and unconditional love. Punishment of another is a third dimensional concept. Hence, it lowers the consciousness of those who seek it and activates emotions of anger, sorrow and fear. The containment of these lost ones is currently being undertaken. Therefore, they will be unable to have power-over any of you again. Consequently, we ask that you do NOT become distracted from your true Mission of being Openers of the Portals and the Trailblazers of the Light….[xiv]

We who desire to ascend to 5th dimensional consciousness are approaching our final exam on Schoolhouse Earth.  If we choose to focus on punishing the dark cabal, we join them … we turn our thoughts to the past and may get stuck there.  Now that the physical activity of arresting the majority of the dark cabal has been taken over by the Archangels and our galactic family, we can focus on passing our final exam by forgiving them.

JULY 4, 2012

MATTHEW SPEAKS from the realms of spirit through his most recent earth plane mother, SUZY WARD:  a sizeable number of high ranking Illuminati are in line for arrest….  Knowledgeable discourse and reasonable discussions that lead to expanded awareness and cooperation always are far preferable to more forceful measures.  Furthermore, the only means whereby light warriors do battle is with light itself. Enlightenment facilitates smooth transitioning from old systems to new…. 

Earth humans will be surprised to learn that some whom they consider to be dark cabal members are, instead, embedded Lightworkers.  On the other hand, some respected leaders within all of our institutions will turn out to be members of the cabal.

Once more, Earth humans will be confronted with a final exam—can we forgive ourselves for misjudgment?  To be a mole within a powerful organization, such as the cabal, is a very difficult task … one mis-step and the mole’s life and that of his/her family are in danger.  So, the fact that we may have misjudged particular individuals is partially a result of how skillfully the mole has carried out his/her job.

MATTHEW GIVES AN EXAMPLE:  President Obama will be reelected, and this is no more a matter of politics now than it ever was.  Often we have told you that the Golden Age master planners requested this soul from a highly evolved civilization to come to the planet specifically to fill one of the most strategic positions during this phase of Earths’ ascension out of third density and entry into fourth.  And all of you agreed with this when you enthusiastically chose your own roles in this lifetime.  

10. We also have spoken about the formidable opposition to Obama’s endeavors to bring about greatly-needed reforms in his country and to achieve peace in the world.  What we didn’t disclose before is that light warriors came from his homeland to protect him and his family from the band of dark reptilians, also from another planet, that the Illuminati hired to kill the Obamas.  This shows the extent of the dark ones’ fear that this president would end their long reign, and they are right. Very soon they will have no more means to buy assassins, members of Congress or multitudes of lobbyists—then all will see the light in Obama and herald his wise leadership and actions toward world unity.[xv]  

We are moving beyond politics as usual .  Partisan politics will no longer exist as Earth, and those inhabitants who so choose, ascend into 5th dimensional consciousness.  A much HIGHER DIVINE PLAN is now unfolding on Earth.  A portion of our final exam in Earth’s Schoolhouse will be to demonstrate our capacity to make shifts in our thinking, to life our thought processes to a higher, more spiritual level.

JULY 8, 2012

The ARCTURIANS speak through DR. SUZANNE (Carroll) LIE:  Many of you may answer, “But what about the ones who harmed us and created great fear in our world?” To this we are saying, “We are here to assist you by containing these ones so that they can no longer contribute fear to your reality.” We use the word contain, rather than imprison or arrest, because containment is not a punishment.

Containment means that these negative energies are isolated, much as a virus is isolated in a containment field. A virus, the cause of disease, is contained so that it cannot infect another. Within isolation, a virus has no “food” upon which it can feed and no way to release its “disease” out to others or to the planet. Hence, the carriers of that disease must deal with their own darkness, as they can no longer project it out to others or the planet….

Many humans have been so down-trodden that they have lost all hope for a better future. With the dark ones contained and isolated from society, those who are basically honest and loving people have a greater chance to awaken. However, once they have regained their hope and begun their Ascension they will have to take full responsibility for the life that THEY have created, just as the Ascending Ones have done….[xvi]

The ARCTURIANS explain WHY Earth humans must know all that has been perpetrated upon them and take full responsibility for the life they have co-created.  We cannot simply blame the dark cabal and move on.  We must evaluate our own lives and determine how we played into or allowed the cabal to have its way with us.  We must accept responsibility for our role in the scenario that presently is our lives.  This is a major reason for all of the education that is to take place on television.

JULY 10,2012

SHELDAN NIDLE TELEPATHICALLY COMMUNICATES:   These present moments lead up to a series of events which will change your world forever. Those who are to arrest certain individuals in your society are being prepared by various procedures that are reaching their formal conclusion. The heads of state of several western nations are being made aware that their resignations will shortly be expected and we are poised to use our technology to ensure that these detentions proceed exactly as planned. The purpose of these detentions is to separate the dark cabal members from their positions of power and thus create an opportunity for corrupt banking and financial institutions to be reformed. This will be accompanied by across-the-board debt forgiveness. The ever-mounting debt of most nations is the result of massive spending, brought on by the political and fiscal policies of the cabal. What is needed is a means to rectify this, and debt forgiveness accomplishes this. It also sets the stage for the universal abundance that will quickly follow.

   This abundance is the prime financial vehicle. It is necessary to raise up the expectations of a world that for too long believed in the supremacy of the few and the intractable poverty of the many. This belief is to be replaced by a new one. There is no need to be poor, or to accept lack and limitation as a given. Rather, you need to see that the wealth and freedom being provided is only a stepping-stone to a new level of Being. Higher levels of consciousness understand how to create and use money, and abundance ushers in this capability for all. Wealth ends poverty, but not poverty-thinking. Hence, we are to ensure that your new governance impresses upon you the need to rethink your perceptions about wealth and prosperity, and the fact that money is merely a transitional tool between your present existence and the new one that is ready to manifest. You will see that money per se is soon to disappear, as new technologies make it possible for all to obtain the basics for a comfortable life. Further, you will move from being job-oriented to passion-oriented….[xvii]

The new world emerging will be very different for all people throughout the world.  Americans can begin to shift our thinking to the 5th dimension by considering the campaign promises we hear constantly on TV.  These promises are based on the old paradigm of lack and the need for jobs.  To raise or lower taxes is an constant theme.  All of these campaign themes will be obsolete before the November elections.

THE ASCENDED MASTERS OF EARTH SPEAK THROUGH SHELDAN NIDLE:  It is essential that the dark cabal and its myriad henchmen be isolated from you. Until this is accomplished, it is almost impossible to deliver your prosperity without dire consequences. This is why we have begun to implement a plan to isolate them, and once this is done, to take them into custody. You most definitely need a proper physical separation from those who continue to intend you harm. Each one whose name appears on the very long arrest lists are having their auric field ‘marked,’ and this temporarily prevents them further seriously damaging the planet or you. However, these dark ones also need to be physically restrained by the proper authorities. We are now completing the procedures that can deliver what is required. We ask you to add your great Loving energies to what we are doing as the time for your liberation is at hand!

 Indeed, the blessed waves of Angels and the local Administrative Councils of Heaven are acting to bring about your liberation….[xviii].

The Ascended Masters seem to also speak of Containment.  Allowing humanity to witness a physical arrest for at least some of the cabal seems to be a necessary part of the Divine Plan.  This may be necessary for the many individuals who know nothing about the events now occurring.  These individuals may need to see a physical arrest before they can more forward.  With the Angels and Councils of Heaven involved, we can rest assured there will be no violence or ill treatment.

JULY 11, 2012

SALUSA, THROUGH MIKE QUINSEY has encouraging words relating to all Earth humans who choose to ascend with planet Earth—Gaia is her name:  If only you could all understand that you have been waiting for this period for eons of time. The past is breaking away from you and you should allow it to move out of your lives…. 

Everything that lies ahead for those who ascend is of a higher vibration, and as such it is not prone to the lower vibrations and maintains its form. Aging as you understand it no longer occurs and in fact everything remains in its prime condition. Can you imagine how wonderful that is when there is no decay or death. Yet the conditions are not static and change can take place without leaving a trail of rubbish behind it, as it is instantaneous. Remember Dear Ones, that these are the realms where you will be able to create through the power of thought, and uncreate if necessary….

When you think of what you have to gain, it is surely worthwhile putting in whatever effort is needed to be sure you ascend. Your intent is one thing but you need to start living your truth now. The wonders of the Universe are far beyond your imagination and life abounds everywhere even in the same space as you occupy.[xix]

A glorious life is ahead for all who choose to ascend with Gaia.  May each of us abide in love as we travel through this transition period.

Let’s allow MATTHEW to speak the closing words through his mother, Suzy Ward:  By the end of your year?  Only light-filled persons will be living on Earth then.[xx]

[v]   You may watch the movie THRIVE for free at:  www.thrivemovement.com/home

[x]   Steve Beckow is owner of the 2012 Scenario website:  http://the2012scenario.com

[xi]   Linda Dillon’s website is:  http://counciloflove.com/


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 7 Manik, 0 Zip, 1 Ik – September 5, 2017
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