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man in nature




 NOTE BY NANCY:  I use to love to teach metaphysics because my students would get so excited over every new experience.  Spiritual growth is a very exciting adventure.  Having a minister friend—presently serving two churches—share his awakening experiences is thrilling because he immediately perceives how all of life takes on new, much more profound meaning.  And he is willing to share his adventures with us!


 I have become very aware of something recently:  Christianity has always taught this immediate upheaval, destruction, in-a-moment …..

Perhaps people still think things are not happening “fast” enough.  I absolutely believe that because I am in agreement with all that The Source does, has done, will do that I am experiencing EXACTLY what I need to experience.

I awaken every day with something new that dawns on me; some nugget, some epiphany…. and when it does it is powerful… especially because it seems to simply make sense!

This happened last night as I was awakened from my sleep.  I lay there and mused on thoughts that just flooded into my brain that simply MADE SENSE.  These are not the thoughts that I ever had.  I may have had some ground work for them, but the knowledge is just there.

Now, I am certain that others have gotten way “bigger” epiphanies than I, but this revealing of knowledge is to The Collective Conscience as we all awaken to the simple fact that none of us thinks separately from the other.


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