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This brave little boy recently had surgery in Accra, Ghana to remove the tumor on his eye. While in the hospital, the doctors found another small cancerous tumor on his brain.


   Solomon after the surgery

His family did not have the money for a second surgery. After days of watching Solomon fall into and out of a coma and suffering severe pain, Pastor Daniel is taking him home to Benin, West Africa. The doctors have given Solomon medication that should slow the growth of the remaining tumor.

 Because so many were praying for Solomon and many energy healers sent him long distance healing, I am choosing to view Solomon’s return home without additional surgery as an indication that Divine Order does not include more surgery. The medication will give Solomon’s own body time to heal itself, with our continued prayers.

 Pastor Daniel strongly feels that Solomon incarnated to be a leader for his people. This intuitive feeling reminds me of how the Tibetan Buddhist monks intuitively recognize their future Dalai Lama while he is a young child.

 ALL CHILDREN are precious; but, with Solomon, we may be praying for a future leader of the Beninian people.

 Thank you for your continued prayers for Solomon. I’ve asked Pastor Daniel to send another photo as soon as he can.


 Because so many of us, including me, tend not to know of all the countries in Africa, I’m including a map revealing that Benin is located in West Africa. Pastor Daniel and Solomon’s Mother had to journey with him to Accra, Ghana for the surgery.



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