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“Because the world we knew no longer exists, and its disappearance has never been widely acknowledged in mainstream thinking, we’ve never had the opportunity to acknowledge the greatest shift in our lives, impacting the greatest number of people in the history of the world! We’ve never had the chance to say good-bye to the things that are gone and mourn their passing.

An entire way of life has vanished, and it happened so fast that many people still don’t know it’s gone and never coming back. They don’t realize that we’re in a vulnerable world of transition, and for now, a time of extremes. This is where the problem begins. Because they don’t know the shift has happened, they’re still waiting for life to get back to ‘normal’…. While they’re waiting, they’re missing the best part of life: life itself.” Gregg Braden, THE TURNING POINT

And Braden writes this without even mentioning that we are to be introduced to our Star Families and to create a galactic culture and join the Galactic Federation of Light as one united planet of people!


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