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9/11 Museum: Shrine of the monstrous lie

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor – May 21, 2014

 World Trade Center

9/11 was a satanic sacrifice, and the 9/11 Museum is pure evil


The 9/11 museum, which opens today in New York, is one of the most evil edifices ever built.

It is the sacred temple of a satanic false religion: The Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11. That false religion may be the first heresy in history that was carefully designed by experts in “the construction and maintenance of public myths” – which is how 9/11 scriptwriter Philip Zelikow describes his academic field.

I have taught Religious Studies. My Ph.D. minor is Folklore. Like Zelikow, I have studied foundational myths – sacred narratives that provide a community with its sense of identity and purpose. It is easy for me, or anyone else who knows the literature on mythology, to reverse-engineer what Zelikow and the other 9/11 scriptwriters did.

Zelikow knows that foundational myths create a “whole new world” – the world that we presently inhabit. Based on a sacred event  (like Jesus’s birth for Christians, or Muhammad’s flight to Medina for Muslims) they break time into a “before” and an “after.”  The nebulous “before” seems far away, a time we can barely remember. The “after” is the world or community as we know it today.

For Christians, the time before the birth of Jesus is “BC,” a sort of pre-history. For Muslims, the time before Muhammad is the “jahiliyya” or time of ignorance. For Americans, the time before the sacred, mythic creation of America by our Founding Fathers is the colonial period, a very different world from the one we inhabit today. For secular Jews and the goys that buy into their worldview, the sacred event that changed everything is the Holocaust.

Sometime during the 1990s, Philip Zelikow sat down to work out what would happen if a massive human sacrifice were conducted in New York via the immolation of the World Trade Center. He concluded that such a human sacrifice would – like Pearl Harbor – create a new sacred myth for Americans. This myth would convince Americans to accept restrictions on their civil liberties. It would propel a new era of American interventionism and empire-building around the world…especially in the Middle East, where Zelikow’s beloved Israel is the real reason for US intervention, the reason “that dare not speak its name.”

Zelikow published an article in 1998 entitled “Catastrophic Terrorism.” In it, he speculated about the likely social, psychological and cultural effects of a Pearl Harbor style event such as “the destruction of the World Trade Center.” What he didn’t say was that he and certain colleagues were already in the process of writing the Hollywood-style script for that very event.

Zelikow knows that the sacred quality of 9/11 is based on the fact that it was a human sacrifice that everyone is required to lie about. He has read René Girard, the foremost scholar of the role of human sacrifice in myth and religion. Zelikow knows that Girard wrote that pagan culture is “founded on a murder and a lie.”

Here is how you create a sacred myth: Scapegoat someone. Stage a big, spectacular human sacrifice. Tell a huge lie about the event, insisting that the innocent scapegoats are guilty…in fact, they are (or were) the cause of all the problems in the world. This is how all the sacred pagan myths, all over the world, are created. But they are normally created collectively and spontaneously. 9/11 was the first pagan “religion” ever created by religious studies experts on the basis of a carefully-choreographed act of televised mass human sacrifice.

Zelikow wrote the script for the 9/11 inside job with Muslims in the scapegoat role. And though the spectacular human sacrifice that inaugurated the new 9/11 religion and the new era was the explosive demolition of the World Trade Center, the REAL human sacrifice was the murder of over one million innocent Muslims that followed inevitably from the original Big Lie.

A myth cannot function if enough people attack it and question it. If enough people laugh at it, throw rotten fruit at it, point out how ridiculous it is, and generally go out of their way to desecrate it, it quickly loses its “sacred” status.

The new 9/11 museum in New York is an idol of pure evil. It needs to be mercilessly ridiculed, smashed to pieces and then ground into dust.



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