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The Witch Hunt for “Alternative” Medicine Practitioners

Ty Bollinger

Creator of THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER Documentary



NOTE BY NANCY:  I admit I’m a rebel; but then what can you expect, I’m an Aquarian!

A recent experience, in which I had two cataract surgeries, thankfully introduced me to medical doctors I truly trusted.  Heretofore, my trust in the American Medical Association had been non-existent.  But the doctor who most impressed me was a medically trained General Physician who uses Holistic techniques.  She does not accept insurance, so we willingly paid out-of-pocket.

I was impressed with her for several reasons, one of which I will share with you.  In performing my Pre-Op exam, she took my blood pressure.  It tested high.  Instead of assuming the results were correct and prescribing blood pressure medicine, she told me, “you are testing high, but I’ll show you how to lower it.”  She gave me a meditative type exercise to do for a few minutes and left me alone.  I did the exercise and the second time she took my blood pressure it was normal.  No prescription was needed.

I am sure the 2nd test was accurate because my blood pressure was taken just before the surgeries and throughout the surgical procedures.  No alarm bells sounded!  I came away from the surgeries knowing all is truly well with my blood pressure.

I tell this story because it vividly reveals the difference between Holistic Physicians and Physicians trained to make a diagnosis and prescribe medicine.  As the first step in her exam, my doctor had talked at length with about what had been going on in my life preceding my visit and knew the possibility of having high blood pressure existed simply due to the stress of a recent sewage back-up in my home and having to deal with thousands of dollars and four different companies while my vision was not good.  Holistic = physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  She knew high blood pressure could have its roots in mental stress rather than physical and knew how to test for a mental cause.

Should I ever need a physician again, I will return to her in full confidence.

Now for Ty Bollinger’s very important article:  The Witch Hunt for “Alternative” Medicine Practitioners.


The Witch Hunt for “Alternative” Medicine Practitioners

Since herbs, foods, roots, and other natural remedies have been used for millennia, I would contend that natural medicine should actually be considered to be “traditional” whereas drug-intensive medicine (which has only been used for a century or two), should actually be considered the “alternative” medicine.”

READ MORE:  https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/witch-hunt-alternative-medicine-practitioners/?utm_campaign=witch-hunt-alternative-medicine-practitioners&utm_medium=email&utm_source=maropost&utm_content=2017-06-19&utm_term




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