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Historical Note – Prior to 1730, the Indians were the only occupants of the Pee Dee region of Anson County. Settlers began their migration to the county in the 1740s –1750s. Many of these settlers, including our kinsmen, fought in the Revolutionary War.


On 11/21/1789, North Carolina became the 12th state to join the Union. In the 1820’s, skilled craftsmen began opening their shops. A tri-town business community developed linking Wadesboro, Fayetteville, and Cheraw, South Carolina. Many landowners lived on plantations and grew cotton. By the 1850 U.S. Federal Census, there were more slaves than free persons in Anson County. Plank roads were constructed; carriages and stage coaches could travel these roads as far west as Morganton and Wilkesboro.

Source: Medley’s Anson County, N.C.

Before the Revolutionary War, land grants/patents were disbursed by representatives of the Royal Governments engaged in creating settlements in the New World, thereby seizing additional territorial tax revenue. After the Revolutionary War, the U.S. and state governments offered land grants to encourage the settlers to migrate west and expand the territory belonging to the United States. Those receiving land grants were expected to create settlements and establish local governments.

Abstracts of Anson County Court Minutes: 1771-1777 reveal some of the responsibilities of these landowners.

10/12/1771 – "Edward Moore and others to lay out road from Edward Moore’s store on the Yadkin River leading to…the lower Lawyers’ Springs."

1/14/1772"Joseph White, Jr., William Brook to lay out road…."

4/13/1774"Ordinary license given to James Moore, he having established bond." Ordinary = tavern offering overnight accommodations to travelers.

4/13/1774"Order Edward Moore to have leave to keep ferry over Pee Dee River below Bald Mountain, entering bond for same."

4/13/1774"Order road from Edward Moore’s store to Williams’ old store on Cape Fear Road."

Order"Jeremiah Gulledge & __________ be constables for ensuring year in lower part of county."

7/12/1774"Order Job Calloway be overseer of road … and that hands …Edward Moore … work same."

7/8/1777"James Moore be appointed constable."

The 1850s in Anson County were peaceful and productive. The economy was based on gold and other precious metals. Itinerant silversmiths fashioned spoons and other items from the settlers’ silver coins. Peddlers, carrying back packs, traveled the county—delivering goods and news from the outside world. Doctors, attorneys, merchants, and bankers set up their businesses and advertised in The Wadesborough Argus [the use of "borough" is a remnant left over from life in the European nations].

Source: Medley’s Anson County, N.C.

Our great, great grandfather, Absalom Caudle, Sr. experienced the beginnings of settlement in Anson County. He helped to build it into the productive county it was by the 1850s.


Born: October 7, 1757 in Halifax County, Virginia

Married: Mary Elizabeth Maness on March 22, 1787 in Bladen County, North Carolina

Profession: Farmer

Died: March 7, 1846 in Anson County, N.C.

Buried: Absalom Caudle Cemetery, Burnsville, N.C. (near Wiley Parker Cemetery,

on the former Edmund Edwards property).

As we have seen in the earlier chapters of this history, Absalom was the only child of Benjamin Caudill to settle in Anson County. His parents and siblings made their homes in Wilkes County, N.C. From there, several brothers traveled to South Carolina and Alabama, with most returning to Wilkes County, N.C. before migrating westward to Letcher County, Kentucky.

Absalom, Sr. joined the Revolutionary Army of North Carolina, 10th regiment in November 1775 at Cross Creek, now Fayetteville, and was discharged in December 1776. He later became a substitute for Jahn Elwell of Bladen County, N.C. and served 3 months. He was discharged in July 1780. He re-enlisted and served the remainder of the war. Absalom served under Captain Robert Roan and Colonel Thomas Clark.

In October 1832, Absalom applied for a military pension based on serving 3 years in the Revolutionary War. The court awarded him a pension of $62.50 per year. (His record in the National Archives is filed as Absalom Candell.)

Source: Copy of his application for a pension before a North Carolina

Justice of Peace in Anson county open court posted on Dr. William R. Caudle’s Family Tree Maker site.

Absalom, Sr. moved to Anson County, N.C. from Bladen County shortly after the Revolutionary War ended. "He had received a land grant there on Lanes Creek (now called Caudles Branch). Before his death he had amassed substantial landholdings there. The property is located between Peachland and Polkton, N.C. about 2 miles north. It abuts Highway 218 on the west side of Lanes Creek. Three Caudle families continue to live on the property. They are probably descendants of his son Richard. The old home place remains. The original was destroyed by fire in the early 1900s, but was rebuilt. The original chimney is a part of the house. It isn’t lived in, but is used by Anson County Caudles for special events, including Christmas."

Source Notes by Dr. William R. Caudle of Tampa, Florida

Information relates to a portion of the 1970’s when

the Caudle home place was unoccupied.



Absalom and Elizabeth Caudle were charter members of Lawyers Springs Primitive Baptist Church, organized on July 31, 1821 from a branch of Old Gourdvine Church in present day Union County. Absalom and Joseph Smith were the first Deacons.

Source: Notes by Genealogist Julie Hampton Ganis of Eden, N.C.



Born: May 7, 1768, daughter of Richard Maness.

Profession: Homemaker

Died: 2/7/1848 in Anson County, N.C.

Buried: Absalom Caudle Cemetery in Burnsville, N.C.

According to Anson County Deed Book O, page 228, Richard Maness was granted a tract of land on Lacy’s branch of the Pee Dee River by his Excellency on 10/6/1782. On 10/12/1812, Richard Maness deeds 50 acres of this land to Absalom Caudle.

The 1790 U.S. Federal Census reveals Absalom Caudle and Richard Maness (Manus) living a few houses from each other in the township of Fayette, Anson County.


The 1790 census lists Absalom as the one free white male over 16 yrs. of age in the household, with 3 free white females. Richard Manus’ household contains 2 free white males over age 16, 3 free white males under age 16, and 4 free white females.


The 1800 U.S. Federal Census lists Absalom Caudle, George White, Richard Manus (Maness), Thomas Huntley, and Patrick Boggan living within close proximity of each other in Fayetteville, Anson County, N.C. Each of these men can be seen in the extended Caudle family history.




Born: June 9, 1788 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Never Married.


Born: around 1790

Married: Amos Maness, son of Richard Maness. Amos was her mother, Mary

Elizabeth’s brother. Mary married her maternal uncle.

In Deed Book 11, page 45 & page 51, Amos Maness (Mary Elizabeth’s brother) was granted Power of Attorney by Absalom Caudle. He was termed "son-in-law." In Will Book II, page 99, the will of Amos Maness names his wife as Mary.

From all the documentation, it appears that Absalom’s daughter, Mary, married her maternal uncle. The Anson County, N.C. Index to Marriages Database Item #1002 states Amos Maness and Mary Caudle married in 1805. A copy of Amos Maness’ will (in the hands of Bonnie Matejka at the Maness Branches & Twigs Rootsweb site) reads:

"1st I give unto my beloved wife Mary Maness during her widowhood the following property to wit all my money that be found on hand one Black Negro Woman Molly Three hundred & seventy five acres of Land the plantation on which I now reside with all my Plantation Tools Household & Kitchen furniture with the Balance of my stock of Cattle Hogs Horses & sheep that may remain after giving off to my children or hereafter mentioned & after her decease to be divided between my two sons Pleasant W. Maness & Amos B. Maness." The will is dated January 30, 1849 and appeared in open court during the Anson County Sessions July Term 1852.

Mary’s brother, William Caudle, died without children. His Estate Record is dated 1857 and Anson County Deed (15:687) is dated October 15, 1858. Both show William’s land was divided between his wife and his siblings: Jesse, Jefferson, Sampson, Richard, Absalom, Jr.—brothers; and Elizabeth Caudle Hainey’s children, Rebecca Mullis, and Mary Maness, sisters.

A newspaper clipping dated ca. 1970 sent by Diane Caudle ( to Anne M. Sendgikoski (The Medlin Family Tree at via e-mail on 9/20/00 referencing data on Absalom Caudle and Elizabeth Maness Caudle’s daughter, Mary Caudle, wife of Amos Maness.

The clipping read: "Mary Caudle Maness, born 1790, daughter of Absalom Caudle, married Amos Maness."

The evidence that Mary Caudle married her maternal uncle, Amos Maness, is strong.

Children of Mary & Amos Maness

1. Pleasant W. Maness

2. Tyson G. Maness

3. Ora (Olley) Ross Maness

4. Spicey Meachum Maness

5. Tally K. Maness

6. Jesse C. Maness

7. Belinda Thomas Maness

8. Tolbert H. Maness

9. Benton A. Maness

10. Martha Ann Maness

11. Amos B. Maness

Source: Will of Amos Maness as quoted by Bonnie Matejka

On Maness Branches & Twigs


Amos Maness’ will is registered in Book 2, Page 99 and dated 1/30/1849 –9/1852.



Born: October 5, 1791 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Abigail Allen (?) Caudle, born around 1794.

Profession: Farmer

Died: before the 1860 census in Anson County, N.C.

Jesse and Abigail produced 12 children, some of whom served the Anson County community as public servants in ministry and the political arena. Jesse & Abigail were the great, great grandparents of Theron Lamar Caudle Jr, who was the United States Assistant Attorney General under President Harry Truman. Their son, Allen, and several grandsons, including Zebulon Alexander Caudle and Rubin Thomas Caudle, served the community as ministers.

Determining the date of death for Jesse, Sr. has heretofore been confusing for genealogists. The 1850 Census lists Jesse Caudle, age 60, continuing his profession as a farmer. He is living with his wife, Abigail, and four sons—Ambrose, Absalom, Thomas Jefferson, and William Marshall. His sons assist with the farming.


1850 U. S. Federal Census


By 1860, Abigail Caudle is listed as age 60 and living with Jesse & Abigail Phifer. Jesse Caudle must have died at some point in the decade between 1850-1860.

1860 U.S. Federal Census

Confusion has occurred regarded the date of Jesse Caudle’s death because he is also known to have been a charter member of Candle’s Grove Church. Jesse donated land for the formation of this church, later to be known as Deep Springs Baptist Church. The organization date for the church is given as 1862; however, it existed as Piney Grove as early as 1857 when the July 16, 1857 issue of The N.C. Biblical Recorder reported Jesse’s son, Allen, ordained as a deacon. Jesse, as a member of Piney Grove Baptist Church, would be considered a charter member of Deep Springs. With this fact in mind, genealogists may rest assured that it is possible for Jesse to have returned to spirit prior to 1862 and still be a charter member of Deep Springs Baptist Church. Further verification may be found in Deed Book 17, Page 398 - dated 10/31/1860 posted later in this history. Jesse Caudle, Sr. is listed as deceased.





Born: 10/29/1813 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: 1st – Mary Smith on 12/16/1832. Mary was born on 2/1/1812.

2nd – Eliza Gaddy on 12/10/1863. Eliza was born on 4/8/1819.

Profession: Minister

Died: 5/30/1893 in Anson County, N.C.


Article in the 10/30/1895 Plow Boy (Wadesboro) – "Mrs Eliza Caudle, relict of the late Reverend Allen Caudle, died 10/25/1895 at about 70 years old. Her husband died May, 1893."

Article in the 11/1/1895 The Landmark (Statesville) – "Mrs. Eliza Caudle, who lived near Peachland, was fighting fire on the place last Friday (10/25), her clothing caught fire and she burned to death."


Children of Allen & Mary Smith Caudle

(1) Adaline C. Caudle

Born: 9/20/1833

(2) Luvincy C. Caudle

Born: 1/1/1835

(3) Lucy Ann Caudle

Born: 8/17/1837

(4) Mary Jane Caudle

Born: 2/14/1840

(5) Priscilla Caudle

Born: 9/13/1842

(6) Archibald Benjamin Caudle

Born: 7/24/1845 in Anson County, N.C.

Profession: Picture Gallery Owner, Minister

Married: Mary Liles (born in 1845) on 11/8/1865

Died: 11/19/1908 in Anson County, N.C.



2/5/1877 – Monroe Enquiry – "Mr. A.B. Caudle is having a picture gallery fitted up in the second story of J.D. & J.M. Stewart’s clothing store….

Monroe had another little fire last Tuesday, which would have proved very disastrous had it not been discovered before it gained much headway. The stove in A.B. Caudle’s Picture Gallery, during his temporary absence, set a broom leaning near by on fire, and the flames quickly communicated to the floor and walls."


4/22/1897 - Monroe Enquiry - Items from Wingate - "Rev. A.B. Caudle and wife visited our village today. He is making preparations for the erection of a new residence."

(7) Jesse F. Caudle

Born: 6/16/1848

Married: Thetus E. Curlee, born 1/1854.

Profession: Furniture Merchant, Rockingham, N.C.

Source: 1900 U.S. Federal Census for Rockingham, district 88, page 16.

Died: 12/17/1920

Article in the 3/20/1923 Monroe Journal – "Mrs. J.F. Caudle died at the home of her son in Charlotte of pneumonia. Mrs. Caudle was a member of First Baptist Church in Charlotte…. Mrs Caudle was the last of a family of several brothers and sisters, all of whom were well known in Monroe in years gone by. They were born on the present John Q. Griffin farm. They were left orphans and raised by the eldest sister, Mrs. Elizabeth McLellan." [Mrs. J.F. Caudle was Thetus E. Curlee, born 12/31/1853 to Cullen & Martha "Patsy" Little Curlee. Her husband was Jesse F. Caudle, born 6/16/1848 and died 12/17/1920. Jesse was the son of Reverend Allen & Mary Smith Caudle.]

Children of Archibald & Mary Liles Caudle

a) Dora Caudle

Born – 1867

b) Fidelia Caudle

Born – 1872

c) Theron Lamar Caudle, Sr.

Born: 7/6/1874

Married: Susan Gooch

Profession: Attorney

Died: 9/4/1929

Below is the Obituary for Theron Lamar Caudle, Sr.

Children of Theron Lamar, Sr. & Susan Caudle

Source for birth dates – N.C. Vital Statistics


Theron Lamar Caudle, Jr.

Born: September 22, 1904

Died: 4/1/1969

Mary Alice Caudle

Born: 6/17/1906

Married: Charles Nelms Ingram of Florence, S.C.

Charles B. Caudle

Born: 8/8/1909

Thomas Gooch Caudle

Born: 11/3/1913

Susan Bennett Caudle

Born: 2/8/1918

Married: Stancil Smith of Alexandria, Virginia


Article on Theron Lamar Caudle, Jr.

"Theron Lamar Caudle, Jr., United States Assistant Attorney General under President Harry S. Truman, was born in Wadesboro, North Carolina on June 22, 1904, the son of Theron Lamar Caudle, Sr. and Susie Gooch Caudle. His father was a prominent attorney. Lamar, Jr. was educated at Wake Forest, receiving his undergraduate and law degrees there. After passing the bar, he practiced law in his hometown of Wadesboro, becoming Western North Carolina District Attorney before assuming his national position.

Lamar Caudle, Jr. was married to the former Fairfid Monsalvatage of Augusta, Georgia. They were the parents of four children: Theron Lamar Caudle, III of Dallas, Texas; Thomas Marshall Caudle of Atlanta, Georgia; Mrs. Bernard Kendall of Florence, South Carolina, and Miss Fairfid Caudle of New York City.

A brother, Charles B. Caudle of Charlotte, died; his two sisters are Mrs. Charles Nelms Ingram of Florence, South Carolina and Mrs. Stancil Smith of Alexandria, Virginia. Mrs. Caudle died on December 3, 1961 and Theron Lamar, Jr. died on April 1, 1969. He is survived by his second wife, the former Ellen Hildreth of Wadesboro. Fairfid and Lamar are buried in the Caudle plot at East View Cemetery, Wadesboro."

"Though not a charter member [of the Anson County U.D.C. Chapter], Mrs. T.L. Caudle was also active and enthusiastic, taking part on local, state, and national levels. Mrs. Caudle was literary agent for Sidney Lanier for many years."

Taken from History of Anson County 1750-1976, by Mary L. Medley

Pages 219, 270-271.

According to Dr. W.R. Caudle, genealogist, Lamar served as Assistant Attorney General under Harry Truman from 1945 to 1951, when Truman fired him over a scandal in which he played no part. When the Attorney General appealed to Truman on Lamar’s behalf, he also was fired.


Born: 1/27/1818

Married: #1 – Nancy Ann Preslar – died June 11, 1853

Source: Edwards, People & Biographies of Anson County,


#2 – Matilda Holmes

Profession: Farmer

Died: 1894

1850 U.S. Census – Lanesboro District – Alfred & Nancy Caudle

Lists children in home as Joseph F., William H., & Anderson D.



1880 U.S. Census – Lanesboro District – Alfred & Matilda Caudle


Anson County, N.C. – Deeds

Deed Book 17, Page 398 – 10/31/1860 - Division of lands of Jesse Caudle, deceased, by commissioners. 1. To W.H. Caudle 83 acres. 2. To Henry Permenter and wife Lucy Caudle Permenter 81 ¾ acres. Heirs signing the document are: Jesse Caudle, Jesse Phifer, Abigail Phifer, Milas R. Phifer, Penelope Phifer (wife of Milas R. Phifer), Allen Caudle, Alfred Caudle, Ambrose Caudle, all heirs of age. They consent to above division. Marshall Caudle received 50 acres by division of C.C. Blackwell, William Allen, and Asa Teague. G.D. Caudle received 33 acres apparently from J.W. Phifer and wife Abigail, Alfred Caudle, Milas R. Phifer and wife Penelope, Allen Caudle. Deed signed 3/13/1879

Note: Milas R. and Penelope Phifer were Sarah Ellen Phifer Caudle’s paternal grandparents.

Deed Book, Page 2 – 3/17/1871 – Sale of lands of Richard Caudle by Isaac M. Williams to John C. Caudle, 121 ½ acres on Spring Branch, Caudle’s Branch, and adjoining Alfred Caudle, William Sinclair, and others. Registered 2/4/1882.

Children of Alfred & Nancy Ann Preslar Caudle

(1) Joseph F. Caudle

Born: around 1840

(2) William H. Caudle

Born: 8/9/1841

Married Elizabeth J. Bowers on 3/23/1869

Elizabeth was the daughter of Wiley & Mary Bowers.

Died 5/27/1913

Served during the Civil War in Company F, 21st N.C. Infantry

(3) Ellen Caudle

Born: around 1846

(4) Daniel Anderson Caudle

Born: around 1848

Married: Frances Caroline Moore, daughter of James & Lucy Ann Russell Moore, James Moore was James Carson Caudle’s maternal grandfather.



Children of Alfred & Matilda Holmes Caudle

(1) Nancy Catherine Caudle

Born: 5/25/1857



Source: Edwards, People & Biographies of Anson County, N.C.

Electronic Information


1870 U.S. Federal Census

(2) Mary H. Caudle

Born: 3/12/1860

(3) Wiley Alfred Caudle

Born: 6/6/1861

Married: Wincy Permelia Maske on 10/27/1885 (Wincy died: 4/20/1933)

Profession: Cotton Mill Weaver for some years, living in the Pee Dee Mill Village in Rockingham. Wiley A. returned to the Deep Springs area in Anson County where he made a substantial contribution to his church and community.

Died: 6/20/1930

Sources: 1900 U.S. Federal Census for Rockingham, Pee Dee Village, district 88, page 32 and his newspaper obituary.


Children of Wiley A. & Wincy Maske Caudle

a) Gracie Dell Caudle

Born: 8/12/1886 in Anson County, N.C.

The 1900 U.S. Federal Census lists Gracie as working with her father in the cotton mill at Rockingham. At age 13, she was a weaver.

Married: D. Griffin

Died: 4/15/1935 in Anson County


b) Novello Marsh Caudle

Born: 7/22/1888 in Anson County

Married: Millard Carpenter

Died: 5/25/1970 in Anson County

c) Mary Florence Caudle

Born: 11/17/1890 in Anson County

Married: Edwin Gavin

Died: 7/8/1988

d) Zebulon Alexander Caudle

Born: 4/9/1893 in Anson County

Married: Letha Elmira Newton (born: 10/29/1894)

Profession: Minister

Died: 5/24/1967 in Mecklenburg County, N.C.


Children of Zebulon & Elmira Newton Caudle

Carvin Burris Caudle

Born: 8/22/1920 in Union County, N.C.

Norman Bryant Caudle

Born: 10/30/1922 in Union County

Broadus Sherron Caudle

Born: 2/21/1925 in Mecklenburg County

Living Caudle in 2007


Married: Living Edwards


Continuation of Wiley & Wincy’s children:

e) Miles Washington Caudle

Born: 9/9/1862

Married: ______ Beachum



Sources: Edwards, People & Biographies of Anson County, N.C.

The Fields & Parson Families – RootsWeb




5/29/1933 - from the Hampton B. Allen Library Clippings File - "Death of Atlas F. Beachum, well known citizen of Burnsville. Mrs. M.W. Caudle of Marshville – his sister."


February 2, 1923 – Monroe Journal – "M.W. Caudle [Miles Washington Caudle] and brothers, who live on the Charlotte-Wilmington highway one mile east of Peachland, are some of the most successful growers of Lespedeza in Anson County. There were among the first farmers in the county to commence growing Lespedeza and to appreciate the value and importance of growing this crop. For the past few years, they have grown over 100 acres in Lespedeza yearly."

NOTE: Lespedeza is a genus of herbaceous or shrubby leguminous plant including some widely used for forage, soil improvement, and especially hay.

Source: Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary


Wiley A. Caudle - Obituary in the Peachland News – 6/20/1930



Born: 1818

Married: Henry Permenter (born around 1820)

Died: after 1880

The 1870 U.S. Federal census lists Lucy and her husband, Henry, at home in Lanesboro District, with four children. The children appear to be two sets of the same age: Jane and Nermin are age 17, Franklin and Ellen are age 15.

1870 U.S. Federal Census


Born: 1823

Married: Jesse W. Phifer, born around 1829 and died in 1880.

Died: after 1875.

Jesse W. Phifer was the son of P. Frederick Phifer (born 1788) and Rosanna______, who were Grandma Sally’s great grandparents. According to both the 1850 and 1860 U.S. Federal Censuses, Frederick Phifer lived next door to Milas Phifer, who married Penelope Caudle, Abigail’s sister. Frederick Phifer was the father of Milas Phifer, Grandma Sally’s paternal grandfather.

Jesse Phifer’s sister, Jane, appears not to have married. In the 1860 Census, she is listed as living with her father, Frederick (age 70) and is listed as continuing to live next door to Milas & Penelope in the 1870 Census. In 1870, she is listed as a 55 yrs. old head of household and engaged in farming. She is living alone—still beside Milas Phifer. Frederick Phifer must have died between 1860-70.

1860 U.S. Federal Census – Frederick & Jane Phifer






Martha R. Phifer

Born: around 1850

Married: Calvin Davis on 3/20/1871

Source: Anson County Marriage Licenses – 10/10/1868 – 3/14/1873

(2) Mary Phifer

Born: around 1852


Sarah Phifer

Born: around 1854

Martella Phifer

Born: around 1856

Texanna Phifer

Born: around 1858




Born: 1825

Married: Lucinda Davis, born around 1830.

Died: Before 1870 in Anson County, N.C.

1850 U.S. Federal Census





Rubin Thomas Caudle

Born: 6/18/1849

Married: Martha Ann Sinclair

Profession: Minister

Died: October 1929

Buried: Deep Springs Baptist Church Cemetery


3/27/1917 – Monroe Journal – "Funeral services conducted by Rev. Tom Little and Rev. Tom Caudle – services at Deep Springs Church in Peachland.


10/10/1929 – The Charlotte Observer – "Last rites for Rev. R. T. Caudle, 80, retired Baptist minister, who died Tuesday morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.L. Arant of 1420 South Tryon Street, with whom he had been making his home for the last several years, were held yesterday afternoon at Deep Springs Baptist Church, Anson County. Burial was in the church cemetery. Rev. Caudle died after an illness lasting three weeks. He had made his home in Charlotte practically 40 years. His last pastorate was at Deep Springs Baptist Church in Anson County. Surviving are 3 sons: W.F. Caudle, G.B. Caudle, and Rev. J.E. Caudle—all of Charlotte and three daughters, Mrs. Arant, and Mrs. J.M. House of Charlotte, and Mrs. J.W. Bounds of Greenville, S.C.


Rubin Thomas Caudle was born 6/18/1849, the son of Jesse W. Caudle and Lucinda Davis. He was married to Martha Ann Sinclair."


1880 U.S. Federal Census


Children of Rubin Thomas & Martha Ann Sinclair Caudle

(a) William F. Caudle

Born: around 1871

Married: Euphronis O.

1920 & 1930 U.S. Federal Census list William and his family in Charlotte, N.C.

(b) Nancy T. Caudle

Born: around 1871

(c) George B. Caudle

Born: around 1873

1910 U.S. Federal Census lists George living with his parents in Charlotte, N.C.

(d) Lucinda E. Caudle

Born: around 1875

(e) Jesse E. Caudle

Born: around 1877

Profession: Minister

(f) Thomas Van Buren Caudle

Born: 9/4/1879

Married: Cora Ann

Profession: Mill Operator

1910, 1920, &1930 U.S. Census lists Van Buren and Cora A. Caudle living in Charlotte, N.C.

Source: Draft Registration Card




(g) Emma Caudle

Born: ______ in Charlotte, N.C.

Married: John W. Bounds in 1898 in Richmond County, N.C.

John was born around 1875 in Beaver Dam, Richmond County, N.C.

Source: Blackman-Farmer RootsWeb




Born: 1824

Married: Milas R. Phifer around 1847

Died: Around 1882 in Union County, N.C.

Penelope & Milas Phifer were Sarah Ellen Phifer Caudle’s paternal grandparents. Sarah Ellen was James Carson Caudle’s wife.



Born: around 1823 to Frederick & Rosanna Phifer

Profession: Farmer

Died: Between 1870 – 1880.

1870 U.S. Federal Census


The 1880 U.S. Federal Census reveals Penelope as widowed and head of household in New Salem, Union County, N.C. Her age is listed as 55 years; three sons live with her and take care of the farm: Fulton – age 19, Milas – age 16, and William T. – age 14.




(1) Allen Franklin Phifer

Born: around 1848

Married: Rebecca E.

Profession: Farmer

Source: 1880 U.S. Federal Census

Jane Phifer

Born: around 1849

*** (3) Cornelius Ramsey Phifer

Born: around 1852 in Marshville, Union County, N.C.

Married: Margaret E. Griffin on 12/17/1872 in Union County.

Profession: Farmer



Children of Cornelius Ramsey & Margaret E. Griffin Phifer

(a) Sarah Ellen Phifer

Born: 1/18/1877 in Union County, N.C.

Married: James Carson Caudle on 7/17/1895

Died: 4/25/1961 in Anson County, N.C.

(b) Hattie Ann Phifer

Born: 11/10/1878 in Union County, N.C.

Married: Zeb Vance Ridenhour on 8/15/1894 in Rockingham, N.C.

Died: 1/28/1937 In Charlotte, N.C.

Buried: Oaklawn Cemetery in Charlotte, N.C.


See chapter entitled "The Phifer Family" for additional information.

(4) Margaret A. Phifer

Born: around 1854

(5) Marshall F. Phifer

Born: 3/2/1859 in Union County, N.C.

Married: Louvincey Covington

Died: 12/19/1939 in Rockingham, N.C.


N.C. Death Collection 1908-1996 – from Vital Statistics



(6) Jesse Fulton Phifer

Born: around 1861

Married: 1st – Lizzie A. _______

2nd – Anna __________


1900 U.S. Federal Census – Jesse & wife, Lizzie


1910 U.S. Federal Census – Jesse & wife, Anna


Jesse F. Phifer is listed in both the 1900 and 1910 censuses as living in Marshville Township.


(7) Milas A. Phifer

Born: 3/21/1864 in New Salem, Union County, N.C.

Married: Mary Catherine Lee on 11/8/1882 in Union County

Died: 8/4/1929 in Charlotte, N.C.

Sources: N.C. Marriage Collection 1741-2000

Family Data Collection – Deaths

(8) William T. Phifer

Born: around 1866




Born: 10/10/1827

Married: #1 – Elizabeth Austin on 10/25/1855 in Union County, N.C.

#2 – Emaline (Emma) Covington before 1860.

Profession: Farmer

Military Service: Served as 2nd Lt. in the 81st Regiment, 20th Brigade of the

Anson County Militia during the Civil War.

Died: October 29, 1891.

Elizabeth Austin was born on 6/14/1830 to James Allen Austin (born 1/3/1799 in Richardson’s Creek) and Winnie Thomas (born 3/8/1808).



Children of Ambrose Caudle & his two wives

Due to lack of date for Elizabeth’s death, the identity of the mother is in question for the older children. The list of children is taken from the 1870 U.S. Federal Census. Dates of birth seem also to be in question.


(1) Jane A. Caudle

Born: around 1855

(2) James B. Caudle

Born: around 1856

(3) Margaret Caudle

Born: around 1859

(4) Theodosia Caudle

Born: around 1861

Married: Vernon Godwin (1854-1929)

Died: 1909

Source: Anson County Heritage


(5) Louise Caudle

Born: around 1863

(6) Ambrose "Amp" Leonidas Caudle, Jr.

Born: 1865 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Mary Lugenia Smith

Died: 1953

(7) Emaline Caudle

Born: around 1866

(8) John Caudle

Born: around 1868


1/7/1886 issue – Anson Times"John Caudle has opened a confectionary shop off East Rutherford St."

(9) Abigail Caudle

Born: 1870 in Anson County, N.C.



1870 U.S. Federal Census


Although Ambrose, Jr. is not listed in the 1870 Census, living family members relate the following information in Anson County Heritage. "Amp … was a woodsman, farmer, merchant, butcher, and cattleman. He was the owner and operator of the first service station in Polkton. Before his marriage, Amp built and furnished a suitable home for his bride. Mary died an early death, leaving him to raise three little daughters: Rona Lee, Mary Elizabeth, and Katie …. Amp remained faithful to the memory of his beloved wife. He worked hard to provide education beyond the local school levels for each daughter.

Rona Lee Caudle, office worker, married Anson native Jack Flake, and they moved to Florida….

Mary Elizabeth Caudle, teacher, married Clay Wall Maness ….

Katie Caudle, teacher, married Thomas Dennis Surratt, saw mill operator, farmer, and merchant. They had one son, Thomas Ambrose Surratt, an Anson County native. Later, the Surratts moved to South Carolina. Thomas married Sandra Smith, teacher. Thomas is now a professor of Education at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

Thomas and Sandra have two children, a boy and a girl. Suzette Surratt Caudle (1962 - ) is a pediatrician at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. Her husband, Mike Caudle, the son of William & Gladys Curlee Caudle of Peachland, is in the Business Department of Carolinas Medical Center. Timothy Dennis Surratt (1964 - ), church worker, married Susan Edwards, nurse, of Raleigh, North Carolina ….

Amp Caudle was a man with many interests. He hunted, fished, gardened, played checkers and setback, and was a raconteur of anecdotes and history. Amp was a musician who sang tunes from shaped notes using syllables. He especially liked hymns.

All of the descendants of Ambrose ‘Amp’ Leonidas Caudle, Jr. inherited a legacy of joyful living, respect for education, and a love for Anson County, which will be passed on to future generations." Submitted by Dorothy Maness Hutton of Polkton, N.C.

Article used with permission from Dorothy Maness Hutton, granted on 5/5/2007 via telephone.

Anson Times – 2/18/1886 issue – Polkton – "Mr. A.L. Caudle was fooling with a pistol. It accidentally "went off" and he had a finger to a doctor."

Ambrose "Amp" L. Caudle was one of the "leading instigators" in convincing a Rockingham Bank to sponsor the Bank of Polkton, with served the community until the depression era. Leak Covington worked with Amp on this project.

Source: Medley’s Anson County, N.C.



Anson County, N.C. Deeds


Deed Book 14, Page 527 – 3/26/1852 – Jesse Caudle to son Ambrose Caudle – land sale. Witnesses: Allen Carpenter, Absalom A. Caudle.

Deed Book 14, Page 530 – 3/26/1852 – Jesse Caudle to Jesse Caudle, Jr., son – land sale. Witnesses: Allen Carpenter, Absalom A. Caudle

Deed Book 20, Page 538 – 3/25/1860 – Jesse W. Caudle and W.M. Caudel (Caudle) -

administer estate of Jesse Caudel – sell Ambrose Caudel 51 ¾ acres on Lane’s

Creek Witnesses: W.W. Carpenter, Absalom A. Caudel. Both witnesses dead

at time of registration of deed. 3/13/1879 – Sam P. Morton swears as to hand

writing of W.W. Carpenter.

Note: Sam (Samuel) P. Morton was a popular minister people lovingly called "Crying

Sammy Morton" because he often shed tears while preaching.

October 15, 1891 – Messenger Intelligencer (Wadesboro, N.C.)

"Ambrose Caudle, a prominent citizen of Polkton, N.C., died [10/10/1891] of injuries received in a cotton gin accident. The terrible cotton gin is responsible for the death of another good citizen of Anson. Mr. Ambrose Caudle, of Polkton, was running his gin last Saturday afternoon and by some means his left arm became entangled in the saws and was amputated just below the elbow. The elbow joint was also mutilated so badly that amputation above the joint was necessary. Dr. Ed S. Ashe, of Wadesboro, and Dr. Hawley, of Polkton, performed the operation as soon as possible after the accident, but all to no purpose, as Mr. Caudle died from the effect of his injuries about six o’clock the same afternoon. Mr. Caudle was about 60 years old and was an excellent citizen."




Born: 1828

Married: #1 – Ellen Brewer in 1854 (born around 1838 in Anson County,

died in 1862 in Anson County).

#2 – Nancy Brewer in 1865 (born 3/6/1827 in Anson County).

Nancy died 12/31/1882 and is buried in Brewer Cemetery in

Union County, N.C.

Ellen & Nancy were sisters, daughters of John Brewer, Jr. (born 7/11/1790) and Martha Edwards (born around 1797).

Military Service: Private in Company K, 26th N.C. Infantry

Died: 1866 in Anson County, N.C.


Children of Absalom A. & Ellen Brewer Caudle

(1) George T. Caudle

Born: around 1855

(2) Sarah Caudle

Born: around 1858

(3) Nancy Jane Caudle

Born: June 1860

(4) Martha Ellen Caudle

Born: 5/25/1861


Children of Absalom A. & Nancy Brewer Caudle

(1) Belinda Caudle

Born: 5/29/1866

Belinda and Louvincia were twins. Twins run in the Caudle family, as evidenced by Betty Caudle Nance’s twin daughters, Brenda & Linda.

(2) Louvincia A. "Lou" Caudle

Born: 5/29/1866

Married: John "Jack" Davidson High (born on 1/5/1860). The wedding ceremony took place in Burnsville, N.C. on 2/6/1883.

Died: May 18, 1937


February 1934 – probably the Messenger – Intelligencer in Wadesboro

"John Davidson High, well known citizen of Deep Springs section, died 2/8/1934 at age 74. He married Louvincia Caudle on 2/6/1883. John was a farmer and member of Deep Springs Baptist Church for many years."

May 1937 – probably the Messenger – Intelligencer in Wadesboro

"Mrs. J.D. High, a venerable matron whose exemplary life and fine Christian character earned the respect and love of the good people of this section (Deep Springs) died on 5/18/1937. Louvincia Caudle High, widow of J.D. High, was 71. She was the daughter of A.A. & Nancy Brewer Caudle of Anson County."



Born: 1832

Married: Mary Jane Brewer

Died: March 1, 1863 in Goldsboro, N.C. at age 31 yrs. during the

Civil War.


Genison & Mary Jane had two sons. Mary Jane & their two sons died of typhoid fever.

Source: Anson County Heritage

3/12/1863 issue of the N.C. Argus (Wadesboro) – a poem appeared in this issue, written in memory of Genison D. Caudle. Genison died in the hospital at Goldsboro, N.C. on 3/1/1863. He was a private serving during the Civil War in Company K, 26th Regiment of the N.C. Troopers.



Born: 4/12/1835

Married: Penelope Austin on 11/15/1854 in Union County, N.C.

Died: 11/10/1899.


Child of William Marshall & Penelope Austin Caudle

(1) Louisa Caroline Caudle

Born: 1856

Married: Rev. B.F. Rogers on 12/25/1877


1/21/1878 – Monroe Enquirer – "Married in Goose Creek township on the 25th ult., by Russell Rogers, Esq. – Rev. B.F. Rogers to Miss Louisa Caudle at the residence of W.M. Caudle."




Born: 4/30/1836

Married: Mary Jane Andrews on 3/1/1860 in Montgomery County, N.C.

Died: 2/18/1904 in Anson County, N.C.


2/21/1881 – Anson Times (Wadesboro) - "At the annual election of officers of the Anson Guards, held in Polkton on the 22nd [likely the 22nd of January 1881], the following gentlemen were elected: Capt. T.J. Caudle …. The company is in an active and flourishing condition."

Children of Thomas J. & Mary Jane Caudle

(1) Anna Elizabeth Caudle

Born 12/11/1868

Married: David High Braswell

Died: 6/6/1959 at age 91.

Buried: Red Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Anson County

Davis High Braswell was born to Christopher and Wincy High Braswell on 1/28/1858. He died on 12/29/1928. David ("Mr. Bona" was his nickname) was a farmer and for a number of years a county surveyor. Anna Elizabeth & David had 7 children.

Source: Anson County Heritage

(2) Martha Jane Caudle

Born: 3/20/1875

Married: William Harrison Hildreth

Died: 12/31/1955

February 1939 – probably The Messenger Intelligencer – article stating the following: William Harrison Hildreth died on 2/12/1939. He married 2nd wife, Martha Jane Caudle, in 1892. Martha Jane was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Caudle. William & Martha Jane had 10 children, among them his oldest daughter, the late Mrs. A.A. Caudle, who died 6/27/1934.

William Harrison Hildreth was a remarkable man. He was a successful farmer and for a number of years ran a store and market in Ansonville. When he was married and started to keeping house, he started with almost nothing and when he died, he left his family in comfortable circumstances. When he was a very young man, he joined the Ansonville Baptist Church where his widow, most of his children and grandchildren are now members. He was always a hard-working dependable citizen of the Ansonville Community. [William Harrison Hildreth was born on 10/29/1860 to Berry Grove & Annie M. Hair Hildreth.]



Born: 1839


Died: Before 1850 in Anson County, N.C.


Jonathan is believed to have died as a child. He is not listed in the 1850 U.S. Federal Census as being in the home of his parents, Jesse and Abigail Caudle.

Source for Jesse’s children: Dr. William R. Caudle of Tampa, Florida



Born: March 3, 1794 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Charles Mullis, born 1787 to Solomon R. Mullis (born 1757 in Essex County,

Virginia) and Mary Jane Griffin (born around 1765)

Died: around 1858

Rebecca and Charles Mullis had 9 children, several of whom migrated to Georgia.


Born: April 1, 1796 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Massey Smith, thought to be the daughter of Joseph Smith.

Died: around 1858 in Anson County, N.C.

WILLIAM & Massey had no children.


Born: March 1, 1798 in Anson County.

Married: Margaret Catherine (Katy) White.

Margaret Catherine White was the daughter of George White, Sr., son of Joseph White, Sr., who was granted a land patent in Anson County on 9/26/1746 (Deed Book C #1, Page 209)

See the chapter entitled "Richard Caudle" for Margaret’s family history.


Deed Book 5, page 55 – 11/25/1818 states George White of Bedford, Tennessee sells Richard Caudle his share of the lands of George White deceased … Land is on Brown’s Creek, Lane’s Creek, and Beaver Dam Creek. Witnesses: Thomas White and Edward G. Lynch.

Deed Book 5, page 3 – 1/28/1822 states William Fisher & wife Elizabeth sell Richard Caudle inherited land of wife from the father of wife, George White deceased. William Fisher and wife are in Perry County, Tennessee. Witnesses: Francis D. Hamm and Daniel White.

Deed Book 5, page 301 – 4/16/1823 – Richard Caudle sells to William A. Morris land brought from George White who inherited it from his father George White, Sr.

Deed Book 5, Page 86 – 1/13/1824 states "Richard Caudle to Elias Preslar … Richard Caudle and wife Margaret sell lands of George White, deceased. Witnesses: W.A. Morris and James Horn.

Deed Book 12, page 192 – 11/9/1837 states Absalom Caudle to Richard Caudle 19 ½ acres south side of Lane’s Creek. Witnesses: Berry Caudle and Hardy Haney.

Deed Book 12, Page 203 – 12/14/1839 – Hardy Haney to Richard Caudle 50 acres adjoins Boggan and Caudle. Hardy Haney is acting as power of attorney for Hezekiah Haney living in Henderson County, Tennessee.

Deed Book 15, page 687 – 10/1/1858 – October court Anson County, Division of

lands of William Caudle now deceased.

#1 – to Jesse Caudle – 51 ¾ acres adjoining Sampson Caudle, Daniel Preslar, and Edmund Davis. To inherit, Jesse Caudle must pay certain monies to Jefferson Caudle, Sampson Caudle, Richard Caudle, Mary Manus [Maness], and to children of Elizabeth Haney.

#2 – Jefferson Caudle – 40 acres adjoining Beacham and Sampson Caudle.

#3 – Children of Elizabeth Haney – 53 acres on Lane’s Creek adjoining Sampson Caudle.

#4 – Sampson Caudle – 41 acres.

#5 – Richard Caudle – 42 acres.

#6 – Absalom Caudle, Jr.’s heirs – 42 acres adjoining Beachum. Mary Manus [Maness] to get some money from sale of property.

#7 – Rebecca Mullins’ children – 42 acres adjoining Benjamin Pounds. Some money to Mary Manus [Maness], from sale of property.

#8 – Mary Manus [Maness] – 43 acres adjoining Beachum. Proved in court by Pete May, Isaac Williams, Benjamin K. Pounds, C.C. Blackwell.




Born: 1830

#2. WILKIE CAUDLE (possibly Willis)

Born: 1835


Born: 1837

Married: Emery Wesley German

Died: 9/16/1915 in Anson County, N.C.

Buried: In a cemetery located in the front yard of a home in Peachland, along

with her husband and several other family members.

Emery Wesley German was born 3/5/1835 in Wadesboro, N.C.

He served in Company K, 43rd Regiment of the N.C. State Troops during the Civil War. Emery died on 6/26/1919 in Peachland, N.C.


See Chapter 6 for additional information on Elizabeth Caudle German.



Born: 4/12/1842

Married: Margaret J. Covington

Died: 11/2/1929

Margaret J. was born 8/21/1849 to James Melton and Eliza A. ______ Covington in Diamond Hill, Anson County, N.C.

Edmund’s Obituary verifies he is a son of Richard Caudle. The living family members are certain that Edmund married Margaret J. Covington, rather than Margaret Redfearn as indicated in the Obituary. Both Edmund and Margaret are buried in the Caudle-Covington Cemetery on the Peachland-Polkton Road.

1870 U.S. Federal Census

Children of Edmund & Margaret J. Caudle

(1) ****James Edmund (Tug) Caudle

Born: 8/26/1868

Married: Mary A. Griffin (born 8/16/1876, died 11/17/1900)

Profession: Farmer

Died: 8/1/1900

James & Mary left 3 young children when they both died in 1900.

(a) Letchie Samantha Caudle

Born: 1/13/1897

(b) ****Ernest Willie Caudle

Born: 4/28/1898

(c) ****Lula Belle Caudle

Born: 9/2/1900


(2) Lemuel Gaston Caudle

Born: 10/2/1872

Never Married

Died: 1/6/1963

Buried: Caudle-Covington Cemetery


(3) Marcus W. Caudle

Born: 6/7/1874

Never Married

Died: 2/17/1950

Buried: Caudle-Covington Cemetery


(4) Luther R. Caudle

Born: 7/23/1875

Never Married

Died: 1/9/1946

Buried: Caudle-Covington Cemetery


(5) Walter Thomas Caudle

Born: 4/26/1877

Never Married

Died: 4/5/1952

Buried: Caudle-Covington Cemetery




Gaston Marcus


Luther Walter

"The Uncles," as the four single sons were called, cared tenderly for their orphaned nephew and two nieces, in addition to both of their parents, Edmund and Margaret. The family maintained a sizeable farm.


See chapter entitled "Edmund D. Caudle Family" for additional information.



Born: 1843

Married: Harriet Jane _________ in the early 1870s.

The 1870 Census lists John C. as single and living at home with his mother, Catherine. By the 1880 Census, John C. and Harriet are living in Burnsville and have 4 young children.

Profession: Farmer





Deed Book 22, page 2 – March 17, 1871 – Sale of lands of Richard Caudle by Isaac M. Williams to John C. Caudle – 121 ½ acres on Spring Branch, Caudle’s Branch, and adjoining Alfred Caudle, William Sinclair and others. Registered 2/4/1882.

Children of John C. & Harriet J. Caudle

(1) Mary C. Caudle

Born: around 1875

(2) Margaret E. Caudle

Born: around 1876

The above birth record for Archie Talmage Carter, born 1/10/1906, is possible verification that this Margaret E. married J.E. Mc Carter. I say possible because Margaret E. Caudle was a fairly common name. The fact that Margaret’s sister, Hattie Lou, is listed on the same birth index may be verification enough.

(3) Hattie Lou Caudle

Born: around 1878

Married: George W. Carpenter

1/22/1896 – Plow Boy (Wadesboro) – "G.W. Carpenter married Hattie Caudle on

1/19/1896. T.V. Howell officiated."



Birth Record for Charles Hughes Carpenter, born 11/20/1915.



1910 U.S. Federal Census for George & Hattie Carpenter


(4) Annie L. Caudle

Born: 1880



Born: around 1844



Born: 1846

Married: Sarah Rosa Moore, daughter of James & _______ Moore.

Military Service: Company K, 43rd N.C. Regiment in the Civil War

Died: 1882 during a flu epidemic

Buried: James Moore Cemetery, near Polkton, N.C.




(1) Margaret Ann "Bratty" Caudle

Born: 1868

Married: 1st – James T. Harrington on 12/26/1894. James T. was born in 1857 to Thomas & Louisa Harrington.

Margaret & James T. had two children: Ellis & Louanna


Married: 2nd – J. P. Billingsley on 3/4/1910. J. P. was the son of David P. Billingsley.

J. P. died in 1913, 3 years after their marriage.

**** (2) James Carson Caudle

Born: 3/1/1872

Married: Sarah Ellen Phifer

Profession: Farmer

Died: 11/7/1959

Buried: Caudle-Covington Cemetery, Peachland-Polkton Road


See chapter entitled "James Carson Caudle" for additional information.

(3) Lucy C. Caudle

Born: 1874

Died: as a child. Lucy was listed as 6 years old in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census. She was deceased by the time her mother died in 1883. Lucy is buried in the Moore Family Cemetery.

(4) Frances C. Caudle

Born: 1879

Died: as a child. Frances was listed as 4 years old in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census. She was deceased by the time her mother died in 1883. Frances in buried in the Moore Family Cemetery.

See chapter entitled "William Harrison Caudle" for additional information.


Born: 1849

Married: J.F. Mullis on 6/19/1871. J.F. was the son of Benjamin & L.A. Mullis



Born: around 1850 in Anson County

1850 U.S. Federal Census listing Eleanor as the youngest child of Richard & Catherine.


Born: September 15, 1800 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Mary Haney – daughter of Hezekiah Haney

Mary was born in 1804, died in 1848.

Died: August 3, 1846 in Decatur County, Tennessee

While living in Anson County, Absalom and Mary had 5 children. They decided to take advantage of the land grants available in West Tennessee. Hezekiah Haney, Mary’s father, decided to do the same. Absalom and Mary sold their farm to Elias Preslar in December 1830 (Anson County Deed Book X, Page 486). Hezekiah retained title to his property. Absalom, Sr. and his sons farmed the land until it was sold to Richard Caudle in 1839. Absalom, Jr. and Mary left for Tennessee in January 1831. They had an additional 8 children in Tennessee before Absalom, Jr. was accidentally killed at age 45 when kicked by a horse. Mary died a year later. Some of their children were taken in by the eldest son, Andrew, and the others were bound out.

Source: Dr. William R. Caudle’s Family Tree


Born: October 19, 1803 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: 1st – Louise Cochran (born 1810)

2nd – Elizabeth Lilly

Sampson married Elizabeth Lilly on October 19, 1868 in Anson County.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Edmund & Eliza Lilly. (Source: Anson

County Marriage Licenses October 10, 1868 to March 14, 1873.)

Died: November 25, 1882 in his home near Polkton, N.C.

1850 Census listing Louise as Sampson’s wife


1870 Census listing Elizabeth as Sampson’s wife



2/7/1866 – N.C. Argus (Wadesboro) lists Sampson Caudle as one of several Anson County men appointed by the Legislature to serve as Justice of the Peace.


Historical Note – Justice of the Peace

Taken from Ontario Justice Education Network




Although the duties of the Justice of the Peace gradually changed, they were very similar during the 1800s in America. They were granted far more legal responsibilities than our Justice of the Peace must fulfill today.


11/30/1882 – The Anson Times Obituary honoring Sampson stated: "A consistent and eminent member of the Baptist Church. In his death the county lost a good citizen, his community a good neighbor, his widow and children a kind and affectionate husband and father, and his church a faithful and devoted member. Peace to his ashes."

Anson County, N.C. Deeds:

Deed Book U, page 260 – 11/28/1822 – Jonathan Duck to Sampson Caudle – 125 acres on west side of Lane’s Creek. Adjoins Jordan Woodard, James Robertson. Also another tract of 76 acres with Absalom Caudle.

Deed Book U, page 297 – 12/9/1822 – Sampson Caudle from Wright O’Neal 375 acres. Adjoins Benjamin Clenny and Sampson Caudle, Jack Caudle adjoins with Absalom Caudle, and Elizabeth Caudle.

Deed Book 11, page 350 – 4/5/1842 – Sampson Caudle to Isham Carpenter 171 acres on Lane’s Creek. Witnesses: Joseph Beverly and George B. Boggan.

Deed Book 13, page 267 – 1/6/1849 – Sampson Caudle to Benjamin Knotts 350 acres on Lane’s Creek. Witnesses: William C. Flake, W.H. Cox, and W.H. Benton.

Deed Book 14, page 526 – 12/3/1855 – William Caudle to John Caudle land sale. Witnesss: Allen Carpenter and Sampson Caudle.

Deed Book 15, page 687 – 10/1/1858 – See above under RICHARD CAUDLE.

Deed Book 22, page 150 – 10/25/1868 – Sampson Caudle deeds his wife Elizabeth his

1 ½ shares of property of Mary Manus [Maness] deceased. ½ share was bought from Absalom Mullis.

Deed Book 22, page 497 – 4/1/1880 – Sampson Caudle, Allen Caudle, and Jefferson Caudle to William E. Gregory by action of sheriff, 250 acres. Sampson Caudle land had been sold to Isaac Caudle, Allen Caudle’s land had been conveyed to A. B. Caudle, Jefferson Caudle’s land had been conveyed to J.W. Griffin and to J. Caudle. Apparently Amos Manus’ property also involved as attachment is made on property of his now owned by Mary Caudle, widow of William Caudle.





Born: 4/1/1828 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Rev. John W. Davis on 7/18/1847. John is the son of John & Nancy

Marshall Nance Davis.

John is listed in this 1870 U.S. Federal Census as a Baptist minister. They live next door to Frances’ father, Sampson Caudle.

1870 U.S. Federal Census


Born: 4/2/1830 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Judith Parker

Died: 3/25/1877

Buried: Parker Cemetery, Anson County, N.C.

Source: Frances Tallent via Julie Ganis phone call to her and

posted on Dan Sullivan’s GEDCOM—Sampson was the

father of John Calvin Caudle.

Judith Parker was born on May 25, 1836 to William Wiley

Parker (born 1796) and Annie Broadway (born 1803). Judith died on February 6, 1896.

1850 U.S. Federal Census


Children of John Calvin & Judith Parker Caudle

(1) Susan E. Caudle

Born: around 1849


4/6/1877 – Charlotte Democrat – "Kicked to Death – We learn that Mr. John [Calvin] Caudle, living on Rocky River, was kicked to death by a mule on Sunday, the 25th, ult., from the effects of which he died on Friday morning last. It is said to be a vicious animal, and has an ungovernable propensity for kicking. Mr. Caudle had recently traded it, and had been out riding, and on his return and dismounting, it kicked at him, which so enraged him that he at once took it into a stable resolved that he would conquer it. The mule turned on him and hemmed him in, and before any assistance could be rendered, it had kicked him senseless."



Born: 2/2/1834



Born: 1/24/1837 in Anson County

Military Service: Served in the Civil War in Company K, 43rd Infantry Regiment





Born: 1/24/1840



Born: 5/5/1842

Married: Ellis D. Gaddy


Martha married Ellis D. Gaddy around 1863. Ellis is the son of Thomas, Sr. & Nancy Huntley Gaddy. He was born around 1824.

1850 U.S. Federal Census – Gulledge District – lists Ellis D. living with his parents at age 26. He and his father, Thomas, are farmers.


Anson County Will Book C


Page 190 – 3/15/1862 – Benjamin Covington – One half of my estate to my brothers and sisters, to exclude my step-mother, and the other half to Martha Caudle, daughter of Sampson Caudle. Executor: James M. Covington.


Anson County, N.C. Deeds


Deed Book 16, Page 387 – 4/11/1863 – Martha J. Caudle, heir of Benjamin Covington, deceased … Confederate Soldier for $100, turns over her rights to property to other heirs. Witness: John B. Davis

Deed Book 16, Page 385 – 10/1/1863 – Marriage contract between Ellis D. Gaddy and Martha J. Caudle in which she engages E.L. Davis to manage her property, give her the income. She retains title and control. Signed: E.D. Gaddy, Martha J. Caudle, E.L. Davis. Witness: S.J. Gaddy


1870 U.S. Federal Census – Lanesboro District – lists Martha J. as Ellis D.’s wife. Ellis is listed as a retail merchant.



Born: 1/7/1849

Married: #1 – Lucy Mills – buried in the old Concord Church Cemetery.

Source: Anson County Heritage

#2 - Rachel __________

Died: 3/8/1926 in Anson County, N.C.

Anson County, N.C. Deeds


Deed Book 22, Page 497 – 4/1/1880 – Sampson Caudle, Allen Caudle, and Jefferson Caudle to William E. Gregory by action of sheriff, 250 acres. Sampson Caudle land had been sold to Isaac Caudle. Allen Caudle’s land had been conveyed to A.B. Caudle. Jefferson Caudle’s land had been conveyed to J.W. Griffin and to J. Caudle. Apparently Amos Maness’ property also involved as attachment is made on property of his now owned by Mary Caudle, widow of William Caudle.



1910 U.S. Federal Census – Isaac F. & Rachel Caudle



Child of Isaac & Lucy Caudle

(1) Byron Wilhoit Caudle

Born: 7/3/1884

Married: Kate Lee - born 5/19/1891 to Fred & Emma Turner Lee.

Source: Anson County Heritage



Children of Isaac Fulton & Rachel Caudle

(1) Paul Caudle

Born: around 1887

(2) Albert Caudle

Born: around 1891

(3) Edgar Caudle

Born: around 1893

(4) Emma L. Caudle

Born: 1885





Born: 2/14/1852

Married: Adeline Delaney Nance on 2/18/1876 in Union County, N.C. (Source:

N.C. Marriage Collection – 1741-2000)

Died: 4/15/1921 in Union County

Adeline Delaney Nance was born 4/4/1854 to Herbert & Frances Austin Nance, the youngest of 11 children.

1850 U.S. Federal Census – Union County

Delaney’s parents have 8 children in 1850 … she is born in 1854.



Born: October 20, 1808 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Margaret (Aga) Wilkins (born around 1806)

Died: February 28, 1890

1850 U.S. Federal Census listing Thomas Jefferson & Margaret with their 11 children living in Lanesboro.


1860 U.S. Federal Census – Jefferson & Margaret living in Lanesboro.

Union County, N.C. Deeds

Deed Book 2, page 205 – 10/6/1845 – Pebles Hasty of Union County – 40 acres to Jefferson Caudle of Anson County. Land north of Wide Mouth Branch. Part of 300 acres granted to Stephen Lacy, adjoining Nash, Ross, and Allen. Witnesses: J.B. Marsh and Thomas Ross.

Deed Book 2, page 36 – 10/23/1847 – Hugh Ross of Union County – 24 acres to Jefferson Caudle, Anson County – on north side of Wide Mouth Branch. A part of 300 acres granted to Stephen Lacy. Witnesses: Thomas G. Ross and Colly Ross.

Deed Book 2, page 36 – 10/23/1847 – Hugh Ross of Union County to Jefferson Caudle of Anson County – 35 acres north side of Wide Mouth Creek – part of 400 acres granted Charles Taylor. Adjoining Allen. Witnesses: Thomas G. Ross, Colly Ross.

Deed Book 2, page 315 – 1/5/1850 – Jefferson Caudle to Wiley Jackson – 180 acres adjoining William Horn, Hosea Little, Thomas Maness. Some of tract previously sold to E.A. Horn. Also adjoining J.A. Horn, William Horn, Little. Caudle lives in Anson County, N.C. Witnesses: Samuel Horn and Richmond Jackson.

Deed Book 2, page 316 – 1/6/1850 – Jefferson Caudle of Anson County to Wiley Jackson of Union County – 124 acres. Susan Little dower tract adjoining Wiley Jackson, Old Isaac Little, Sr. tract, J.M. Little. Witnesses: James A. Horn and Richmond Jackson.

Deed Book 5, page 225 – 11/15/1851 – Patrick Preslar of Union County to Jefferson Caudle of Anson County – 11 acres on Lane’s Creek, adjoining Stegall. Witnesses: Joshua Wright, Henry Mullis.

Deed Book 4, page 484 – 1/10/1855 – Jefferson Caudle of Anson County to William E. Stegall of Union County – 86 ¾ acres on Lacy’s Branch, adjoining A. Stegall, James R. Duncan, Jefferson Caudle. Witnesses: W.H. Collins and A. Stegall.

Anson County, N.C. Deeds

Deed Book 13, page 384 – 3/29/1838 – Jefferson Caudle to James A. Duncan – 13 acres. Witness: William B. Duncan


Deed Book 15, page 687 – 10/1/1858 – See under RICHARD CAUDLE.

Deed Book 22, page 497 – 4/1/1880 – See under SAMPSON CAUDLE.




Born: 1827



Born: 1830



Born: 1832

Married: Laura J. Griffin on 11/15/1853 (would like additional verification that this is the correct William Caudle).




Born: 1834

Married: _______ Redfearn



Born: 4/30/1836

Married: Rosa Catherine Allen

Died: 2/18/1904

Rosa Catherine Allen was born in 1845 to William (born 1797) & Nancy Allen.


Anson County Will Book D

Page 92 – 7/8/1878-1/1880 – Will of William Allen – "the rest to go to Catherine Allen." Executor: T.J. Caudle.



Children of Thomas Jefferson & Rosa Catherine Caudle, Jr.

(1) Thomas Jefferson Caudle, III

Born: around 1873 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Emma Rebecca Hale, born 7/4/1877 in Rutherford County, N.C.

T.J., III and Emma have a son named Thomas Jefferson, who would be the IV although they appear to have called him Jr. T.J., IV was born 2/16/1898.

Source: Living Family Members – W. David Parmenter, RootsWeb


2/1/1910 - Monroe Journal - "Mr. T.J. Caudle, who has lived in Monroe several years, moves to Angelus, 6 miles below Jefferson. Messrs. Carl & J.C. Bailey of Marshville are moving down there, all of them in the lumber business."

(2) Ella T. Caudle

Born: around 1866

(3) Fantom O. Caudle

Born: around 1867

(4) William D. Caudle

Born: around 1870

(5) Enola Caudle

Born: 1875

(6) Leonidas L. Caudle

Born: around 1878

(7) E. Clyde Caudle


(8) T.K. Caudle




Born: 12/4/1839

Married: James "Hamp" Griffin

Died: 6/12/1902

This 1870 Census may be verification that Jefferson’s daughter, Margaret, married James H. Griffin. They are shown living within a few houses of her father. The age listed is 29, whereas if the above birth date is correct, Margaret would be 31.

Source for birth & death dates: W. David Parmenter - RootsWeb

1870 U.S. Federal Census



Born: 1840

Married: Elisha J. Horn on 4/27/1860.


The April 12, 1860 issue of the N.C. Argus announces "Martha E. Caudel, daughter of Jefferson Caudel, will marry F.J. Horn on 4/27/1860. The June 1860 U.S. Federal Census lists Elisha J. Horn and Martha as husband and wife.

1860 U.S. Federal Census




Born: 10/18/1842

Married: Jonathan L. Austin (born: 4/25/1835 and died 6/13/1886)

Died: 2/14/1910


Page 10 & 11 of 1870 U.S. Federal Census – Monroe District



1880 U.S. Federal Census – Monroe District


Children of Penelope Caudle & Jonathan Austin

(1) Harriet (Hattie) E. Austin

Born 1870

(2) Marcus D. Austin

Born: 1873

(3) William J. Austin

Born: 1875

(4) W. Jefferson Austin

Born: 1875

(5) Ida B. Austin

Born: 1879

(6) Daniel Palmer Austin

Born: 1884

Married: Lydia Colon Meiggs in 1909 in Union County, N.C.


1910 U.S. Federal Census – Monroe


Palmer, his wife Lydia, and brother, Jeff, remain in the family home

place following Penelope Austin’s death in February 1910.


2/15/1910 – The Monroe Journal – "Mrs. Penelope Caudle Austin, widow of Jonathan L. Austin, died in her home at Goose Creek township on 2/14/1910 from pneumonia following the measles. She was 70 years old. Her husband died twenty years ago and she reared her children alone and made useful men and women of them. She was a good woman and a faithful member of Meadow Branch Church. Her daughters are: Mrs. John A. Austin of Goose Creek and Mrs. G.R. Mullis. The sons are Messrs. John Austin of Goose Creek, and Palmer and Jeff Austin, who lived with their mother. [Penelope was born 10/18/1842 and died 2/14/1910. Penelope was the daughter of T. Jefferson Caudle & wife Margaret (Aga) Wilkins. Her husband, Jonathan L. Austin, was born 4/25/1835 and died 6/13/1886.]


Born: 1844




Born: 1846



#11. Unnamed CAUDLE

Born: April 1850


Born: September 29, 1810 in Anson County, N.C.

Married: Hardy Haney (born around 1801)

Died: around 1845 in Decatur County, Tennessee

Elizabeth and Hardy had 7 children in N.C. Around 1845, they moved to Tennessee where their 8th child was born. Elizabeth must have died in childbirth around 1845-46.

Children of Elizabeth Caudle & Hardy Haney


Born: around 1829 in N.C.


Born: around 1832 in N.C.


Born: around 1834 in N.C.


Born: around 1835 in N.C.


Born: around 1838 in N.C.


Born: around 1841 in N.C.


Born: around 1844 in N.C.


Born: around 1845-46 in Tennessee

Source: Wilma Fields at RootsWeb

Following Elizabeth’s death, Hardy raised the children alone, with the help of his older daughters.

1850 U.S. Federal Census – Henderson, Tennessee


By 1860, Hardy has married his 2nd wife, much younger than him, and they have two children. The family remains in Tennessee.


Born: 1812

Married: Mary ____________

1850 U.S. Federal Census – Diamond Hill District – Berry & Mary Caudle


Children of Berry & Mary Caudle


Born: 1835


Born: 1837


Born: 1839


Born: 1841


Born: 1845

Married: Thomas Jefferson Neisler


Thomas Jefferson Neisler was born on 3/29/1840 to Hugh & Rachel Fields Neisler. Hugh was born on 11/6/1800 in Cabarrus County, N.C. Thomas’ great grandfather, Johann Nicholas Neisler migrated to Cabarrus County from Germany. Johann was born on 6/17/1740 in Van Weil, Wurtemburg, Germany.

Source: Sue Siegmund, RootsWeb




Born: 1847


Born: 1848

Married: Rebecca Neisler


ABSALOM, SR. and Elizabeth Maness had 11 children. Around 1815, Elizabeth became mentally deranged. She continued to live with and be cared for by Absalom. At the same time, Absalom took in another woman, name unknown, with whom he had 3 daughters. Their marital status is not known; however his three youngest daughters bore his name and there was a 2nd family Bible. Obviously, Absalom made some type of loving arrangement for both women because there is no evidence that Lawyers Springs Primitive Baptist Church rejected him as one of their two first deacons. Absalom was also honored by having a brief obituary published in the N.C. Biblical Recorder, an indication that he continued to be active in the N.C. Baptist Convention work until his death.

Both Elizabeth and this unknown woman outlived Absalom and were included in his pension.

Sources: Dr. William R. Caudle of Tampa, Florida

N.C. Biblical Recorder


There is a possibility that Martha Parrish was the mother of the girls listed below. One site makes note of Absalom’s Revolutionary War Pension as evidence. This would need further verification.


Born: March 3, 1818 in Anson County, N.C.


Born: September 16, 1820 in Anson County, N.C.


Born: September 16, 1822 in Anson County, N.C.



LAND PATENT/GRANT – "The government’s own conveyance of land title confers a special status on land, a status as unique as an individual’s personality—in a word absolute title." (Land Patents: Memorandum of Law History, Force, & Effect of the Land Patent, S. Jay Stewart)

"A land patent is a supreme title to land which was originally acquired within the United States of America by a treaty. It grants the rights to the described land under the treaty to the individual person named on the patent and to their heirs and their assigns forever.

The party named on the patent may transfer by inheritance, grant, or assign the patented land to someone else, which heir or assignee is now named on the patent by that assignment." (Legal Definitions at )



N.C. Land Warrants: 1778-1803 - #1200 (4005) – 3/6/1781 in Bladen County – Absalom Caudell … 100 acres warrant #1497 issued by Thomas Robeson to Absalom Caurdell … on both sides of Asbey’s Creek … joins upper side of John Smith’s survey and entered 11/18/1780. 100 acres surveyed 1/27/1783 by F. Smith, John Murphy, and James Smith, chain carriers. State of N.C. land grant #866 issued 11/7/1784 to Absalom Caudle.

Anson Land Entries for 1795-1797, Page 69, #775-779Absalom Caudle was granted 200 acres on the north side of Richardson Creek, Richard Griffin’s entry.

Map of Richardson Creek flowing between Ansonville to the South

and Norwood to the North.

Deed Book P, Page 233 – 12/4/1792 in Anson County – Frederick Taylor to Absalom Caudle … 40 acres on north side of Richardson Creek, originally granted to Richard Griffin with patent date 11/16/1790. Witnesses: Bryan Lee & Richard Manus [Maness].

Anson County Land Entries: 1778-1795, Page 346, #1535 (15) – 3/25/1794 – Absalom Caudle enters 100 acres on both sides of Lane’s Creek between John Preslar and Reubin Pearce.

Deed Book V, Page 116 – 1/24/1797 in Anson County – N.C. land grant to Absalom Caudle … 200 acres north side of Richardsons Creek … adjoins Solomon Mullis & Stewart. (This land grant is possibly the same as listed above in the Anson Land Entries for 1795-1797.)

Deed Book H2, Page 59 – 5/1/1797 in Anson County – Absalom Caudle to Levi Rogers … 40 acres north side of Richardson Creek. Part of 70 acres grant to Richard Griffin 11/16/1790. Witnesses: Solomon Mullis & Jacob Little

Deed Book P, Page 94 – 1/26/1799 in Anson County – John Pool to Absalom Caudle … 100 acres … adjoins land of John Pool and land granted John Pool 12/8/1794.

Deed Book L, Page 211 – 2/7/1801 in Anson County – State of N.C. grant to Absalom Caudel … 200 acres on Lanes Creek, adjoining Caudel & Preslar.

Deed Book O, Page 172 – 1/29/1809 in Anson County – Absalom Caudle to heirs of Levi Rogers … 200 acres north side of Richardson Creek. Witnesses: Jesse Caudel, Richard Lee, & Solomon Mullis.

Deed Book N, Page 20 – 10/8/1809 in Anson County – Thomas Lacey to Absalom Caudel … Griffith Lacey adjoins. Witnesses: Griffith Lacey, Nancy Rosser, & Mary Thomas.

Deed Book O, Page 228 – 3/18/1812 in Anson County – Absalom Caudle to Jesse Caudle, his son … 200 acres … Griffith Lacey adjoins. Witnesses: Elias Preslar & Griffith Lacey.

Deed Book O, Page 228 – 10/12/1812 in Anson County – Richard Maness to Absalom Caudle … 50 acres on Lacy’s Branch of Pee Dee River, southwest side. All of a tract of land granted to Richard Maness by his excellency 10/6/1782. Witnesses: Richard Maness, John Maness, & Tyson Caudle.

Deed Book P, Page 98 – 12/8/1812 in Anson County – N.C. land grant to Absalom Caudle … 80 acres adjoining his land and that of Griffith Lacey and Jones.

Deed Book S, Page 177 – 12/8/1812 in Anson County – N.C. land grant #2445 to Absalom Caudle … 100 acres adjoining own land and that of Joshua Preslar and Griffith Lacey.

Deed Book R, Page 224 – 8/17/1815 in Anson County – Charles Mullis to Absalom Caudle … 200 acres on Austin’s Branch … James adjoins. Witnesses: Jesse Caudle & William Preslar.

Deed Book S, Page 78 – 2/2/1818 in Anson County – Absalom Caudle to William Caudle … 200 acres on Austin’s Branch … adjoins Jones. Witnesses: Jesse Caudle, Absalom Caudle (likely Absalom, Jr.). Signed: Absalom Caudle.

Deed Book S, Page 89 – 2/_/1818 in Anson County – William Pool to Absalom Caudle … land north side of Lane’s Creek … Adjoins Daniel Preslar, William Preslar, Elias Preslar, Joel White. Witnesses: Jacob Little & Absalom Caudle (likely Absalom, Jr.).

Deed Book Y, Page 117 – 3/17/1827 in Anson County – Joseph Smith to Absalom Caudle … 10 acres on Lane’s Creek adjoining Stephen Preslar. Witnesses: John Smith and Jesse Beacham.

Deed Book 12, Page 192 – 11/9/1837 in Anson County – Absalom Caudle to Richard Caudle … 19 ½ acres … south side of Lane’s Creek. Witnesses: Berry Caudle and Hardy Haney.



The Caudles of Anson County, NC

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