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Numerology – Your Path Of Destiny Number

Adapted from
Hitchcock’s Helping Yourself With Numerology
Decoz’s Numerology: Key to Your Inner Self
Javane & Bunker, Numerology & the Divine Triangle


Determine the numeric value of your name and learn the overall plan by which God desires to manifest in your life. Because you possess freewill, it is up to you to choose whether or not, you will surrender to the unfolding of Divine Will in your life.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Master Numbers

Write down your entire name – the way you sign it in your daily affairs. Using the above chart, place under each letter of your name the number assigned to it. Follow these steps:

Add up all of the numbers in your name.

Reduce these numbers to the lowest numeric value. For examples:

A name adding up to a total of 145 is reduced by adding 1 + 4 + 5 = 10. If this number is one of the Master Numbers listed above, read the information under the Master Number. If your total is not a Master Number, reduce it again. 1 + 0 = 1. Read the information under #1.

A name adding up to a total of 99 is reduced by adding 9 + 9 = 18. 18 is not a Master Number, so reduce it again: 1 + 8 = 9. Read the information under #9.


      First Name         Middle              Last (Maiden)



      First Name        Middle Initial        Last (Married)



WOMEN: When you marry and take your husband’s last name, you change the vibration of your Destiny Number. You can note this change by comparing the numeric value of your Maiden Name with your Married Name. It is possible to combine both numeric values into a meaningful expression for your life.


Your Path Of Destiny Number (Maiden) ___________

Your Path Of Destiny Number (Married) __________



1 – Individualist – independent, ambitious, original, courageous, determined. A natural leader and pioneer, with the capacity to influence and inspire others. Work best alone; strength and perseverance central to your success, willpower. Risk-taker, willing to explore the unknown. People tend to be inspired or repelled by your intense energy. Learn by experience, tendency to be self-centered, domineering. Dislike being given advice. Pride can be your downfall. Great success can be yours.

2 - Peacemaker – an inborn tact and diplomacy to handle difficult situations, mission to create a better world. Work best with a partner/others, refinement, highly developed intuition, the power behind the throne, friendly, open-minded, a knack for bringing out the best in others. Your sensitivity can make you feel vulnerable; hostile situations tend to throw you off balance. Close relationships important to your happiness; you can be an outstanding marriage partner because you are conscious of the needs of others. Deep sense of rhythm and harmony.

3 – One who uplifts and inspires others. Talent in communications and spiritual philosophies. Dream big ventures and can do about anything you desire. Three types of #3: studious, social, and emotional. Optimistic, outgoing, personal charm. Tremendous creativity, but with a tendency to scatter your energies. Concentration and focus are keys to your success, need to be goal-oriented. People appear out of nowhere to assist you in key situations. You are social and, need an audience and the support of others to fully realize your abilities. Tendency to be superficial, moody, intolerant. With focus, you possess the natural talents to attain a high degree of excellence.

4 – the builder. You are to build tangible, useful products. Practical, reliable, emanate a quality of stability, an organizer, and manager. A highly developed sense of structure, distrust of the unconventional, tendency to be a workaholic. Challenge is to be more imaginative and less rigid. Strong likes and dislikes. Need to bring more creative people into your life who can inspire you to lighten up and have more fun. Integrity, trustworthiness, great persistence, and stamina. Love of children, good with money in a conservative kind of way. Keen eye for detail.

5 – the free spirit who promotes progress through a willingness to accept change. Propose new ideas to promote enlightenment. Versatile and changeable, love adventure. Freedom is the nucleus around which your life revolves; it allows you to explore and develop your varied talents. Talent for communications, courage to develop new techniques. Travel, meeting a variety of people, unusually adaptable. Need challenge, variety, movement. A youthful enthusiasm, talent with your hands, like to work with others while not being limited by them. Challenge is to develop mature and lasting relationships. Self-discipline and setting healthy limits are keys to your success. Self-mastery will allow you even more freedom. All of life is your playground.

6 – the domestic. Artistic talents, appreciation of beauty, a loving and caring person. Highly creative in all areas of life, talented in business, natural gift with flowers, gardens, and animals. Love of children. A natural healer, teacher, and counselor; but, must be careful not to interfere with the freedom of others. #6 is the most balanced of numbers and also contains the most paradoxes. A gift for harmonizing these opposites, very idealistic, natural ability to give comfort and warmth. You attract love and appreciation because you give them. May want own way in family matters. Responsible, trustworthy.

7 – the deep thinker. An analytical mind that when developed can benefit the world. Your destiny is the mind. Perfectionist, idealist, need solitude and silence in which to seek wisdom and strength. Dislike suggestions from others. An enormous drive for knowledge and Truth. Possess clarity and persistence in search for Truth, great educator, philosopher, and researcher. Fine mind allows you to unveil the Hidden Wisdom. Dislike of the superficial and mundane. Love to specialize your knowledge and to develop great depth in your field. Need to relax and be open to opportunity. Your rewards, satisfaction, and contentment come from a higher Source. Can be distant and aloof. Need to maintain sense of harmony through meditation and the softer, finer vibrations in life. Idealist.

8 – the top executive. Recognition, success, and wealth are your proper destiny. Magnificent courage and stamina, keynote of justice. Be careful to balance your materialistic success with spiritual maturity. Highly competitive, enjoy challenges and rivalry. A realist and visionary planner, inborn talent for self-discipline, perseverance in the face of considerable obstacles, dynamic, and a talent for efficiency. Delegate responsibility well, great leader, and outstanding judge of character. You go directly after your goal with courage and tenacity. A natural understanding of money, authority, and power. Challenge is to balance your higher ideals with your understanding of the hard realities of the world. Life will test you with seemingly insurmountable difficulties; but, these are actually your opportunities to learn how to use power and authority in challenging situations. You are learning how much power lies within you. Balance between the material and the spiritual is crucial because you have chosen a path that requires balance. You have been entrusted with special gifts, the use or abuse of which will have an immediate physical impact upon you and those around you. These gifts are to be used for the good of humanity. You are a true survivor, but must be careful in your use of alcohol: it is a danger-zone for you. This lifetime is one of harvesting rewards for prior and present lifetime good.

9 – the humanitarian. Perfection is your goal. You strive to live an ideal life and hope to inspire others to do the same. You desire to better the world through philosophy and philanthropy. You cannot be limited to a small circle of friends; your philosophy must touch and inspire many. Extremely idealistic, great compassion, deepest intention is to transform the world. Willing to sacrifice for your cause, a visionary with the ability to influence and direct the masses. You seek fame in order to validate your efforts. Your greatest satisfaction is to directly benefit the public good. Not prejudiced, enjoy people from all walks of life. People fascinate and enrich you. Charismatic, although you may be cool and distant. You can synthesize many diverse bits of knowledge into a meaningful whole. Tend to express your love impersonally and to be preoccupied with your vision for a better world. Often neglect to express what you truly feel and to overlook your own needs. Very sincere and loving person, although you may not show it. Your nature is to serve. You are happiest when you are helping to advance the human race. Abundance of artistic talent. #9 means you have completed a cycle of learning. You have evolved to the point where a breakthrough can occur during this lifetime if you apply all that you have learned on your evolutionary path. You can complete a major stage in your development. Many geniuses have a Destiny number of 9.

11 – the prophet. Minister or teacher who offers selfless service to humanity. Likely to achieve fame, great creative talent in art and inventive professions. You can tap into the realms of Inspiration and imbue your work with energy that touches the souls of those who come into contact with your creations. You are truly inspired. Like a lightening rod, attracting powerful ideas, intuitions, and information. Yours is a powerful presence, you are a channel for higher vibrations, a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. It is essential that you learn to control the flow of energy from higher realms; otherwise, you may feel like a victim, thrown about by its emotional turmoil and nervous tension. You have always known that you are different, enormously sensitive and aware, especially as a child. This made you vulnerable to conflicts and painful situations. Most #11s have a difficult childhood for this reason. You were shy due to your extreme sensitivity. A lively imagination in which you can get lost and have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality as the world knows it. Your challenge is to focus on being grounded, so you can deal with your lightening bolts of insight. Highly emotional and dependent upon relationships, idealistic, impractical, and at times disorderly. Your reasons for doing things are not easily understood by others. Grounding and discipline are essential for you to be productive. A balanced #11 is one of the most unique and impressive of all people. It is gifted with insight and illumination, which it can transmit to others. You are a natural teacher.

#22 – the Master Builder, Internationalist. A unique gift for perceiving a divine archetype and bringing a semblance of it into earthly manifestation. The ability to assume great responsibility and to make important achievements that are enormous in scope. Desire to change history, there is no limit to what you can do as you assume positions of great power and wealth. Your influence can be world-wide as you create structures that assist in the enlightenment of humankind. The greatest liability of your tremendous potential for achievement is that it will require your entire life. Even as a child, you had a vague sense of what you must do and were intimidated by the awesomeness of your task. You have felt the intimations of your power, but these feelings have caused you to be paralyzed by doubt. The promise and reward of #22 is equaled only by the degree of difficulty and struggle necessary to realize its potential. #22 offers the opportunity to tap into realms in which your day is expanded, your capacity to create and inspire multiplied, and your ability to perform lasting service to humankind extended beyond the normal limits of one life. You may turn away from the challenge of #22 and settle for the safety of limitations and practical considerations of the #4 (22 reduces to 4). You may not want to take the risks presented by #22. This is permissible, but can cause frustration, because on some level you feel called to greater things. Nevertheless, even when manifesting on the #4 level, your chances for success are good. Great leadership talent, a world citizen. Choose a spouse who will contribute with you. Blessed with farsighted vision, deeply want to create something of lasting value to humankind. Any career choice is possible for #22; no real limitations exist.

#33 – the Master, a very advanced being. A mission of self-sacrifice and service to others. Must live impersonally with a detached but caring attitude. If you do not choose to live at the level of #33, you may choose to live out the #6.

#44 – the Master, who is to serve the material needs of the world through productive and sound techniques. You must gain complete mastery over your mind and body while here on earth. Your desire is to be that of universal prosperity and you are to set about constructing situations in which that is possible. Example: Edgar Cayce, a #44, solved the health problems of thousands; he served their material needs.



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