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A Light on my Path

A huge amount of debris surrounds Earth, from screwdrivers to fuel tanks.




Today, approximately 6,000 artificial satellites orbit Earth, of which about 800 are functioning. 




An additional 400 artificial satellites surround Earth beyond its orbit.


 Above Photos taken from




Yang's calf died a slow, painful death entangled in discarded monofilament fishing line.


For full story of the rescue attempt and the calf's death go to:



A bottleneck dolphin calf found dead two weeks after having been seen swimming entangled in monofilament fishing line.




Two live pelicans entangled in the same piece of monofilament fishing line.



In addition to the dangers of carelessly discarded monofilament fishing line, dolpins, whales, sea turtles, birds, and fish starve to death because their stomachs are so filled with carelessly discarded plastic items that they cannot intake food and digest it.







Mother Earth & Our Diseases
The Essene Jesus’ Teachings

Excerpts Quoted:

            "Then many sick and maimed came to Jesus, asking him:  ‘If you know all things, tell us, why do we suffer with these grievous plagues?’….

            And Jesus answered:  ‘Happy are you, that you hunger for the truth, for I will satisfy you with the bread of wisdom….  [Mother Earth] is in you, and you in her.  She bore you; she gives you life.  It was she who gave to you your body, and to her shall you one day give it back again.  Happy are you when you come to know her and her kingdom; if you receive your Mother’s angels and if you do her laws, I tell you truly, he who does these things shall never see disease.  For the power of our Mother is above all.

            The air which we breathe is born of the breath of our Earthly Mother….  The hardness of our bones is born of the bones of our Earthly Mother, of the rocks and of the stones….  The tenderness of our flesh is born of the flesh of our Earthly Mother; whose flesh waxes yellow and red in the fruits of the trees, and nurtures us in the furrows of the fields…. Our bowels are born of the bowels of our Earthly Mother, and are hid from our eyes, like the invisible depths of the earth….  The light of our eyes, the hearing of our ears, both are born of the colors and the sounds of our Earthly Mother, which enclose us about, as the waves of the sea a fish, as the eddying air a bird.

            I tell you in very truth, Man is the Son of the Earthly Mother, and from her did the Son of Man receive his whole body, even as the body of the newborn babe is born of the womb of his mother.  I tell you truly, you are one with the Earthly Mother; she is in you, and you in her.  Of her were you born, in her do you live, and to her shall you return again.  Keep, therefore, her laws, for none can live long, neither be happy, but he who honors his Earthly Mother and does her laws. 

            I tell you truly, should you fail to keep but one of all these laws, should you harm but one of all your body’s members, you shall be utterly lost in your grievous sickness, and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  I tell you, unless you follow the laws of your Mother, you can in no wise escape death.  And he who clings to the laws of his Mother, to him shall his Mother cling also.  She shall heal all his plagues, and he shall never become sick….  She has given you her body, and none but she heals you.  Happy is he who loves his Mother and lies quietly in her bosom….

            It was said to you:  ‘Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon this earth.’  But I say to you, Sons of Man:  Honor your Earthly Mother and keep all her laws, that your days be long on this earth, and honor your Heavenly Father that eternal life may be yours in the heavens.’"

                        --The Discovery of The Essene Gospel of Peace, Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, pgs. 61-63,69


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