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A Light on my Path

"A Message From Venus To Planet Earth"


Good day, brothers and sisters on Earth. We who reside on planet Venus greet you with love and longing. Love, because you abide in our love always. Longing, because we long to see you awaken to your true natures. You suffer needlessly.

As we behold your planet, we see sparks of light here and there. These beings of light try to speak, but no one is listening. We are reminded of the cosmic message to be found in your Bible: "The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world. He was in the world, and the world came into being through him; yet the world did not know him. He came to his own, and his own people did not accept him." John 1:9-11

You, brothers and sisters, came into the world through the light that is ever-present Spirit. You are light; yet, you allow the darkness to overwhelm you. Your light is swallowed up by fear. You are wild with fear and becoming more so every day. Instead of looking to the Light within you—and among you—you cry out to those who also stumble in the darkness. How long will you search in vain for relief? How long will you refuse to listen to those sparks of light spread throughout your planet?

Eons ago, Sanat Kumara volunteered to leave our home planet and reside within Earth. He did so with the hope that earthlings would awaken and follow their solar sisters and brothers into the ascended state. Instead, with your violent behavior, you are ripping apart your planet. A trail of blood flows through thousands of years of your planetary history. Is this what you want? Is this all you perceive in life?

We hear your cries for help. We watch with sadness as you reject one Light Worker after the other, in preference for the familiar or the spectacular, regardless of how empty—even gross—they may be. How can you live on your exquisite planet and not suspect that those who minister to you, and entertain you, should lead you into the loveliness of life? Why do you readily accept the ugly? Are you so dead to your own light that you can settle for the unsightly? ... for the darkness that covers over the inner beauty of humanity? Literally millions of you flock to ball fields and concerts where you scream for hours. Why do you scream? Are you so broken inside that your spirit screams out for release? ... for solace? ... for direction? Why is being a spectator considered fun? Why do you seek to experience your precious time on Earth through the activities of others? Where are the fruits of your own creativity? Fun transposes into joy as you allow the light within your being to shine forth ... to manifest the beauty that is you.

We observe the many on Earth willingly permitting the few to be in command. Do you not recognize the fallacy in the dictation of the few over the many? Every one of you are potentials gods ... for each of you is made in the image of our Creator God. Why not come together in unison and create a planetary culture in which all share in the abundance of life? Don’t be frightened away by the concepts of socialism and communism. These ideologies have yet to manifest on Earth in their true form. In your recent planetary history, only one group has come anywhere near revealing the cosmic meaning of community. The Essenes. And, they fell short. Community, at the cosmic level, means appreciation for the unique gifts of all beings on every planet.

We are aware that most earthlings believe your planet to be the only populated one. You probe into space ... make photographs of your neighboring planets ... and see no living beings. You draw the conclusion that earthlings are alone in the cosmos. What a devastating belief that must be.

You cannot see us because we reside on a higher vibration than you can penetrate with your physical vision. Our bodies are not laden with darkness, nor are they as solid as yours. Sickness, poverty, violence, and fear do not exist here. We are an ascended culture and planet. We come to you, in the name of Sanat Kumara, to tell you life on Earth does not have to be as it presently is. You can transform it. You can be like us. We, too, are children of the Most High God.

Beloved ones, open your hearts and minds to a greater vision of what can be. Dream of the perfect planet and set about bringing that dream to fruition. Discover the truth about your solar neighbors: we are members of your solar family. We are here to assist you in moving toward your own planetary ascension into the higher dimensions of reality. As you recognize our presence, you enable us to support your efforts at building community on Earth. It is not required that you know us individually or that you communicate with us. Simply being open to our presence allows us to be more fully present with you.

There are many from Venus who reside on Earth. Many have lived numerous incarnations on your planet; others, only a few. You might say they know the ropes of an unascended society. They understand your fears. They, too, have lived out many of the foibles of physical plane life and fallen into the spiritual sleep that you experience. They understand because they have walked in your shoes. At this point in solar history, it is imperative that earthlings awaken. Those from Venus have been imprinted psychically with the urgency of this matter. Planet Earth is scheduled to move forward with our solar system into the higher realms. Those who refuse to awaken will be left behind on another planet, where they will, in their own time, choose to lift their consciousness to Truth. No one is forced to change before they are ready. However, it is our wish, and that of the solar karmic board, that all earthlings move forward with your home planet. To be left on a strange planet will be a lonely experience. It is with this knowledge in mind that we extend a helping hand to Earth.

We stated that many from Venus are presenting living and working on Earth. You need not know who they are. They are not there to be known, but to encourage and lead by the example of their lives. Their energetic presence on the planet is to act as a stimulant to growth in the Light. It is up to each of you to come apart from the screaming ... from the violence ... from the fear. Come apart and seek the Light of Truth. A portion of that Truth may even be that you are from Venus too.

You will likely not find Truth in the traditional places. Truth appears within. Finding Truth requires being still ... listening to your inner voice. When you seek Truth, the Spirit within will guide you to the perfect teacher, book, or inner knowing. Truth requires that you listen while leaving behind any preconceived ideas. Truth can be approached only with an open mind. Spirit cannot teach you what you are unwilling to hear. Sure, your world may be turned upside down by what you hear. Listen anyway.

Then, learn to discern Truth from non-truth. Truth will always lead you into a greater expression of who you are as a beloved child of God. Non-truth would have you buy into limitation and inadequacy. Truth would have you follow the examples of great World Teachers that have incarnated on Earth: Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and Mohammed for examples. Non-truth would have you believe that all the work is done by the World Teachers ... that you have only to accept their Way. Truth requires that each of you walk the Path ... step by step ... into Higher Consciousness. This means that the darkness of your own error thinking must be transmuted. You are to walk in the light as your Teacher is in the Light ... fully conscious of who you are and what you are about.

As you come to know Truth, you will hear the call to fulfill your individual role within the Divine Plan for your planet. Companions, both in the physical and in spirit, will move into your lifestream. With your focus on fulfilling your role, you will not have to search for the perfect companions and co-workers. Spirit will move them into your lives. Truth is that when you step onto your Path, the world unfolds for you.

Earlier we mentioned working to bring your dream for Earth into fruition. You do so by using the talents you possess for building an enlightened planetary culture. We can see that fear of being alone hampers your progress. Nothing you do need be in isolation from others fulfilling a similar task. Know that as you engage in the expression of your talents, your light attracts others—both in the physical and spiritual realms. There is no greater joy than allowing the fountain of your creativity to flow out into the world. With every ounce of joy emitted into the ethers, you help to transform your planet.

For thousands of years, earthlings have existed within a tribal consciousness. Most of you think nothing of allowing others to dictate your belief system. Now, with the dawn of the New Aquarian Age, moving outside the tribe and standing apart will be the norm. You are to abide by spiritual law, which transcends obedience to civil law. Individual consciousness is to be developed in accordance with spiritual law. Seeking your own individual consciousness does not mean that you are looking out for self first. Instead, it means opening your awareness to receive direction from your soul and indwelling God presence. It means lighting your own light and carrying it into the world as the unique being that you are. You can no longer afford to hesitate ... to allow others to dictate to you. Within your own inner light, each of you are to walk the path your soul has chosen.

Will others understand? Some will; others will not. That you have the understanding of others is not the goal. Achieving higher consciousness is your objective. However, when you allow your light to shine, it serves as a magnet for like-minded people. Old relationships may fall by the wayside, while new—and far more fulfilling—relationships will enter your life. Be not afraid, loved ones. You live in a solar system peopled by many who love you, who watch over you, and who walk beside you. A relationship with a co-worker in spirit can be a marvelous experience. We stand ready to assist you. Beings from other planets join us in our presence with you. We all await the transformation of Earth into a planet that qualifies for ascension.

Turn your attention away from the fear ... the violence. Seek to know Truth—the truth about yourselves, your planet, and your solar system. As the Master Jesus taught, "Ye are gods." Embark on your journey into the realization of this Truth. Know that you possess the inner power to transform your planet from one of upheaval to one of peace.

We, your brothers and sisters from Venus, call to you. "Awaken to what is happening to you ... to what is occurring on your planet. Wake up to the tremendous possibilities to be found in a life lived within the Light of Truth.

You live within a solar system ruled by love and wisdom. Know that ... live your life in attunement to the omnipresence of that love wisdom. And, as your planet Earth moves into the higher dimensions, you will ascend with it.

Peace, beloved ones on Earth!

Channeled thru Nancy Detweiler



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