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Sources: Walter T. Donaldson Family at

The Moore Families of Anson & Union Counties, N.C., Jane Austin

Research by Nancy Brooks Detweiler

All photos are used with permission from Jane Austin via phone on 5/24/2007.


The Moore Family in 1909 at the home place

Left to right: Jack Sturdivant, John Moore, Dewey Moore (son of Darling), Ellis Harrington, Margaret Harrington, Ollie Moore Griffin (Griffin would be Ollie’s future married name), Annie Harrington, Gracie Moore smeared out of photo, Darling Moore, and boys on horseback (probably sons of Jack Sturdivant).

[John & Darling Moore were Sarah Rosa’s half-brothers, thus James Carson Caudle’s half-uncles. Gracie Moore was the granddaughter of Lucy Ann and would be 15 in this photo. The 1900 U.S. Federal Census lists Grace Moore as living in the Moore household with her mother, Elizabeth, daughter-in-law of Lucy Ann. She was 8 yrs. old at that time. The 1910 U.S. Federal Census lists Grace Moore, age 16, as the daughter of Darling Russell & Elizabeth Moore.]

---Photo taken from: The Moore Families of Anson & Union Counties,

N.C., Jane Austin








Born: 1812

Married: #1 – name unknown - Oldest 5-6 children by his 1st wife.

#2 – Lucy Ann Russell Moore – married around 1845.

Died: October 15, 1857

On January 30, 1848, James purchased 287 acres of land from Eli Sheppard. The land was on Lanes Creek in Lanesboro Township. (Deed Book 12, Page 319)

The 1850 U.S. Federal Census lists James and Lucy living in the Lanesboro District. Following the death of James, Wilson Moore and other heirs to the land petitioned that it be sold. The court ordered that the land, with the exception of Lucy Ann’s dower, be sold to the highest bidder. (Equity Court Minutes 1847-1868 during the March term of Court, 1860) A compromise was reached allowing those who wanted to sell their share of the land to sell it to Darling Russell Moore. At the time The Moore Families of Anson & Union Counties, N.C. was published, the Lanesboro home place remained in the family. Darling’s grandson, Frank Griffin, lived there and farmed the land.


DOWER: "That portion of a deceased husband’s real property that a widow is legally entitled to use during her lifetime to support herself and their children. Where it still exists, the dower right attaches to the land as soon as it comes into the husband’s possession; for that reason it cannot be defeated by a conveyance of the land by the husband in his lifetime unless his wife joins in the deed."

Source: The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2006



The 1860 U.S. Federal Census reveals Lucy living in the Diamond Hills District. She is listed as age 37 and owner of the farm. Her step-son, Wilson, is listed as living with her; his occupation as farmer.

The 1880 U.S. Federal Census finds Lucy back in Lanesboro District, as does the 1900 U.S. Federal Census. She is listed as age 79 in 1900 and still Head of Household. She died the following year.


Born: March 1821

Died: November 1, 1901

Lucy was the granddaughter of Richard Russell, Sr. and his wife, Rosannah. Richard’s Will is listed in Book B, Page 34 of the Anson County Wills. Dated 1/2/1834, Richard’s sons are listed as: "John F. and Richard Russell. Daughters are listed as: Catherine Culpepper … single daughters – Nancy and Lucy … and another married daughter, Elizabeth Bell and her children: Lucy, Lant, William, and Catherine Bell.

Additional married daughters are Mary Treadgill and Martha Benton."

Sources: Will Book B, Anson County Heritage

Lucy would have been the daughter of either John F. or Richard Russell; however, the father has not yet been verified.

The exact date of James’ marriage to Lucy Ann Russell is not known, which leaves the identity of Sarah Rosa’s mother in question. The 1840 U.S. Federal Census report does not name the occupants of the household, other than the head—listed as being between 20-30 yrs. old. James Moore, father of Sarah Rosa, was 28 yrs. old in 1840.

James Moore is listed as Jr., however this is in error (the census reports are filled with errors and incomplete information). James’ father was Moses Moore. James Moore, Jr. was born around 1792 to James Moore (born around 1755) and was 52 yrs. old in 1840. The N.C. 1840 census lists James as living in Diamond Hill District. Sarah Rosa would have been born in this area

The 1840 U.S. Federal Census lists the household of James Moore as containing two adults and four children. These 4 children would be: Wilson, Flora, Mary, and Elizabeth. James 1st wife must have been pregnant with Martha Ann at the time of the census because Martha Ann was born in September 1840. Thus, the 5 eldest children’s birth mother was definitely James’ 1st wife.

1840 U.S. Federal Census


A copy of a blank 1840 census report questionnaire may aid in comprehending the information provided in the above census report.


We can glean from this census that James was likely younger than his 1st wife—he is listed in the 20-30 yrs. age range; she is listed in the 30-40 yrs. age range.

Having available the exact date of James’ marriage to Lucy Ann Russell would allow us to determine whether or not Sarah Rosa (the mother of James Carson) was the daughter of James’ 1st wife or of Lucy Ann. Lois Moore Yandle (great granddaughter of Lucy) states that Lucy gave birth to 9 children, indicating that Sarah Rosa’s mother was James’ 1st wife. (Yandle’s statement is published in The Moore Families of Anson & Union Counties, N.C.)

As James 2nd wife, Lucy Ann took over the responsibility of raising his children by his 1st wife. Born in 1845, Sarah Rosa was very young at the time of her father’s 2nd marriage. Lucy would be the only mother she remembered.

Lucy and James Moore had 9 children between 1846 – 1857, when James died. Lucy raised both sets of children—15 in all. Two of her children died young: Derrick, born in 1855 and Albert, born in 1857. The 1860 U.S. Federal Census lists Derrick as age 5 and Albert as age 3; thus, their death followed that of their father by several years.

In addition, James’ death left her with a cotton farm to manage alone. She was soon to lose Wilson—the only step-son old enough to share the responsibilities of the farm. Wilson died in 1863 while fighting in the Civil War.


North Carolina Cotton Fields in November 2006

Since James died without a will, the court settled his debts by the sale of 6 slaves: Moriah, Issac, Stephen, Urssay, Gussee, & Joseph.

It is said that Lucy ruled her household and farm with an iron hand. In the years preceding, during, and following the Civil War, an iron hand was needed in order to fulfill the enormous responsibilities that befell her. Each year, she had her cotton loaded on wagons and rode horseback to Cheraw, S.C. (approximately 34 miles one way) to sell it. During the war years, women were forced to take over the management of the family business in addition to raising large families.

Sources: Anson County Court Minutes for 1/13/1858

The Moore Family of Anson & Union Counties, Jane Austin

History of Anson County, Medley


1880 U.S. Federal Census lists the following in the Moore household:

Lucy A Moore – widow – head of household

Leora J. [likely James Leard] Moore – son – age 31 – carpenter, single

John B. Moore – son – age 28 – farmer, single

Darling R. Moore – son – age 26 – farmer, married

Colon T. Moore – daughter – age 24 – single

Mary E. Moore – daughter-in-law [Darling’s wife] – age 20

Jesse G. Moore – grandson – age 1 month

Jacob Henry – farm laborer – age 20

Holden Henry – farm laborer – age 18



Born: 1835

Married: Apparently never married. In the 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Wilson is listed

as living in the Moore home at Lanesboro and farming with his step-mother, Lucy Ann.

Died: Wilson enlisted to fight in the Civil War on May 10, 1862 and served until August 2, 1863, when he died in Gordonsville, Virginia General Hospital from the effects of a sunstroke. He was 28 years old. He served in Company K, the 26th regiment.

Wilson fought in the battles at King’s School House, Malvern Hill, Rawl’s Mill, Barrington’s Ferry, Seven Pines, and Gettysburg. He was one of 16 survivors of Company K, 26th Regiment at Gettysburg. As Lee’s Army marched toward Culpepper, Virginia, many soldiers became ill from sunstroke. They were taken to a hospital in Gordonsville, Virginia, where Wilson died.

Buried: Maplewood Cemetery in Gordonsville, Virginia.

Source: American Civil War Soldiers Online Database


Born: 1836


Born: 1839

Married: Andrew Jackson on 12/20/1855.

Died: after 1904

Mary was age 16 when she married Andrew (born in 1838). Andrew was 17 years old, the son of Wiley & Mary Jackson.

Deed Book 56, Page 270 reveals Mary and Andrew sold her one fourteenth share of land inherited from her father, James, with the exclusion of Lucy Ann’s dower, to her step-mother, Lucy Moore.

Mary and Andrew were living in Union County when the Civil War began. He enlisted as a private into Company B, 15th North Carolina Infantry on 7/15/1862. By 9/14/1862, he was a POW at Crampton’s Gap, Maryland. He was confined on or about 9/15/1862 at Fort Delaware, Delaware. Andrew was transferred on 10/2/1862 to Aiken’s Landing, Virginia, where he was exchanged around 10/6/1862. He was given a 60 days furlough on 10/24/1862 from which he never returned. Listed as "absent without leave" on 12/24/1862. Andrew died on 10/5/1863 in Cold Habor, Virginia.

Source: American Civil War Soldiers Online Database



Born: 1839

Elizabeth E. Moore was married, likely to another member of the extended Moore family. Anson County Deed Book 52, Page 362 reveals Elizabeth Moore of Union County selling her one fourteenth share of land inherited from her father, James Moore (subject to the dower of Lucy Ann Moore) to Darling R. Moore, her half-brother.

Elizabeth is acting alone "being by me privately examined, separate, and apart from her said husband, touching her voluntary execution of the same, doth state that she signed the same freely and voluntarily, without fear of compulsion of her said husband or any other person, and that she doth still voluntarily assent thereto."

Signed: Henry F. Davis, J.P.

Date: 2/22/1881


Born: September 1840

Married: George F. Pond on 11/24/1867

Died: 4/20/1920 in Anson County

Buried: Martha’s husband, George, is buried in Griffin Cemetery, Polkton. She may also be buried there.

The N.C. Argus 12/19/1867 issue records the marriage of Martha & George on 11/24/1867, with L.L. Polk, Esq. officiating.

Prior to his marriage, George served in the Civil War. He enlisted as a private on 9/2/1862 at the age of 28. He was wounded on 7/1/1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and returned to duty on 9/1/1863. He surrendered on 4/9/1865 in Appomattox Court House, Virginia. Source: American Civil War Soldiers Online Database

George F. Pond was born on 9/6/1835 to Spratley Simmons Pond & Mariah Smith. He and Martha Ann had eight children:

1. Walter "Frank" Pond – born 1/1869

2. Mary Caroline Pond – born 2/7/1870

3. Martha Jane "Jennie" Pond – born 9/23/1871

4. Miller William Atlas Pond – born 4/1874

5. Sarah "Sallie" Frances Pond – born 6/1876

6. John Benjamin Pond – born 11/1877

7. Irene Pond – born 7/7/1876

8. Hattie M. Pond – born 10/1/1880

Source: - Virginia Kobler


The 1900 U.S. Census reveals George & Martha live in the Lanesboro District of Anson County, N.C.




Born: 1845 - the identity of Sarah’s mother is uncertain. If James Moore married Lucy Ann Russell in 1844, as some report, Lucy Ann was her mother. If not, Sarah Rosa’s mother would have been her father’s 1st wife, name unknown. James’ 1st wife is the most likely candidate according to Moore family members. Either way, Lucy Ann cared for Sarah Rosa from a very early age into adulthood.

Married: WILLIAM HARRISON CAUDLE, son of Richard Caudle.

Died: 1883

William Harrison served in the Civil War in the 43rd Regiment, Company K.

Sarah & William died within months of each other during a flu epidemic. William died in 1882, Sarah in 1883.

Children of Sarah Rosa & William Harrison Caudle

1. Margaret Ann (Bratty) Caudle

Born: 1868

2. James Carson Caudle

Born: 3/1/1872

3. Lucy C. Caudle

Born: 1874

Died: Between 1880-1883

Buried: Moore Family Cemetery

4. Frances C. Caudle

Born: 1876

Died: Between 1880-1883

Buried: Moore Family Cemetery

Source: The 1880 U.S. Federal Census lists Lucy as age 6 and Frances as age 4. In 1883, following the death of both parents and two younger sisters, custody of Margaret Ann (Bratty) and James Carson was given to their half-uncle, Darling Russell Moore. Lucy and Frances are not mentioned in the court order, thus the assumption of their death during the flu epidemic. In addition, James Carson told his children that all of his family died when he was young. He appeared not to know that Margaret (Bratty) lived out her life within a few miles of him in Lanesboro. He never mentioned knowing of a niece, Louanna Harrington and nephew, Ellis Harrington. Source: Granddaughter who lived beside James Carson until his death.

For additional information see chapter entitled "William Harrison Caudle."





Born: around 1846

Married: Never married

Leard served in the Civil War, although his company is unknown. (The misspelling of his name "Leard" is legendary.) Leard was an inventor, carpenter, and farmer. He invented the chain brakes, but neglected to get the patent.

Source: History of Anson County, Medley, page 245


Born: around 1846

Married: Mary Frances Wilkins, who was born in 1851, died in 1927.

Military Service: Served during the Civil War in Company I, 43rd Regiment.

Died: 1873 of typhoid fever

Joseph worked for his grandfather, Moses Moore, for a period of time. This is evidenced in a Deed of Gift registered in the Anson County Clerk of Court’s office on 2/13/1861. In return for his work, Moses gave Joseph "one gray Horse Bridle and Saddle," one cow and calf, one feather bed, one bedstead, bed clothing, and mat.


Born: February 15, 1847

Married: Nancy Jane May on 10/24/1871

Died: August 31, 1918 in Polkton, N.C.

Mary Jane May was born on 8/18/1855 and died on 9/9/1925.


Born: November 30, 1849

Married: never married

Died: September 24, 1933

Buried: Griffin Cemetery, Polkton, N.C

John Benjamin Moore



Polkton News Obituary

"Mr. John B. Moore Passes Away at Venerable Age of 84"


"Mr. John B. Moore died at his home near here Sunday morning after being ill for a long time. Mr. Moore, who was 84 years old, was a well known citizen of the community. Until a few years ago when his health failed, he made his daily visit to town and spent much time with the merchants and other friends discussing the various topics of the day. He lived with his brother, Mr. Darl R. Moore, at the Moore home place about two miles west of Polkton. Mr. "Darl" has also been critically ill for sometime and it is said the brothers who were so closely associated for more than 80 years expressed a desire to pass away at the same time. Other surviving members of the family include one sister, Mrs. Caroline C. Wilson of Charlotte, and a number of nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held Monday morning, conducted by Rev. J.C. Meigs and Rev. W.R. Harris. Interment was in the Griffin cemetery."


Born: April 15, 1851

Married: Mary Elizabeth Pope on November 23, 1878.

Died: September 29, 1933

Buried: Griffin Cemetery in Polkton

Mary Elizabeth Pope was born on January 15, 1860 to Eli & Frances M. Davis Pope. She died on March 19, 1951.

Children of Darling & Elizabeth Moore

1. Jesse G. Moore

Born: 1880

2. Edmund Moore

Born: around 1882

3. Floyd Moore

Born: around 1884

4. Ella Moore

Born: around1886

5. Anna Moore

Born: around 1888

6. Grace Moore

Born: June 19, 1893

Married: #1 – George Brewer, #2 – Culman Austin, #3 – Samuel D. Helms

Died: May 26, 1973


7. Minnie Frances Moore

Born: October 16, 1895

Died: 1895

Buried: Moore Family Cemetery, Polkton, N.C.

8. Dewey Russell Moore

Born: August 3, 1898

Married: Lillian High on April 21, 1934

Died: April 22, 1975

Buried: Fountain Hill Methodist Church Cemetery on Rt. 218, Polkton, N.C.

9. Mary Olie Moore

Born: May 5, 1901

Married: Emsley Frank Griffin on December 15, 1930 in Chesterfield, S.C.

Died: Decemeber 5, 1983

Buried: Griffin Cemetery, Polkton, N.C.

Emsley Frank Griffin was born on January 4, 1878 and died on May 5, 1941.




1880 U.S. Federal Census lists Darling & Mary E. living in Lanesboro, N.C.

1920 U.S. Federal Census lists Darling & Mary E. still living in Anson County,


January 1881 – Anson County, N.C. Deed Book 52, Page 363William Harrison Caudle (husband of Darling’s half-sister Sarah Rosa), James Leard Moore (brother of Darling), Anderson Caudle (husband of Darling’s sister Frances Caroline), Caroline Caudle (Darling’s sister), William Thomas Moore (Darling’s brother), and Nancy May Moore (William Thomas’ wife) sold their share of the land on the waters of Lanes Creek inherited from their father, James Moore (deceased 10/15/1857) to Darling Russell Moore and his heirs. The dower shares of James’ widow Lucy Ann Russell Moore were not included in this sale.

February 7, 1881 – Lucy Ann Moore, John B. Moore, Darling R. Moore & wife Mary Elizabeth, Colon T. Moore, and the heirs of Joseph Moore, deceased, sold 46 and 8/10 acres of land lying along Lanes Creek to Samuel W. Birmingham. Witness: J.D. Nance.

September 28, 1920 – Anson County, N.C. Deed Book 59, Page 527James Carson & Sarah Ellen Caudle sold their share of the dower for Lucy Ann Russell Moore (James’ maternal step-grandmother) to Darling Russell Moore.

September 28, 1920 – Anson County, N.C. Deed Book 70, Page 294Margaret Ann Caudle Billingsley (sister of James Carson Caudle) sold her share of the dower for Lucy Ann Russell Moore (Margaret’s maternal step-grandmother) to Darling Russell Moore.


1930 U.S. Federal Census

Polkton News – September 29, 1933

Obituary for Darling Russell Moore


"Mr. D. R. Moore died at his home near here Friday morning, September 29, after an extended illness. Mr. Moore was 82 years of age. He and his brother, John B. Moore, whose death was reported in last week’s [edition, wanted to die at the same time. Both lived at the Moore home place, both of them being well-to-do farmers."


Born: October 10, 1852

Married: #1 - Anderson D. Caudle - son of Alfred Caudle, grandson of Jesse and Abigail Caudle. Anderson’s name is also recorded as Daniel Anderson Caudle and in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census as Anderson Caudle. The date of birth given in each case ranges between 1848 to 1849.

1850 U.S. Federal Census – Alfred is listed as a farmer

Anderson D. is listed as 3 years of age.

The 1880 U.S. Federal Census lists Anderson Caudle as a farmer, living with his 28 years old wife, Caroline F., in Lanesboro, Anson County, N.C.

Children of Frances Caroline & Anderson Caudle

1. Marcus Caudle

Born: around 1875

2. Lillian Caudle

Born: around 1877

3. Blanch Caudle

Born: around 1879


Frances Caroline’s 2nd marriage was to Haywood Elms Wilson. Haywood was born in Lancaster, South Carolina on March 10, 1851. The 1860 U.S. Federal Census, taken in Lancaster, S.C. lists Haywood as being 9 years old. His parents are listed as John B. Wilson and Catherine Wilson. Haywood died on March 13, 1933 in Charlotte, N.C. and is buried in the Steele Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Charlotte.

Children of Frances Caroline & Haywood Wilson

1. Flager Wilson

Born: January 1884

2. Basel (Besie)Wilson

Born: May 1886

3. Daniel Wilson

Born: 1888


Died: Frances Caroline died on June 27, 1941 in Charlotte, N.C.

Buried: Steele Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Charlotte, N.C.


Born: September 1853 - listed in 1860 U.S. Federal Census as being 7 years old.

Married: Never married

Colina is listed in the 1910 U.S. Federal Census as being age 55 and living in

the Moore home place with Darling Russell (D.R.) listed as head of household.

Died: 1926


Born: 1855

Died: Believed to have died as a child. Listed in 1860 U.S. Federal Census as being 5

years old.


Born: 1857

Died: Believed to have died as a child. Listed in the 1860 U.S. Federal Census as being

3 years old.








Lucy A. Moore listed in 1860 census as Owner of Farm in Diamond Hill.


1900 U.S. Federal Census – Bratty & children in Moore home








The Caudles of Anson County, NC

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