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The natal chart house cusp on which Taurus is located points out the areas of life in which you will tend to experience changes in your value system and in consciousness. Your illumination process is likely to begin with a very practical approach to the areas of life indicated and move to a more spiritual attunement to metaphysical truths.

PLEASE NOTE: In most instances, Taurus will appear on only one house cusp. However, it is possible to have Taurus on two house cusps. If this is the case in your natal chart, study both houses.

Taurus on your 1st house cusp - proclaims that illumination will come as you learn the true value of yourself as a unique expression of God and then project that authentic being into the world.

Taurus on your 2nd house cusp - indicates illumination is derived as you allow your value system to evolve from a focus on accumulating material possessions for self to a desire to share your talents and personal resources with others. Taurus' power to attract abundance can mean you have plenty to share with others.

Taurus on your 3rd house cusp - reveals illumination comes as you learn to communicate and to deal constructively with those persons and situations within your immediate environment. Illumination will include developing an appreciation for the value of every human being's opinion while remaining true to your authentic self.

Taurus on your 4th house cusp - reminds you that illumination is to include creating a strong inner foundation of psychological and spiritual well-being. Learning to balance the needs of your family (whomever family includes-not necessarily blood related) with your own needs may be involved. Valuing self and others is the goal.

Taurus on your 5th house cusp - indicates illumination will come as you value your own creative expression and assist others, especially children, to do the same. Learning to integrate the energy of unconditional love into relationships with adults and children is involved. Shared creative endeavors can be illuminating, as well as enhance your relationships.

Taurus on your 6th house cusp - signifies illumination as you integrate your spiritual knowledge into caring for yourself in a wholistic manner-physical body, emotions, thoughts, and spiritual nourishment. Illumination will include valuing your co-workers and creating cooperative relationships within your work environment. Integrating beauty of sound and sight into your lifestyle and workplace can be both healing and illuminating.

Taurus on your 7th house cusp - reminds you that illumination is a valuable part of intimate relationships, such as marriage and partnerships. Your relationships can be greatly enhanced through sharing your spiritual journeys and creative endeavors. Developing a positive set of values within your relationships will be involved.

Taurus on your 8th house cusp - encourages you to seek illumination through determining the true value of relationships and the resources for mutual personal growth they provide. Selecting the most effective and altruistic manner of dealing with the material resources of others is involved. Your value system may be totally re-vamped as a result of your experiences with death, sex, and metaphysical studies.

Taurus on your 9th house cusp - points out illumination is to come through studying philosophy/religion and by means of international travel. Most often, you will communicate what you know with a variety of persons in myriad places. The 9th house is the house of illumination, where you can seek higher knowledge through your intuitive mind. Seeking your own Truth is your means of illumination.

Taurus on your 10th house cusp - denotes illumination through career experiences and in relationships with the general public. Your illumination process may be integrated into your efforts to create a shift in values on a large corporate or population scale.

Taurus on your 11th house cusp - reminds you that illumination will come as you work to fulfill your dreams, both for yourself and for the betterment of our world. A shift in social values may be involved-your own values, as well as those that you are instrumental in bringing about within the orientation and priorities of social groups.

Taurus on your 12th house cusp - reminds you that illumination will come as you delve constructively into your subconscious mind, forgiving and releasing those painful memories, and bringing forth past life knowledge and talents for use in service to others. Selfless service to others provides multiple illuminating opportunities and grants a means of paying off karmic debts.

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