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Nancy B. Detweiler




The natal chart house cusp on which Leo is located reveals the areas of life in which you are to develop or enhance a strong sense of ego-self. Progression on your spiritual path entails developing this strong sense of self in all areas of life. This well-rounded knowledge of self is an essential ingredient in attaining spiritual maturity.

PLEASE NOTE: In most instances, Leo will appear on only one house cusp. However, it is possible to have Leo on two house cusps. If this is the case in your natal chart, study both houses.

Leo on your 1st house cusp - indicates you are to focus much attention upon developing a strong sense of ego-self as you enhance your positive personal qualities. It is most important for you to be who you truly are, not who others would have you to be. You are to shine as a unique individual.

Leo on your 2nd house cusp - reveals you are to develop a strong sense of ego-self through the use of your talents and personal resources. It is important for you to determine your own value system, rather than blindly accepting the values of those around you.

Leo on your 3rd house cusp - reminds you to develop a strong sense of ego-self as you relate to your immediate environment and achieve your practical goals. You are to determine how you can relate most constructively and intelligently to the persons and situations in your everyday life while projecting your authentic self.

Leo on your 4th house cusp - tells you to develop a strong sense of ego-self in relationship to your parents and as you create your own home and family. Your psychological and spiritual well-being is dependent upon strengthening your knowledge of self within the close ties of family. Ultimately, you are to stand apart upon your own foundation of inner strength. (Family need not be blood family.)

Leo on your 5th house cusp - proclaims your strong sense of ego-self is developed as you allow your inner creativity to flow forth. Interactions within love relationships, with adults and children, will enhance your knowledge of self. Your creative endeavors are to be an extension of who you are as a unique individual.

Leo on your 6th house cusp - indicates developing a strong sense of ego-self through intentional personal growth. It is your opportunity to heal self as you deal with personal crisis, while knowing "all things work together for good." 343 Your vocational environment offers a stage for expressing an authentic ego-self.

Leo on your 7th house cusp - reveals you are to develop a strong sense of ego-self within close personal relationships, such as marriage and partnerships. You have the opportunity to achieve the mystic marriage-meaning marriage of your masculine and feminine energies within Self. This marriage grants wholeness through conscious union with the Christ Self (or Higher Self).

Leo on your 8th house cusp - encourages you to develop a strong sense of ego-self enabling you to recognize the traumatic events in your life as potential avenues of personal transformation rather than personal disintegration. Practicing forgiveness and release strengthens your sense of self. Learning to use positively the resources found within your close personal relationships enhances your sense of self.

Leo on your 9th house cusp - offers the opportunity to develop and express a strong sense of ego-self through gaining higher education and traveling. Here, you are learning to interact as an integral part of the whole human family. You may strengthen your sense of self by communicating who you are through structured avenues such as teaching and writing. A strong sense of self allows you to soar safely into the higher realms of existence by means of your intuitive (or Higher) mind.

Leo on your 10th house cusp - reminds you to develop a strong sense of ego-self within your vocational career. Your career is to be an expression of who you are as an individual, not one in which you are simply following the dictates of another. Knowledge of self and giving expression to your unique qualities will enable you to excel within your career.

Leo on your 11th house cusp - encourages you to develop a strong sense of ego-self while working within groups possessing a social orientation. Listen to your intuitive ideals and dreams for creating a better world for the whole of humanity. Strive to implement them by using your talents and knowledge in conjunction with like-minded others.

Leo on your 12th house cusp - indicates you are to develop a strong sense of ego-self as you serve others. This strong sense of self enables you to serve others in a detached, more loving manner than is possible when knowledge of self is lacking. You may learn to bring forward prior life talents and knowledge to utilize in your service to the world.

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