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A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Biblical Book ofJob



Nancy B. Detweiler




Look at your astrological natal chart. Determine the zodiac sign in which the Moon is located. This sign reveals the major ways in which your Transformation process is to take place. It indicates the negative habit patterns your Soul desires to transmute and transform during this incarnation.

REMEMBER: There are many positive influences and talents revealed in your overall natal chart. We are focusing, here, on the lessons to be learned as a part of your transformation process. So, please, do not get down on yourself by thinking these descriptions depict your entire being. Just know that these are the lessons your Soul intends to learn and consciously proceed to do so. Living your life-with the conscious intention to grow spiritually-offers you a tremendous source of strength and persistence in facing the challenges you encounter. Know that you also brought in all the skills and personal qualities needed to ensure a victorious incarnation. Remember your Soul (the permanent part of yourself) is victorious when you accomplish Its intentions. Being successful in the world's eyes may have absolutely nothing to do with your Soul's victory. On the other hand, success in the world may actually retard your Soul's growth. You will understand why this is true when you read the ZODIAC SIGNS & THE MOON information.

According to the level of your spiritual evolution, you will express the negative qualities of your Moon's zodiac sign in a blatant or a much more subtle manner. Example: To kill an individual. The deliberate way is to end the life of the physical body. The subtle way is to destroy the person's spirit and self-esteem. Either way, the individual may be dead to his true potential for this incarnation. The more spiritually evolved person will not carry through on the temptation to murder the physical body; but, may slay the spirit of an individual with constant critical comments. The more spiritually evolved human being must be an astute observer of self in order to transform the subtle manifestations of the Moon sign's negative qualities. Because these negative characteristics signify past life habit patterns, they will tend to automatically express in your life until you take conscious control and convert them into positive characteristics. As you do so, the light within you will steadily increase. We prepare for the 3rd Initiation by transmuting the negativity in our energy field and replacing it with Light.

NOTE: Your natal Moon will be in only one zodiac sign. Therefore, the paragraph describing your Moon sign is the ONLY one that pertains to you. Additional information on your Moon Sign may be found on this web site by going to the Home Page and clicking on Moon Signs in the left hand column.


Moon in Aries - Soul growth will occur as you overcome your anger and learn to control your emotions with your mind. You are to learn to channel constructively the intensity of your energy, to be thoughtful of others, and to transform aggression into positive self-assertion.

Moon in Taurus - Soul growth will occur as you re-evaluate your value system, shifting it from a focus on material possessions to the search for spiritual enlightenment. You are to develop your own creative talents and to overcome tendencies to be possessive of others.

Moon in Gemini - Soul growth will occur as you learn to relate cooperatively within personal relationships. You are to learn appreciation for others. There is the need to develop a sense of being grounded and centered. In order to be consistently productive, you need to structure your activities around an intent or purpose as opposed to scattering and wasting your energies.

Moon in Cancer - Soul growth will occur as you learn loving detachment. You are to avoid emotional blackmail ("How can you leave home after all I have done for you?"), to overcome possessiveness of family members (especially your children), and to learn the art of serving others without conditions or strings attached. You are to develop your own creative interests, rather than repressing them in an effort to give your support to the creative endeavors of others. Balance is needed; be supportive of your own and others creativity.

Moon in Leo - Soul growth will occur as you learn surrender of your ego to the Self (or Soul). You are to learn to use your leadership skills to serve the good of the Whole, not just your own desires. This is to be an incarnation in which you seek enlightenment and strive to master the lower self.

Moon in Virgo - Soul growth will occur as you cease being critical of self and others. You are to learn to take proper care of your physical body, to appreciate it as the Temple of your indwelling God, and to affirm and realize good health. You are to seek to give birth to the Christ Child within yourself.

Moon in Libra - Soul growth will occur as you learn to achieve and maintain a strong sense of personal identity within the marriage/partnership relationship. You are to overcome tendencies to be dependent, manipulative, and to live through others. You are to learn the art of achieving consensus, consideration of others, and honesty with self and those around you.

Moon in Scorpio - Soul growth will occur as you overcome tendencies to engage in ego battles with those around you. It is important for you to honestly accept and work with your shadow side. You are to overcome tendencies toward seeking revenge, jealousy within relationships, and a lack of consideration for others. You are to strive for the crucifixion of the lower self and resurrection into the Higher Self.

Moon in Sagittarius - Soul growth will occur as you develop self-discipline and tactfulness in dealing with others. You are to overcome tendencies to control others, to ignore the opinions of others, and to project blame for your problems onto others. Instead of wasting your energy by scattering it, you are to develop your spirituality and to attune to your inner Self.

Moon in Capricorn - Soul growth will occur as you learn to accept and appreciate the self-discipline lessons presented by Saturn. The "Job story" is particularly relevant to Moon in Capricorn because this story reveals the ways in which Saturn leads you through the Initiatory process. You are to overcome tendencies to seek power positions for the prestige you believe they will provide you. You are to overcome tendencies to manipulate, to be intolerant of others, and to ignore the ideas of others. A karmic pattern, which entails allowing parental influence to be excessive in your life, needs to be overcome. You will tend to respond to this excessive influence in one of two ways: rebellion against your parents - or - detrimental submission to them. Either way, the excess needs to be balanced constructively.

Moon in Aquarius - Soul growth will occur as you make contact with your emotional nature and learn to express your feelings more readily. Because you may be out-of-touch with your feelings, there can be strong selfishness underneath a friendly exterior. You are to find meaningful avenues through which to express your originality, as opposed to exhibiting a thrill over shocking others with your original ways. There is the need to develop a strong sense of separate, personal self, so that you do not lose your identity within the group/groups to which you belong.

Moon in Pisces - Soul growth will occur as you learn to balance your emotions and to channel them into constructive activities, such as music, drama, and the arts. You are to overcome tendencies to live in a dream world, to turn to substance abuse, and to allow life to defeat you. You are to develop a positive direction for your life. Self-pity, hypersensitivity, and indecision are to be overcome. Yours is the opportunity to be extremely creative by channeling your heightened sensitivity into your musical, dramatic, and artistic endeavors.


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