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A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Biblical Book ofJob



Nancy B. Detweiler


Scripture Reading for this Lesson: Job 41

Job has undergone the initiatory process. He has conquered Behemoth, his lower nature, and is now transformed by the power of Leviathan, the kundalini serpent energy that lifts our consciousness into the higher planes of spirit.

In order to understand the kundalini energy, we must recognize that human beings are far more than the physical bodies in which we temporarily reside. We possess seven bodies. Prior to the initiatory process, we experience and define life through our lower bodies (the physical, etheric, emotional, and lower mental) and the five senses. We respond to our sense perception in accordance with the desire nature. As we awaken to the spiritual quest, the initiatory process guides us in learning to control our desire nature. Our consciousness gradually opens to the higher bodies: the upper mental, the buddhic

or intuitive, the atmic, monadic, and logoic. Our mental body is divided into two, the lower and upper. The upper mental is our casual body, where the permanent record of our good deeds is stored. The early 20th century hymn entitled "Stars In My Crown" refers to this storing of our good deeds in the causal body. When we speak of the buddhic body, we are referring to the soul or Christ Spirit within. The last three bodies reside in realms of spirit so high words cannot describe them. The monadic body is our individualized I AM PRESENCE or God within. The Divine Self Chart pictured below illustrates these parts of self.

Summit Lighthouse

Humanity presently possesses seven major chakras: the base or root, second or sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra. These chakras are the power centers that affect the functioning of our physical body and attune us to the invisible planes of existence. The chakras are located in the etheric body over the major physical organs. Leviathan, or the kundalini energy, lies coiled within the base chakra. With the exception of granting life to the physical body, the kundalini is largely dormant until we embark on our spiritual journey. With prayer, the study of sacred scriptures, meditation, and spiritual disciplines (such as learning control of our emotions and thoughts), the kundalini energy begins to uncoil and rise to the other chakras. The level and degree of stability to which Leviathan rises depends upon the spiritual purification and maturity of each individual.285 As the kundalini rises, we attain consciousness of our higher bodies. We experience the higher parts of ourselves, such as the Christ Self and I AM PRESENCE. Metaphysicians call this bridge of conscious awareness to the Higher Self our Rainbow Bridge. We can consciously build this bridge by focusing on the Christ Self and I AM PRESENCE while undergoing the initiatory process. The chart of your Divine/Real Self is an excellent meditation tool in building this bridge. You can purchase this chart, wallet size or for the wall, at I also recommend purchasing the pocket book entitled Access the Power of Your Higher Self, which explains the Divine Self in more detail. Elizabeth Clare Prophet's pocket book entitled Your Seven Energy Centers can be purchased here.

Leviathan can be the uncontrollable beast described in verses 1-8 of chapter 41. Partial risings, as far as the solar plexus, can result in many very subtle temptations. The solar plexus is our passageway to the emotional or astral plane. Becoming sensitive to the invisible realms through the solar plexus can open us to all types of illusions. Though much good can be present on the higher levels of the astral plane, it is the plane of illusions. Temptations can abound. Psychic sensitivity through the solar plexus can fool us into believing we have achieved spiritual maturity. Messages from entities on the astral plane may or may not be credible. Universal law dictates that like attracts like. Thus, the degree to which we have purified our lower bodies and desires will determine what type of entities make contact with us. Possession by a lower entity is possible for the person who has not purified. Meditating on the Divine/Real Self chart and learning to focus on the heart chakra-instead of the solar plexus, which is located over the abdominal region-helps to ensure making contact with realms above the astral plane. Form the habit of focusing on your heart chakra while meditating. Within your heart area, mentally create a lovely private sanctuary to which you can go at any time. Lifting your attention to the heart chakra (located over your physical heart) is a safe way to meditate.

Spiritual maturity comes as we successfully pass through the initiatory process. This is the progression demonstrated to us by the major events of Jesus' life: birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. There are no shortcuts in achieving spiritual maturity. Even when some rare individuals have a spontaneous rising of the kundalini energy, they must go through the initiatory process as a means of integration and stabilization. Some who appear to have had a spontaneous rising have actually spent lifetimes in serious spiritual study and disciplines. They have achieved spiritual maturity either in this life or in a prior one.

Serious trauma or accidents may cause a spontaneous kundalini rising before the individual is ready to capture and bridle Leviathan. Spiritual emergencies can occur and are often misdiagnosed and treated incorrectly as a mental breakdown.286 Laypersons and professionals need to be aware of this possibility and seek out the appropriate resources. However, for the vast majority of persons, purification of the lower bodies and meditating at the heart chakra level will alleviate any possible difficulties.

One of the temptations many of us encounter on the spiritual path is to rush the natural sequence of spiritual maturity. We want to skip over the initiatory process. The spiritual journey can become so exciting that the nitty gritty work of purification and the development of spiritual disciplines can make us feel like a child having to eat vegetables before we can have our favorite dessert. Some will attempt to skip growth stages and artificially activate the kundalini energy. Circumventing the initiatory process can result in a battle with Leviathan, the mighty dragon of the sea. In ancient literature, water is often symbolic of our emotions. The ancients were familiar with this emotional dragon. "Try to capture him; such a battle you will have! You will never forget it." 287 To the ancients, Leviathan signified "the solar life force imprisoned in water and also the divine energy coursing through the body."288 This divine energy is the kundalini force. The 2nd Initiation of Baptism can be the most difficult because it entails achieving control of this emotional dragon. Attempting to do so after the kundalini has been artificially activated can literally take lifetimes. The normal course of the kundalini is to rise slowly through the chakras. If the emotional purification process has not been previously completed, the rising kundalini will meet energetic barriers within the chakras that can revert its course downward, activating the more coarse human passions.289 As a result, emotional purification and control becomes extremely difficult.

The awakening of Leviathan can be a marvelous gradual unfolding of spiritual gifts, if we submit to Saturn's guidance, as did Job and Jesus. Both went through the initiatory process. Job's example is similar to the path most of us take. His Soul knew the way, although Job was not consciously aware of embarking on the process. Suffering and the search for answers as to why good people experience pain was the modality by which Job underwent his initiatory process. Jesus demonstrated an alternative course of action. He made the conscious choice to walk the spiritual path and to achieve the status of 5th degree Initiate and Ascended Master. We have the opportunity to choose: the way of blind suffering or the way of conscious, intentional choice.

"Behold, Job, you now are set free from your afflictions. So your God will also remove your bitterness." 290 Job is now a 5th degree Initiate. His awakened cosmic consciousness, brought about by the rising of the kundalini energy to the crown chakra as a result of his successful initiatory process, resurrects him to newness of life. He is freed from his suffering. Viewing life through the lens of his higher bodies, Job loses all inclination toward bitterness.

The remainder of chapter 41 describes the 5th degree Initiate. Standing within the power of our Soul and I AM PRESENCE, Leviathan will no longer stray into the temptations experienced by means of our lower bodies and five senses. These temptations no longer have power over Job. "Who can open the doors of his mouth? His teeth are terrible round about. His mouth is tied up, and closely shut, as with a seal. His teeth are so close together that no air can come between them. They are joined one to another, they stick together so that they cannot be separated." 291 Job is now one with his Soul.292 He perceives life as it truly is. Once we behold Truth, we cannot turn back. The aura of Truth surrounds us. The Apostle Paul knew this Oneness. "In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor empires nor armies nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor anything else created shall be able to separate me from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ our Lord." 293 Jesus demonstrated this knowledge of oneness through the way in which he lived his life.

"His appearance is full of light, and his eyes are like rays of the dawn. Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out." 294 A 5th degree Initiate is a Being of Light. Light that radiates from the eyes and shines through the spoken word. The crown, third eye, and throat chakras are open and flooded with light. "He has great strength in his neck, and fear is to him like dancing.. His heart is never made to quake for fear, but is firm like a stone; yea as hard as flint." 295 There is great strength in the throat chakra and the spoken word of a 5th degree Initiate. With the heart chakra open to the ceaseless influx of divine love, fear no longer plays a role in Job's life. The knowledge born of experience is firm like a stone and as hard as flint.296 "Perfect love casts out fear." 297

"Because of the fear of him, the mighty are afraid; and the strong are

humbled." 298 No longer dependent upon the power of the sword, the marketplace, and the competitive way, the 5th degree Initiate befuddles and frightens those who believe themselves to be strong and successful. "The wound of the sword is of no effect; the lances of the mighty he removes. He considers iron like straw, and brass like rotten wood. The bow cannot make him flee; he treats slingstones as stubble. He laughs at the spear; he is at home in the deep as if he were on the dry land. With his strong body he walks upon the ground. He brings to destruction whatever is proud. He is a king over all things in the deep." 299 Job, as a Light Being, no longer need be concerned over that that kills the physical body. Love and Light create an impenetrable protective shield around Job. The sword has no effect. Within his Light Body, Job is as comfortable in the deep waters as on dry land. The revelation that Job is "king over all things in the deep" proclaims Job as possessing total control over his subconscious mind and emotions. Continuity of consciousness has been restored. Job lives in the Eternal Now. He knows Truth and Truth has set him free!



"The uniqueness of Christ's work lay in the fact that He was the first
to enact the whole of the initiation ceremonial rites and ritual publicly,
before the world at large, thus giving humanity a demonstration of divinity
centered in one person so that all could see , could know,
believe and follow in His steps."

285 I encourage you to visit the Kundalini Care Web Site and read the valuable information posted there.  The URL is:

286 I encourage you to become acquainted with the Spiritual Emergence Network at:  As you will see, it is undergoing changes, but does offer a list of therapists in the various states who are trained to deal with spiritual emergence type issues.  Many times a spiritual emergence is treated like a mental breakdown and the individual is incorrectly treated.

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