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Working In Cooperation With the Angelic Kingdom

Nancy B. Detweiler

During Jesus' 40 day fast, he successfully struggled with how to begin his ministry in accordance with the Divine Plan. He defeated his personality ego and rejected methods that would have called attention to himself via the ways of the world. While Jesus wrestled with the temptations, the world of spirit stood back and allowed him to use his freewill in making the decisions impacting his life's journey. It is the same with us. God granted each of us the gift of freewill and Universal Law states that our freewill cannot be violated by the world of spirit. We, like Jesus, are responsible for our choices ... we must learn to think for ourselves ... to consult our I AM PRESENCE through our Higher Intuitive Mind. The adversary in this story (Matthew 4:1-11) is symbolic of the personality ego and its various methods for satisfying the lower self. As long as we choose to function on the personality ego level, the world of spirit can intervene only when asked to do to so. In contrast, once we achieve higher consciousness characterized by a focus on allowing only the Divine Plan to unfold in our lives and work, we are actually working in concert with the world of spirit. We can consciously work with the angelic kingdom, our spirit guides, and our galactic family. Note when the angels came to Jesus: "Then Jesus said to him, 'Get away, Satan, for it is written you shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.' Then the adversary left him alone; and behold, angels drew near and ministered to him." The angels appeared to help only after Jesus made his choice to serve God only. As long as we are choosing to serve self ... to manipulate others ... the world of spirit must stand back and allow us to learn our lessons the hard way---by reaping whatever we sow.

An excellent example of working in cooperation with the angelic kingdom is found in Acts 5. Following Jesus' ascension, his disciples are preaching and healing. The religious authorities are filled with jealousy; they arrest and imprison the disciples. "But during the night, the angel of the Lord opened the door of the prison and brought them forth and said to them, 'Go, stand in the temple and speak to the people all these words of life.' Accordingly they went out early in the morning and entered into the temple and taught the people."

Working in harmony with the angelic kingdom requires living with intent on our part. We must "be in our power," mot give it away. We must lovingly care for our body temple. We must learn to view all of life as neutral energy that we qualify by our emotions, thoughts, and actions. We are to make choices in accordance to the highest good of all concerned, including ourselves. This is radical, folks! Jesus taught: "Become perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

One of the ways in which we must "live in our power" is in our choice of music. Our violent, chaotic, sexually oriented world is a direct result of the type of music we choose to fill our lives. Although there are other factors involved, few of us realize the tremendous impact music has on our bodies, emotions, minds, and spirit. Why? In the words of Geoffrey Hodson: "Behind and within material universes creative sound subsists, that celestial symphony of which Nature's forms are a physical expression." Music creates us ... music creates the environment in which we live. (I'll talk more about music tomorrow.)
An Angel of Celestial Music (Geoffrey Hodson)

Would the music we choose to fill our lives create such a radiant, beautiful energy around us? Around our children?
A Rose Angel - meaning rose colored angel.

According to Hodson, there are some "angels who are associated with aspects of divine consciousness, rather than with currents of creative Life-force and the mineral and plant kingdoms of nature. "Rose angels" may be thought of as incarnations of divine wisdom and love, qualities that bring them into intimate contact with the Immortal Selves of Egos [Higher Selves] of men. Association with such beings is indeed a privilege and their cooperation in the service of humanity can be of greatest value." Rose is the color vibration of Love.
Profile of A Rose Angel revealing the higher consciousness force centers (or chakras) ... the throat, 3rd eye, and crown chakras. (Hodson)

These 3 chakras are also among the 7 chakras of humanity.
A Healing Angel - Note the child at the angel's feet.

Healing in cooperation with the Healing Angels is far more effective than the human methods only. Groups dedicated to healing prayer and meditation for others are excellent ways for all of us to experience the presence and cooperation of the Healing Angels.
A Healing Angel
A Healing Angel

A very valuable service we can offer the planet and individuals is healing prayer and meditation. This prayer is NOT pleading to God for healing of the individual. Instead, it consists of calling in the Healing Angels and visualizing their healing energies enfolding the individual as you see in the paintings. ALWAYS ask that "All healing taking place be according to the highest good of the individual and God's will." Some people are not ready to be healed completely---We often learn valuable spiritual lessons while meeting the challenges of ill-health. No one is granted the right to interfere with another's freewill choice to be healed or to continue a while longer with the challenge.

What we can do for all, including those not yet ready to be healed, is to hold them mentally in the healing energy of the Angels and stand back. We are not the healers ... God, in accordance with the divine plan for each person is the Healer. In this way, we are working in cooperation with the Healing Angels who are attuned to the divine instructions for each individual. Hodson has known the healing angels to be working with these individuals for at least 24 hours after the group invocation for healing. We might ask that the Healing Angels remain with the individual throughout the healing process. ALWAYS GIVE THANKS FOR ALL HEALING NOW TAKING PLACE---without qualifications of our own.
Angels of the World Mother overseeing the birth of a child. These angels hover around the mother and unborn child as the time for birth draws near. (Hodson)

The Angels of the World Mother assist in the construction of new bodies---mental, emotional, etheric, and physical---for the soul now ready to incarnate on the physical plane. They assist in the induction of the Soul or Super Ego into the physical vehicle designed for the earth plane sojourn. These angels preside over all maternal processes throughout Nature. (Hodson)
A representative picture of the World Mother -- the Mother Aspect of Father God. This painting portrays Her in her solar aspect, brooding in divine love over all worlds. (Hodson)

The true World Mother is the primary substance of the universe from which all things are manifested. "The cosmic Maternal Principle is universally manifest and its conserving and reproducing attributes are active throughout all Nature.... Without it nothing could be conceived and born, nothing preserved, nothing reproduced.... The Madonna ideal, for example, has been and still is of incalculable value in consoling, purifying, and ennobling humanity. Through it, a realization of the Mother-Love of God has been brought within reach of millions of suffering and aspiring people.... Since the World Mother is beyond all limitation of form, no picture can truly represent Her." (Hodson)

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