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The Hidden Effects of Music

Nancy B. Detweiler


"A wise man seeks by music to strengthen the weakness of his soul; the thoughtless one uses it to stifle his fears." ---Confucius

According to Corrine Heline, the ancients understood the power of music and sought to use it to attune to higher realms of consciousness. At one time China closely regulated the types of music children were allowed to hear---only music that uplifted the soul. Ancient religions, including Christianity, were careful to guard against dissonant music due to its sinister, disruptive influence. They understood the primary importance of the keynote in which a musical composition was written.

"The sacred ministry of music has been all but submerged in the wave of dense materialism which has engulfed the world since the beginning of the 15th century." ---Corrine Heline, MUSIC: THE KEYNOTE OF HUMAN EVOLUTION.

The basis of creation is the numeric vibrations that express as music. Every organ in our body possesses a natural rhythm. Our bodies as a whole function in harmony to a particular musical keynote. When we listen to uplifting music, our bodies can be healed ... our emotions lifted to the vibrations of love and thanksgiving ... our thoughts inspired to do good. Elizabeth Claire Prophet, a well-known author and clairvoyant, reveals in the following painting the aura of a person listening to harmonious, uplifting music. Note the spiral of energy stretching from below the feet upward toward the heavens while encircling the individual.
Harmonious Music’s Effect on the Human Aura

In contrast, when we listen to dissonant music our bodies are weakened and can literally become ill because the rhythm of the music is disrupting the natural rhythm of the body organs. Dissonant music turns our emotions and thoughts downward to the lower self. Plants have been known to die as a result of prolonged exposure to rock music. People have killed after attending a hard rock concert.
The lyrics of the songs may or may not be harmless; it is the discordant rhythm that impacts most adversely. Now, study the aura of a person listening to dissonant music. Note the disarray of the auric field. Just so you know, I selected the least frightening picture to show you. Some dissonant music literally opens our auric field to the demonic forces.
Dissonant Music’s Effect on the Human Aura

Both pictures are taken from a taped lecture by Elizabeth Claire Prophet, "The Science of Rhythm for the Mastery of the Sacred Energies of Life: Uses and Misuses of the Word in Music of East & West."

Dr. Steven Halpern, a musician and researcher into the effects of music, states: "Music is not just a metaphor that we hear for awhile and then leave. You actually "hear" the music when you are playing it back in your own nervous system, when you're not overwhelmed by the vast panorama of technical complexity or virtuosity of a performer. So it is, that music nourishes the body.... The basic theory is that music, as an energy, can work on the energy body of an individual and speak in the vibrational language, the mother tongue, to the various organs and systems, to help bring that body into physical alignment and attunement with its own perfect pattern of perfection." (TUNING THE HUMAN INSTRUMENT: KEEPING YOURSELF IN "SOUND HEALTH.") OR... by the same token, we can weaken and disrupt the body organs' natural rhythm by listening to dissonant music.

During this Lenten Season, let us determine the impact the music to which we listen has upon us. And if your music is adversely effecting you, please consider what you are doing to your children when you expose them to dissonant music. It is time for all of us to awaken from our lifelong slumber and begin to "feast" upon only those sounds that uplift our spirits. We are presently living in a transitional period in which we all have the choice as to whether or not we want to ascend into the higher realms of consciousness. If we desire to lift our conscious awareness to that of the Enlightened Individual (shown in previous devotionals), we must remove from our lifestream all that holds us back or imprisons us on the plane of duality (the plane of good and evil).

A HELPFUL EXERCISE: With a pen and paper, sit at a table and listen to your favorite music. Allow your mind to float while drawing the music ... don't think about the drawing ... simply allow your hand to move with the pen as it expresses the music.

PLAY THE MUSIC AGAIN: Listen to your body ..... is the music affecting the lower half of your body? ... Sending your energies down? ......... OR .......... is the music uplifting your entire being?

1. How do I feel?
2. What does my drawing tell me about the music?
3. What does the music invite me to do?
4. Is this the type music to which I choose to continually expose my body, emotions, mind, and spirit?
5. Is this the type music that will create a harmonious environment for my children? Remember, they have no choice---especially while they are young.

May we all choose to "fast" from the dissonant music and "feast" on uplifting, majestic music in preparation for ascension into higher levels of consciousness.

ASCENSION = Becoming One with our I AM PRESENCE or God indwelling us. Jesus incarnated to show us how to ascend ... we are to follow his example. If we choose to simply "worship" Jesus, we take only the 1st step on our spiritual journey. Remember the high expectations Jesus demanded of his disciples (read earlier devotionals) ... Jesus made it plain to them that they were to do all that he did. It is the same for us ... we must do the work of crucifying our lower self and achieving resurrection and ascension into higher consciousness. No one can do it for us!

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