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Messages From Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Oct. 2, 2006 - Star Nations Move to "Plan C" (Public Demonstrations)

As you are undoubtedly aware, over the last couple months an effort was made by Mario Sasso to reintegrate with the star person identity of a previous incarnation (Talessian), and then use that star person consciousness to fly a starcraft low over several cities to force an end to the UFO Cover-Up.

While Mario made considerable and protracted effort, he was hampered by among other things relentless Cabal attacks to distract, deenergize and deflect him. Last week Mario broke off his efforts, exhausted.

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to consult with a member of Star Nations Council, Councillor For the Watchers, about what Star Nations was prepared to do, given these circumstances.

When I asked Councillor For the Watchers what would happen now that "Plan A" was not successful, he said that Mario Sasso was actually "Plan B". (He did not identify Plan A.) Councillor further said that Star Nations had a variety of options in its contingency planning, as he put it, "We have Plans B through Z".

The salient news is that Star Nations is ready to move on "Plan C". Because of the learning experiences accumulated with Mario's attempt, Plan C will be done somewhat differently, and with considerably greater security precautions.

The identity of the Star Person incarnated as a Human designated to undertake Plan C is being kept confidential from the public. This "Plan C" Human's identity is , I believe, currently known only to himself, one other Human, and myself. (Do not waste electrons asking.)

There will be no press releases far in advance of starcraft public operations. The impression I have been given is that the cards will be held close to the vest until virtually the time that the public demonstration flight(s) take place.

Because of the differences between the previous effort and the new effort, it is anticipated that the Human involved will be able to be successful in less time than consumed in the previous effort.

I recommend that you send this Human your prayers and supportive light, that he may find his path with surefootedness and achieve success for all of us.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Mr. Namor is assisted in his Earth communication work by Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Sacramento, California, who is a policy interlocutor for Star Nations.
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