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Here is the inside account of a hybrid clone, created by the Cabal and placed aboard a spy satellite to operate its stolen extraterrestrial technology, then callously targeted to perish with the failing satellite. And his rescue. - Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Here is the whole chronology:

The $60 Million Dollar Hit Job: Government To Use A Guided Missile To Kill Secret Astronaut
February16, 2008


On Valentine's Day, (Thursday, Feb. 15), the wire services reported that James Jeffries, the Deputy National Security Adviser, said that President Bush had ordered a secret spy satellite in a decaying orbit to be shot down because it contains toxic fuel, and he was "concerned about human life".

Apparently Bush's "concern about human life" does not extend to hybrid Humans. Because what the government did not reveal is that the bus-size satellite has an astronaut aboard. This astronaut is a Human-Star Being hybrid, cloned by the Cabal, and whose job was to operate the advanced technology aboard the satellite, technology stolen and back-engineered from downed extraterrestrial spacecraft. The Cabal infiltrators in the National Reconnaissance Office do not want any portion of their satellite to reach Earth because of the chance that someone might notice the unworldly technology and unconventional crewman it carries; and to ask where those came from.

And the Cabal have another reason, too. This Star Wars Lite exercise is a public conditioning for a later full-scale Star Wars to repel a fake "alien invasion' staged by secret U.S. antigravity craft, and planned for later this year.

The details follow.

Sometime in the next two weeks, the U.S. Navy Aegis guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Erie will steam out of Pearl Harbor, HI accompanied by two destroyers and head for the North Pacific. Aboard will be three specially-modified Standard Missile-3 ICBMs. Their mission: to destroy a bus-size super-secret satellite which had been secretly launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in December, 2006. What the sailors aboard the USS Lake Erie will not be told is that the missile they fire will kill an astronaut aboard the secret satellite.

The government's press release is suspicious from the start. The stated reason for not letting satellite debris fall to Earth is supposedly because a canister of hydrazine fuel aboard would survive atmospheric re-entry and break apart upon hitting the ground, thus spreading toxic fumes in a 600-foot circle. Hydrazine is both volatile and highly flammable. But anyone who has watched the footage of the Shuttle Columbia break apart in atmospheric re-entry would have no doubt that a canister filled with explosive fuel would never make it through the fiery re-entry temperatures all the way to the ground. So a relatively small cloud of rocket propellant isn't the real reason for this $60 million Star Wars missile shoot. Keeping secret the stolen extraterrestrial technology and illegally-cloned astronaut is.

For some years the Cabal have been producing human clones using various mixtures of Human and extraterrestrial genes. These clones have been produced in secret underground Cabal factories in Iceland, Antarctica and elsewhere. The clones have been produced for various purposes. In the case of the astronaut aboard this secret spy satellite, his genetic composition is 2% Human genes and 98% Star Being genes. His job: to operate the exotic technology aboard the satellite, technology so exotic that it incorporates semi-alive artificial intelligence, and which is controlled by telepathic interface with the hybrid astronaut.

Some might think that 2% Human is not much in the overall genetic mix. But reflect that the genome of a chimpanzee and the Human genome differ by only 2%. The Cabal spliced the 2% Human genes into strategic locations on the Star Being genome in order to facilitate the hybrid's being under the control of the Cabal technicians, who brainwashed him since he was grown to adult size and activated The Cabal also mentally programmed him that his work aboard the NRO satellite, activating the Earth deep-penetrating imaging equipment, was "in the vital national security interest". Actually it is part of the Cabal's hostile search for Star Visitors who may have retreated underground from Cabal death squads hunting them.

The hybrid-Human astronaut, (let's call him Joe), lives and sleeps aboard the satellite. With his special hybrid make-up, Joe requires very little to eat, so there has been no problem storing enough long-term food supplies aboard for him.

The U.S. government could have sent up a Shuttle to rescue Joe from the satellite. They knew last year that its orbit would not last beyond the beginning of this March. But they did not. The Cabal consider secret astronauts expendable.

Besides, they have a second, sinister purpose with this coming missile kill. The great global publicity the Administration have given this missile kill of a secret satellite is no accident. For it is Phase Two of the three-phase Grand Plan they have, a plan that Dr. Wernher Von Braun warned about decades ago: three different manufactured external threats produced to rally the people around an increasingly power-grabbing and fascistic New World Order government.

Phase One was the Cold War, (during which supposed enemies secretly cooperated.)

Phase Two was a Threatening Object From Space. When Zecharia Sitchin's peddling of Sumerian legends about a supposed incoming planet Niburu/Marduk didn't catch traction, the Cabal fell back on this "falling satellite" ploy.

Phase Three is a faked "alien invasion" to be staged later this year in the skies overhead by Cabal secret antigravity craft, and projected holographic "alien ships". The Cabal figure this globalized "threat" will galvanize the people into acquiescing to Global Martial Law.

What the Cabal didn't count on is the numbers of lightworker and Star Seed Good Guys/Gals within governments, militaries, intelligence agencies, and other organizations who are "mad as hell and aren't going to take it any more;" it being Cabal sneaky power grabs, and are putting up resistance.

So, know you know the rest of the story.

(The above report is based on information disclosed to me by Star Nations. You didn't really expect that the Bush-Cheney White House would tell you the truth,did you? Cheney's motto is: "You can't handle the truth." But I think you can. So, now you have it.)


Monday near midnight, Feb. 18, 2008


It is my pleasure to bring you promising news about that astronaut "Joe" stranded on the spy satellite about to fall out of orbit.
Around Noon today I emailed President Bush about "Joe", the hybrid astronaut stranded aboard the dying space satellite. (See my Letter below.*)
Two hours later I heard from a Star Being, who provided me the following update information, which I am sharing with you.
The Star Being, whom I will call "Oscar", is in a position to be aware of developments within the White House, within NASA, and of Cabal communications, via intercepts. Here is what I learned from him.
Oscar says that my Letter to the White House "got attention" from the Good Guys/Gals working there. No doubt the other emails people have sent today helped, too.
He said,"The good guys did not know they had an astronaut up there, and within the hour calls were made. The switchboard lit up." One official in the White House was heard yelling into his phone to NASA,"What in the hell are you boys doing up there!" WH officials said threateningly to NASA,"If we find out you got Bio [a living person] on board, you can kiss your Spring Break goodbye!"
Currently the Cabal are rushing to get their "Johnson" up there before the White House gets their astronaut to the failing spy satellite. ("Johnson" is NASA's term for their special astronauts who operate out of the clandestine Space City facility, Johnson Space Center-West, within White Sands Missile Range near Las Cruces, New Mexico. The Cabal have a lot of their people at Space City, and have a Headquarters there. )
The White House has ordered a quiet, urgent special rescue flight by a Good Guy space-rescue astronaut aboard an undeclared spacecraft out of Space City, NM, to retrieve the stranded hybrid astronaut Joe, and bring him back safely to Earth.
It is a de-facto race between the Good Guys' rescue astronaut and the Cabal's "Johnson" to see who can reach Joe first. But the Cabal don't want to bring Joe back alive. Oscar says, "The Cabal will kill Joe if they get him first."
Oscar says that Good Guys officials in the White House have given the Cabal "direct orders not to go anywhere near that 'f*ing time bomb' [the failing satellite loaded with explosive fuel]." Oscar reported that "the White House has ordered Cabal to back off, and let the officially-authorized NASA rescue team retrieve Joe from the dying satellite."
Because of the human outpouring of concern for stranded Joe, Star Nations feels it is permitted to join with the Human rescue effort to help assure success, and has pledged today to do so.
Perhaps not coincidentally, the Navy has hurried up its timetable to shoot the satellite down, and plans to launch a destructive missile at it Thursday.
I am sending President Bush a follow-up email demanding that he tell the (Cabal elements within the) Navy to stand down from any missile launch until Joe has been rescued. I also told Oscar to relay to Star Nations that "the Councillor of Earth authorizes extreme force to repel any Cabal craft trying to harm Joe, or to interfere with the Good Guys' craft getting to Joe first."
Hold good intention, send positive energy or a prayer that the rescue mission is successful.



I bring you great joyful news, just received.
Stranded astronaut "Joe" has been rescued by the secret NASA rescue team dispatched from Johnson Space Center, White Sands by the Good Guys/Gals in the Administration.
At 3:23 pm, PST, the White Hats within the government sent a message, (intercepted by my Star Being informant, "Oscar".) The White Hats message read: "Precious Cargo has been retrieved."
This means Joe has been successfully retrieved from the stricken satellite and placed board the NASA Retrieval Vehicle for transport back to the ground. There he will associate with the Friendlies within government, safe from Cabal clutches.

Informant Oscar also said (at 3:40 pm, PST) that the Cabal sent a message: "Our Bobbies have some serious explaining to do." Oscar said he believes this is a reference to the inability of the Cabal European forces to stop the White Hats from getting to Joe.

Score: Human-Star Nations joint effort: 1
Cabal: 0

Time to break out the sparkling bubbly beverage! Well done, all the way around!

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC, Councillor of/for Earth
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
Diamond Springs, California 95619, USA

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