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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
4 Imix, 4 Ceh, 1 Caban

Greetings, dear Hearts! We return with more things to share with you! One of the most difficult ideas for you to grasp successfully is the wonder of full consciousness. From our various craft to the amazing life form that is Mother Earth, all are part of a living, conscious Universe. This immensity covers a nearly infinite number of dimensions and realities, all bound together by the workings of the divine plan and the unending Love of Heaven. You are all children of this incredible Love story. Physicality may seem real to you, but she is only a constructed figment of your collective imagination and the grace conferred by Heaven. The triune Godhead that is the Creator is best expressed by the decrees of Lord Surea. These have given you the means to victory and are allowing us in the Galactic Federation of Light to complete the last components needed to effect first contact. First contact is the major consciousness shift that you are all anxiously waiting for. This shift permits us to redirect your global society and ready you for your coming return to full consciousness.

      Consciousness is the divine tool that empowers us. Every part of you is manifested by consciousness. Consciousness is truly more than mere awareness; she is the spark of the infinite melded with the Divine. This empowered, sacredly directed Light is moved by Love to create all things. Thoughts are one of these manifestations; another is the physical body that you possess and the life that you have given yourselves. When you look up and see the flickering lights of the night sky, know that you played an important part in their coalescence. The potential power within you knows no bounds. The motherships that we depicted in our most recent messages are the manifestation of ideas drawn up by selves strongly connected to you. All of us are kin. All of us are siblings of the wondrous workings of the triune Godhead. We spring from the divine plan and, in each lifetime have done our part to reveal the magic enclosed within the divine plan. This first contact is yet another example of this. The timings and revelations of first contact are being revealed daily, all leading to a moment: the instance of first contact.

      We are all part of an experience that is the moments before this contact is fully realized. Those on your world who have chosen to represent the dark side are divine actors playing their assigned roles. Even though these Beings seem to have delayed our arrival, we know that first contact is ultimately destined to happen. This dark side has dressed itself in the garb of the divine and used this misdirected authority to polarize a great nation. This activity will not go on much longer, and their continuing attempts to maintain their ever-fading global control will likewise fail. Their roles in this drama were given to them to help you wake up and come together as a people. This you have done in increasing numbers. We watched as you directed yourselves through the Internet; we saw you forge nascent coalitions that are eventually to be the foundations of a new way of doing things. These activities can become the primary support for the introduction of new technologies and the dissemination of new truths about yourselves and the ways of the Universe.

      Mother Earth appears to hang in a void, suspended by forces that your scientists know very little about. These forces are elements of consciousness. When you are truly enlightened, these forces dance before you in perfect alignment. But preceding this special moment come new concepts of physics, mathematics, religion, and biology. You are mere children in the Universe, and we are your ever-Loving kin! The world you find so amazing was reconstructed by you in a form friendly to the dark. From this was born your crisis of population, and that of your environment. A third one involves the nature of your reality. All are coming to a head. The present paths chosen by your leaders are fraught with peril, and your future seems in doubt. Yet all this is merely a scary prelude to a dramatic shift toward the Light. Your history is littered with such moments. The difference is that the present one is taking place on a global scale. This prelude began around two decades ago and the moment of truth is now being reached.

      Every shift in consciousness leads to a special moment when a society begins to better understand her relationship to the Divine. As this process takes root, the old religious ways of control tighten their grip and then suddenly collapse. The great prophets and shamans of your world understood this syndrome and consequently, let the dark distort and twist their teachings. Each one knew that in the near future their message was to be untangled and presented anew to this world. This is now beginning to happen. Concurrent with this phenomenon is a growing awareness in all sciences that the core of its beliefs is founded on erroneous assumptions. These have colored their observations and produced a babble of theories unable to comprehend the myriad workings of Creation. While these theories have produced some wondrous technologies, they have been incapable of solving the many dilemmas they so unwittingly cause. Breaking through the main pillars of your present reality is no easy task. Vast organizations, global in scope, have spread complex dogmas that are taught to you as children and that you rely upon as adults. Your sciences and religions are like dried-up concrete that for too long has clogged up the arteries of your consciousness. Now Heaven is providing the means for effecting an essential transformation. Around you, disciples of a new science and believers in a new religious way have cropped up. These correspond favorably to the innovators that changed your localized societies in the past. Here, we must stress that change needs to be done globally. It is these ones, referred to above, who are preparing you for a vast leap in your consciousness. Your final stages of enlightenment need to be done in rapid gulps and we are now busy doing this.

      Looking at first contact in this way, we see ourselves as part of a team designated to change this reality into a far better one. The absolute key to this is full consciousness. In this mode, the present world of duality is transcended and then swiftly replaced by a world of endless possibilities. This all-encompassing realm is connected to the divine parts of you that you currently barely communicate with. Your destiny is to become integrated with all the aspects that are you. Your vastness is to know no bounds! This is the reality we live in, and our mission is to share this with you. With this wisdom, you can fulfill your great potential and use your collected knowledge to unveil the next parts of the divine plan. You can also join us in the wondrous exploration of physicality and discover the marvels that constitute our Universe.

      As you can see, the world ahead of you is still hazy, but is just starting to come into view. As the focus becomes clearer, events can manifest that are meant to shift your world. This shifting is leading to moments where intense crises can suddenly appear. We ask you to see them for what they really are. This means permitting yourselves to expand spiritually and become more able to accept the conditions needed for global enlightenment. While the dark continues to "fiddle," we recommend that you come together and support each other. In this way, your potential can keep coalescing in much greater numbers and at higher levels of consciousness. This phenomenon can keep you moving toward your objective and allow first contact to become an accomplished reality! Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we went over the true meaning of first contact. Your return to full consciousness is duly decreed by Heaven and especially, by Lord Surea! Take this knowledge and use it to empower yourselves. Be ready to do whatever may be asked of you when the magic moment begun by first contact manifests before you! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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