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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

13 Men, 8 Kumku, 3 Manik -- July 8, 2008

Selamat Balik! We return! We are here with a report on what is happening on your world. First of all, many of you are in the last stages of awakening in this very limited-conscious reality, and hence you are experiencing a period of apparent listlessness. Look upon this time as the moment before a wave of new knowledge changes everything. At present, you are prone to tiredness and feel unable to work as hard or be as focused as you are used to. This is the result of the energy of this special time. Welcome it, and know that it is the preparation for a great deal of upcoming activity planned for you by the Infinite. The Earth is likewise readying herself for her part in the coming hyperactivity. We caution you to be ready for these things, which include not only the many changes long-promised you but also those things that signal the formal start of our first-contact operations. Then, indeed, your life becomes especially hectic as we requisition your help during the transition to a post-contact reality!

We repeat: The promised changes are moving swiftly forward. All indications are that your world is close to a series of announcements that herald the end of your known reality. Our Earth allies are busy putting the final touches to some major events, which are to be preceded by a schedule of astounding public announcements. These can transform your world from its present state of rising global turmoil to one where peace and prosperity can begin to take root. You will witness the dissolution of the looming specter of global economic collapse and watch the advent of a new world reality grounded in a redistribution of wealth, complete with the sudden appearance of a vast amount of gold that is to anchor your new global monetary system. This system is to be presided over by a worldwide banking structure that changes forever the enormous excesses of the present banking and monetary networks. A new, more conscious world is to take full liability for and address the sins long perpetrated by humanity against Mother Earth. This means an end to your present age of oil and an introduction to a whole slew of new technologies.

This promising new world is what Heaven is diligently working toward. Every one of you is in the midst of some degree of change. For some, it is the beginning of a broad-based awakening process; for many more, it is learning what this awakening means and how best to start a new life style more attuned to their bodies, more honoring of their deepest longings, and more responsive to their need to cultivate the consciousness growing within them. This inner desire to adjust to a new consciousness is being mirrored by the huge changes to your physical body and to the energy fields that surround it. These subtle changes are resulting in aches and soreness, and strange physical effects and anomalies. In effect, Heaven is birthing a new body for you. It is this transformed physical vehicle that is to embody the new, fully conscious you! First contact is the final step in this operation. Mother Earth is aiding this process by lowering her magnetics and setting up the proper environment for the birth of the new You!

These changes are part of a greater whole that is transforming the very nature of your solar system. Your scientists are baffled by what is happening to Mother Earth, the Sun, and your many planets. The amount of energy pouring in from the throne of the Creator is truly immense! It includes streams of information that are setting the stage for the changes now becoming observable and for those yet to come. This inundation of energy is making it more and more impossible for those who control your old paradigm to defend themselves against this ever-increasing onslaught. Thus, change is starting to gain the upper hand on your world, and the crying need for a drastically revised construct is becoming glaringly obvious. Responding to this, many students, researchers, and other professionals are coming up with ways to implement these needed changes. All this is a welcome sign of readiness for the huge amount of change now preparing to burst forth on the world scene.

The changes to government, to the global banking and currency network, and to the world's economic systems are only the start. The unveiling of startling new technologies is to give huge impetus to the paradigm shift now underway. We anticipated this and fully expect these technologies to prepare your populace to accept what we in the Galactic Federation will demonstrate as part of the final first-contact operation. This sudden leap in your technological capabilities fulfills one of the requirements for your being considered candidates for first contact. It is to be accompanied by a series of global discussions about how to upgrade your democracies to more user-friendly models. These will serve as stopgaps until we introduce you to the concept of galactic society and the institutions that govern it. Said proposals will be fully outlined and discussed with you in our first post-contact forums.

One of the goals of what our Earth allies are doing is expunging your 13-millennia-long status as mere chattel to the rulers chosen by the Anunnaki. Further, the dark cabalists had not expected this operation to progress so swiftly; it is quickly overturning their power bases and allowing the seizure of the institutions that maintain their wealth. On top of this comes a groundswell determined to put an end to the global cover-up which disparages even the fact of our existence. All around the planet, the directives that form the backbone of this cover-up are giving way. Little by little, nations are not only releasing evidence of "sightings," proving that something is indeed out there, but are encouraging the notion that these beings are benevolent. We welcome this! It is another sign that the conditions for first contact are manifesting and that all this is not far off.

This growing recognition of our existence is an authentic phenomenon that pleases us no end! It proves that even the most unrelenting of cover-ups can succumb to the Light! Many sensible people now study the abundant evidence and come to the logical conclusion that we are indeed real and, moreover, have been visiting your world for a very long time. Once they get beyond the government misinformation files, they see a clear pattern pointing toward a future first contact. In the same vein, open-minded geneticists have begun to see that humans actually have an off-world origin. This throws into stark relief the inventions and inane assumptions of anthropology and reveals the vast, interlinking deception of much of modern science. The old picture is becoming puerile as new information comes in to replace it, and this is another indication that first contact is now most timely.

This is a time for you to rethink your perceptions of reality. A great amount of change is happening on many levels. It is your responsibility to prepare yourself and your community for big change. The unwillingness of your political and even your economic systems to address the basic needs of its citizens must now be converted. Our Earth allies' programs for change are a giant step in this direction, and any other necessary changes can be made during the final steps to full consciousness. In this stage of growth the sheer folly of what presently surrounds you can more easily be seen, and you are ready to begin conceiving your unique vision of galactic society and forging a most welcome new star nation. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussions about how the changes now close to manifestation are to affect you. They will bring you to the brink of full consciousness. The rest will follow when we carry out our first-contact mass landings. Soon we can come together, celebrate, and freely discuss everything and anything. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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