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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

6 Ahau, 3 Kumku, 1 Caban - July 4, 2006

Selamat Jarin! We return to you yet again with more to discuss. As you know, we have reached the last month of this galactic year. Many surprising events are on the horizon ready to jump at a moment's notice into your hearts. There is also the deep need of Mother Earth and this entire solar system to transform into their fully conscious selves, all of which will result in a huge change in the reality you presently occupy. This shift takes many forms, and in our messages we have tried to give you a glimpse of them. It is important to constantly keep the bigger picture in mind and see events in this greater Light. Then, what may seem to be sporadic or glacial progress can take on a different aspect. With a fine-tuned eye and a discerning mind, the underlying changes swiftly come into focus, and the machinations of the dark and the covert counter-moves of the Light can be seen. At present, the final adjustments that seal your victory are taking place despite all the surveillance efforts of the dark.

These final battles are the most intense yet. Little by little, our Earth allies have repositioned themselves. In the beginning, their conflict with the last dark cabal was more direct: A new Breton Woods-type financial agreement was to be suddenly sprung on this cabal when it least expected it. But this strategy was corrupted by the dubious positions adopted by many major international banks. The next scheme was to take this agreement and break it down into smaller pieces. The battle between major governments over oil and water rights has helped to make this strategy much more successful. As we speak, a number of these nations are working out important aspects of what was initially stipulated in the agreements of 1998. This makes it possible for the abundance programs and accompanying provisions to finally see the light of day. In a nutshell, the current worldwide struggles have hatched a secret diplomacy that can permit your destined victory to manifest conclusively before you.

How the last pieces of this plan are to come together is something we cannot yet divulge. What we can tell you is that this triumph is not far off. We ask you to remember the big picture: A many-tentacled monster that has controlled your world for nearly 13 millennia is losing its stranglehold, and a well-positioned and effective minority is working assiduously to forge a workable alternative system. This has been in the works for just over 30 years. Prior to this, the two groups were held in balance by the definitive guidance of your overlords, the Anunnaki. Then, in the last few decades the tide turned in favor of the Light. The decisive moment was the Anunnaki's departure. Suddenly the playing field became more level, and our Earth allies have done much since then to achieve their goals. A momentum was built up in 1998 and then temporarily dashed in the first years of this decade. Thereafter, a new momentum was begun and really started to take shape at the end of the last galactic year. It has now reached the point where some public events can start to manifest.

While these preparations proceed, Mother Earth is making major corrections to her surface area. Do remember that Mother Earth is a deeply caring parent to her ecosystem. Continual "reasonable" adjustments are necessary, and yet she fully comprehends the level beyond which changes would be catastrophic to human civilization. Hence, the larger movements, while still quite deadly, are to be restricted to a particular region. What puzzles Mother Earth is the massive stupidity of this last dark cabal: It persists with policies aimed at extinguishing all life on the planet while also wishing to reside here. The Anunnaki and their dark off-world allies are patently no longer available to rescue this cabal, and yet it insists on these self-destructive policies! Our Earth allies are aware of this and understand fully the importance of the first contact fleet to their magnificent plans. So, we stand ready when needed to guide and assist their vital undertaking.

The ruinous policies of this last cabal for unbridled power and total control of your destiny are not to happen. The transitioning of the Anunnaki to the Light put an end to that forever! However, what they left behind them was a titanic face-off between the various factions of their former Earth-bound ruling elite. Possessing immense wealth and power, these groups battled for supremacy. And it was out of this struggle that the foundation for your new reality emerged. We have observed this drama from the start, and we now see taking shape what we wish to emphasize in this message: The philanthropic plans of our Earth allies are indeed succeeding. A long war of attrition is circumscribing the power of this dark cabal. New monetary instruments incorporating the key points of the 1998 agreements are presently taking effect. These are backed by the vast sums needed to bring the rest of the new monetary system into full legal force.

This is a good start; but true-value monetary systems and universal debt-forgiveness are not the whole answer: A global financial abundance must transform your world's "poverty consciousness." Coupled with this are deeply ingrained survival fears. These erroneous thought forms were embedded in you by the strategies of the Anunnaki. Now the time has come for these fears and the belief systems they spawned to evaporate in the Light of your new reality. What is now required is a populace fully conversant in the lofty principles of liberty and personal sovereignty, and one that is determined to defend them against usurpers. The need to be fearless in these vital matters cannot be overstated. It is this that can unravel your society's conflicted attitudes to money. Only then can a true democracy begin to flourish!

The time prior to first contact is to be used to end the many versions of slavery imposed upon your world by the Anunnaki and their minions. As we mentioned before, the present legal set-up is tied to imperial Roman law. This legacy, such as statute law and other illegal corruptions of common law, needs to be changed. The ideals of the American Declaration of Independence are to be freed from the entanglements of rampant systemic corruption. Only in a world of truly free men and women can these goals bestowed upon you by the Divine be realized. Thus, first contact is a catalyst for change. The continual taunts of the illuminoids as they try to seize more power and control are to be squelched underfoot by the irrepressible march of an abundance-fed, true democracy! This "house-cleaning" can then at last reveal the seeds of the foundation of your own galactic society. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

What we are talking about is a movement for beneficial change that is shifting your global society. It is vital for you to comprehend that this shift is happening despite the dark policies pursued by this last cabal. Never forget the sacrifices made to ensure the downfall of this dark cabal. This operation is a divine one. Imperial Rome grew out of the growing power of a few ruling patrician families. This distortion eventually led to the demise of the Roman Republic. Similar conditions presently exist in America. This rising corporate power needs to be transformed, and our Earth allies are fully aware of this peril. Universal abundance and other related improvements can swiftly remedy your current predicaments. And these happy developments are just a prelude for events that can lead to the successful conclusion of this first contact mission.

Today, we continued our discussion about how to effectively evaluate what is happening globally. As these events play out, we ask you to stay positive and focused upon your success. Bear in mind that, although things have taken some time to sort themselves out, great events are finally ready to manifest. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)


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