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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

10 Caban, 5 Zip, 4 Eb -- September 9, 2008

Selamat Balik! We come before you again, bringing more interesting things to discuss with you! At present, we are watching as our Earth allies complete many essential operations. These steps are to give them the opportunity to restrict the various intrigues intended by the dark cabal to prevent the success of the Earth allies. The most frequently used of these ploys is the exploitation of a particular weak spot in those groups whose main responsibility is to carry out the prosperity deliveries throughout your globe. These difficulties are attracting our attention and we are therefore providing special 'resources' that can be used to surmount the most devious of these roadblocks. It is our intention to have our Earth allies reach the stage where the present illegal governments of your planet can be legally ousted from power. It is becoming increasingly clear that we can no longer tolerate the present chaotic situations on your world. Our many meetings concerning this matter have given rise to a potential scenario that we are currently discussing with Heaven.

The plan is simply to give our Earth allies a very considerable advantage here, thus permitting them to finish off the, by now, thoroughly flawed delivery process. It is this stumbling block which is delaying the other elements of this highly complex operation. Until now we have primarily observed, and done the little allowed by Heaven. Now, there is a definite requirement for us to do something a bit more dramatic. Despite the advantages garnered by our Earth allies and with our somewhat limited assistance, the dark, through a number of key and very powerful individuals, still manages to prevail. This situation needs to be resolved forthwith and we are ready to implement a variety of solutions once we gain divine approval. Our personnel understand why this is occurring and intend to 'take care of business' shortly. The dark dreads a higher level of involvement on our part. Their mischief making can easily be put a stop to with some well-placed pressure by our on-planet personnel. This form of pressure, however, can only be applied within the new general guidelines from our divine, heavenly masters.

What we are preparing is a series of devices that can end, legally, the prevailing impasse. Thereafter, it is essential that the proper and legally empowered individuals be able to limit severely the type of actions presently allowed. Then the transfer of power can be made, as agreed to by our Earth allies and our diplomatic liaison teams. We have the technology to easily upset the dark's seemingly invincible 'applecart' and have almost had to use it on occasion in the past. Now the present situation warrants a more forceful solution. The requirement to have our Earth allies as the main agent of change creates situations that permit the dark to carry on its underhand methods of enforcing its self-perpetuation. We watch as these treacherous characters sabotage all efforts to remove them from power. The threat they fear most is the redressing of the inequality of wealth on your world, which they have reinforced and exploited for many millennia. Once this weapon is removed from their armory, they can be easily banished and reduced to a status similar to yours.

Knowing this, we have long urged our Earth allies to implement a means to seize this great wealth and redistribute it. On your world, money in such immense quantities is the reason for great power, and the dark uses all its ancillary abilities to preserve and protect this wealth. It also thinks up scandalous, flagrantly illegal ways to steal wealth from each other. These ones could accurately be described as an immense global nest of vipers! Their modus operandi can be used against them to procure their downfall, and we intend to do just that. On many occasions we have suggested to our Earth allies that they use these methods to get their many extensive changes to global banking and finance approved. These have worked as planned. Now it is necessary to do this on a much larger scale, using a somewhat altered method of approach. This requires the aforementioned new guidelines, and once they are approved we intend to use the new tactics against the dark immediately.

This world of yours is a very strange and illogical place. This collective was given to the Anunnaki long ago and it has served its purpose. Now a more Light-bearing reality is needed in order for you to transform back into your fully conscious selves, as preordained. This process is progressing unevenly at present, and it is this unevenness that is feeding into the dark's various stratagems. We need to integrate the shifting process and allow the great leaps in your abilities that are to follow the removal of the dark governments on your world. The interim regimes will pave the way for a very different realm from the one you now know. It is these governmental caretakers who are to make the dramatic announcements which will permit first contact to go off as planned. With these broadcasts in hand we can then proceed with our mass-landing scenario and finish up the job that these governments and their citizens started.

Mother Earth very much wishes you to have the opportunity to honor your home world before our mass arrival. She knows that we have contingency plans that can preempt the current strategy for legally ousting the many illegal regimes which daily bow to the dark's every whim. But it is also our wish that the most appropriate scenario be allowed to play out. Nevertheless, we have the pre-approval of Heaven to intervene in a number of different ways, the least likely being a direct intervention that permits us to preemptively neutralize the large amount of advanced weaponry in the dark's arsenal. This would then include our making suitable announcements and landing en masse on your beautiful shores. Our primary concern is transforming the oppression used by the dark to control and manipulate your world.

Your freedom and the opportunity for you to use your innate sovereignty are important to us. These states of being can prepare you for the environment of a post-contact world. Such is the environment we ourselves live in, enhanced, moreover, by the absence of wealth and power. We wake up each day with the knowledge that we can accomplish whatever we intend. We are highly supportive of one another and know the basic truths of our life and how to achieve our major life goals. Most of you are broken in spirit or feel limited in what you can posses by way of resources. 'Getting on' in your society is ruled by subtle and secret codes or social 'deals', which can help you, get what you think you want. Often this runs counter to your true-life purpose.

We want you to discover what is true and real in your lives and what is not, before we land. You need to learn about 'true purpose' and how to apply it, and the way it differs from the false desires that your dark environment smoothers you in. This learning can take place if present situations lead the first contact team in that direction. We say this to reassure you that one way or another we are coming, and the world you now know is going away. The precise timing cannot be divulged ahead of time. All we can say is that our arrival is very close. Until this momentous moment we are committed to doing all that is possible to move your world from its present mounting chaos to a more stable state. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we discussed what is happening on your world and touched on some of our permitted options. All told, we wish you to know once again of our unfailing commitment to first contact and that we cannot back away from it. We are now so close, and joyously wait for the magical time when we can all meet! We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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