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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Imix, 9 Yaxk'in, 4 Eb --- December 2, 2008

Selamat Jarin! We come before you with more to say! The great adventure you have embarked upon is reaching a shift point where the first fruits of your journey are to manifest. Centuries ago, Saint Germaine initiated an operation to entice the crowned heads of Europe to grant him large sums of money. This Ascended Master used the wealth to start his world trust. It matured years ago and only the obstinacy of the last dark cabal prevented its distribution. The time has come for this impasse to be resolved and for the great wealth to be given to his followers, the Lightworkers. Lord Surea now decrees this. So, in accordance with this divine work and with other decrees, the Galactic Federation has asked our Earth allies to carry this out. Furthermore, Heaven has unleashed a great energy whose sole purpose is to make this so. We see before us the might of Heaven and know that this great force is to end the chaos and poverty that has for 13 millennia plagued humanity. A new time is getting ready to appear, and the old ways and beliefs now need to be vastly transformed!

This truly remarkable change for humanity is a major part of first contact. This period is when humanity turns a huge corner, and the shift points along the way mark the rise of a higher sense of consciousness, albeit accompanied by massive carnage and disorder. However, this mix of hope and despair is to be expected as you approach such a major turning point in your history. By and large it takes a concerted collective energy to move in a different direction, and in your case it is to be a positive one. This reality is not to last much longer in its present, limited state. Rather, a new paradigm is to manifest, which pushes you swiftly toward full consciousness. In fact, you formally started down this road a few decades ago, during which time Heaven ensured this direction by prodding you gently to make slight changes to your way of looking at things. Now you have reached a point where a number of new elements are being introduced into your reality. You live in an electronic age that is also a time of growing consciousness.

Your understanding about who you are and what you can become is beginning to morph. This change arises partially from the advent of the age of the UFO and the discovery every day of new stars that harbor solar systems. As you already correctly surmise, this galaxy is swarming with intelligent life and space-going star nations. You are indeed not alone, and as you grow in consciousness a natural evolution takes place that involves you in these distant star nations. Mother Earth and her solar system have been visited on and off for millennia. Your historians and scientists see this evidence throughout the ancient texts that have been studied, and it is only your imposed educational blinkers that have kept this information from you. Now, as you grow in awareness, this sequestered knowledge becomes known, leading to a suspicion among many of you that even more mind-blowing facts are being deliberately hidden from the public. This line of enquiry brings you up against the UFO cover-up and various other startling conclusions.

These revelations lay bare the inescapable deduction of a global, centuries-old conspiracy. Its most recent form is the secret organizations put together just before and after your World War II. That war's maelstrom of opposing groups, nations, and beliefs possessed a dimension beyond the axis' grab for world domination and the ensuing global conflict. It was a test to see whether a set of doctrines born out of hate and the logic of intense materialism could survive the crucible of war. The sad truth is that they almost did. Buried beneath the collapse of Nazi Germany and the rise of Soviet Communism is yet another doctrine; this one was part Anunnaki, part pure lust for power and wealth. It solidified in the giddy glee of victory and the sudden falling of off-world vehicles from the sky. New vistas opened up and new possibilities for mind and energy technologies were at hand. The key question was how to handle it all.

A vast diplomatic conflict then broke out between the factions of the new Anglo-American power structure. The issue was resolved when the Anunnaki intervened and mandated the creation of what we call the last dark cabal. And the public be damned! All evidence of off-worlders was hidden, and denial became the order of the day. As for the new technologies, they were to be leaked only when profitable; otherwise they did not exist. What followed was a surge driven by greed and power. The goal was to use the hidden technologies together with mind-control devices to forestall indefinitely humanity's progress toward full consciousness. Completion of this goal was set for the mid-1990s but was derailed by the sudden, out-of-the-blue announcement by Anchara (the galactic dark force) of a peace agreement with the Light. Soon thereafter the Anunnaki left to join the Light, throwing the grand plan for Earth into total disarray. The question now was whether to join the Anunnaki in the Light or find a way to finish the devilish control plot without them.

The reason we are telling you all this is because it is vital to see this group in its historic and spiritual Light. It is important to view the dark as a vast power filled with guile and Machiavellian deceit. It is not an easy entity to overcome! Indeed, its departure from the field is to be attributed as much to outsmarting it, as to the fact that the world is growing away from the favorable environment the dark needs in which to operate. This is why Heaven now ordains first contact for you. You require a means that can move you beyond the fear and manipulation of this global cabal. You need a counterweight that can move you toward the actual moment for first contact. The rest is then relatively easy. You are more than ready for our arrival and its implications for your belief systems. Many of you have already moved beyond this point and are ready for the rest of the puzzle to surface.

We are dedicated to moving you to full consciousness and transforming the yoke that was placed around you in Atlantis. What you are currently going through is the divinely devised process to free you and help you reestablish the inner and outer responsibilities which go with your rise in consciousness. This operation is not to be taken lightly. Your world is indeed changing for the better, and you, as an individual and as a collective of intertwined Souls, are beginning to realize how this all fits together. Within this apparently irrational mishmash of precepts is a greater spiritual logic that transcends the physical. It sets you on a course that reintegrates you with the grand wholeness of spiritual reality. It is this that constitutes the holy grail of your long search for truth. Our part is to finish this by returning you to full consciousness.

The moment of first contact is an event beyond words! It marks the culmination of a long, dark odyssey that we have walked together, although your part has at times been the more perilous. Now comes the end of all the frustrations and delays. These are to be transformed into the final steps that lead to first contact. We see this event as a natural process which heals the old Atlantean experiments by rousing you from the long nightmare that they caused. This is why the next steps involve your awakening from the fog of amnesia. Then you can remember all, forgive all for their trespasses and manipulation of you, and move forward together in Love, filled with the Joy of Jah Tah!

Today, we continued our discussion about the ever-changing events of the day. Look beyond the turmoil and see the magnificence of what is taking shape around you. Be joyful, and do not let this strange chaos pull you in. Join together and let the sunshine within you radiate for all to see. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)




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