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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

10 Lamat, 16 Yaxk'in, 4 Eb -- December 9, 2008

Greetings! We arrive again with many things to discuss with you. Right now, we come to tell you that the events we all desire are on the verge of happening. But it seems, yet again, that some minor point arises to slightly delay things. Everywhere, Mother Earth is rapidly advancing the endgame of this reality, which is transforming it into something entirely different. These continuing changes are alarming many of your atmospheric and climate specialists. Your present reality is slipping away as the vast changes in climate formation and the increase in various types of seismic activity together produce something new and different. All this heightened activity points to one simple fact: Mother Earth cannot hold this reality together as it presently is for very much longer. What is now urgently called for is a big shift in your global society, and this includes public acknowledgement of the fact that a great consciousness shift is well underway. And yet this is a mere prelude to the reality that is coming. Your world needs to plan for this, and begin to comprehend the huge implications of this monumental process.

Another priority is to come to grips with the falsely concocted bogeyman called the UFO cover-up, which either denies our existence or portrays us as an evil presence waiting to subjugate you or draw you into some dark agenda, all of which is untruthful. These often subliminal, imposed fears of yours need to be resolved. Happily, your rise in consciousness now permits the solving of this dilemma by a disclosure of the whole truth. The resulting global catharsis can open up a discussion that needs to be taken up on the highest public and governmental levels. To quote a couple of your famous authors, your world has reached its "Childhood's End"; it is time to let go of old beliefs and "put away childish things." Many unquestioned notions were set up for you by the Anunnaki many millennia ago, one of which was the fiction that you are unique and quite alone. The suppressed evidence accumulated by your scientists, who know this to be untrue, must come out, and this can provide a most effective prelude to first contact. It is often the case that apparent upsets can furnish a society with big opportunities for beneficial change.

This is a time when many issues, which until now were mostly kept on hold, can at last be put into some kind of legislation. The long period of disavowal concerning the need to alter the global economic agreement is one such issue. Another is the necessity to address your energy crisis. Even your primitive energy alternatives can be a bridge to the coming-online of your sequestered technologies and the devices we plan to offer you. As your geologists become more spiritually aware they can recognize the damage that has been done to your world by the coal and petroleum industries over the past few centuries. With this understanding you can move on and set policies that progress you into the age of Light energy. The first step on this road was taken over 50 years ago by secret government research and by many private inventors, even well before World War II. These sequestered devices need to be promulgated and widely distributed as a new source of electrical energy.

All this is just a start as you begin to look at how your society operates and adopt an open and willing attitude of learning and investigation. Abundance is not just a pie-in-the-sky concept; you need to understand the way your world was set up to create and maintain a subsistence-level mode for the majority, where basic rights are accorded mere lip-service by most of your nations, generation after generation. This process is something your consciousness must boldly confront. The means to provide global prosperity has actually been on your doorstep for decades, and the present time in your history is a good one for all this to begin. As your society struggles with an artificially created situation of grave consequences, many of the old blocks to clear thinking can be breached and many alternative beliefs tried on for size. By peeling away your inherited preconceptions, you can begin to open up to new possibilities for right living.

In our case our evolutionary shift away from a monetary economy, or any type of economy for that matter, happened eons ago. We can materialize what we desire either by use of our devices or by our own abilities. We comprehend our connections to each other and to this Creation; hence, we create only what we truly desire. Moving toward this mindset is implicit in full consciousness. Another aspect is your innate sovereignty. Society needs to recognize this fact and use your great abilities to solve its occasional difficulties and honor you for the magnificent Beings that you are. Such are the next steps you need to take as a people. It will indicate that you acknowledge what is happening to you and that you intend to honor this fact globally. Doing this allows you to naturally grow out of the egotistical ways of your lengthy childhood and into a new period of mutually accepted growth in consciousness.

Your growing self-awareness is arising from the mounting economic and political turmoil that now engulfs you. Chaos is a factor that in the past has distracted you to the point where you were easy to manipulate. However, this time it is your controllers who are panicking. These former wealthy controllers sense their abilities swiftly waning. This realization scares them and they deeply desire to somehow stave off this "slippery slope." Meanwhile, our Earth allies are working all out to manifest what we have long discussed with you. A natural pattern is emerging in which the old cabal is being forced to renege and acknowledge the operation unfolding before it. This is taking longer than we wish. Nevertheless, Heaven is working to a divine timetable which is coming due. Now some remarkable things are to be done.

The present dire global scenario is actually a herald of the impending changes. Behind the scenes a mighty struggle has forced the old dark cabal to give way. Gaping cracks in its façade are widening and the united front that this old guard perpetuated for millennia is breaking up. Its iron grip of power is also loosening, allowing "new growth" to burst through the cracks. We repeatedly emphasize this aspect for a reason: You need to know that some drastic but amazing changes are just around the corner. The architects of these changes know who we are and welcome our arrival on your shores. Our Earth allies worked hard for many decades to secure what is now ready to happen. The future belongs to the Light!

The near future, however, is fraught with what appear to be many portentous hazards. But it would be more true to describe this period as a sort of rite of passage that marks the end of this reality and its imminent, swift transformation into a higher state. It behooves you therefore to refrain from regressing into inappropriate fears; rather, use your knowledge of what is happening to assist in make it all possible by being positive in your outlook. Your role in all this is important! You are the main reason why so many are pulling out all the stops to make this happen. The dark was once convinced that it could stop your evolution and turn you into its willing pawns. Instead, you, with Heaven's help, have proved them wrong! So, rejoice! And bless you all!

Today, we delved deeper into what is occurring around you. Take these last moments to proclaim your victory! Proclaim the arrival of Heaven's great abundance and joyously anticipate your return to full consciousness. The time approaches for our arrival and for the great celebration of which first contact is a part. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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