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4 Men, 3 Mol, 4 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We come again with more information about the changes occurring on your world. Inside you, vast alterations to your RNA/DNA are either happening or preparing to happen. The same applies to Mother Earth. Your reality alters itself by daily increments, and these shifts are accumulative. Each slight step brings your world ever close to its glorious destiny. These changes to your reality are readily evident in the many species that become extinct on a daily basis, thus opening up new niches in your ecosystem. Further, Mother Earth's magnetic and electrical grids are shifting, causing a series of anomalies to spread across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. This is accompanied by evidence of intense "global warming" which is melting the Arctic ice and which has placed you on the brink of a mini ice age. All these diverse factors are symptoms of the huge shift that you and Mother Earth are going through, and more is to come.

At present, this period in your history is filled with mounting chaos, bringing with it an increased likelihood of economic and natural disasters. These potentials stalk your reality. But remember the immensity of what it is that underlies the surface brouhaha: It is nothing less than your shift from limited to full consciousness. We know it is not easy to rise above a disintegrating world and to focus instead on the many transformations happening to you and Mother Earth, especially when dire prognostications of economic and natural disasters come at you from all sides. One such is your current energy crisis, and this is all the more galling as your rulers continue to keep the lid on a simple, logical way out of this pressing conundrum. In this time of crisis-piled-on-crisis, your mind can easily be trapped in the limited state of consciousness that the Anunnaki wished to leave you in. But you know in your gut and your heart that the way out of these dilemmas is to be found in your growth toward full consciousness. On top of this is the fact that you see this time as an age of wonders and miracles, and first contact!

First contact is not an instrument of rescue. It forms part of a natural process which is set forth in the divine plan. This event comes only after you arrive at the grand tipping-point, which is the moment when you leave behind what you know and gladly move into an unknown that you sense is to bring you great joy. This thought has long excited you, and now you are sensing just how close it truly is! You are moving into times that bring many of your fellows much fear and bewilderment; nevertheless, you comprehend on many inner levels what is actually happening. Spirit has entered upon a grand plan to change this world dramatically. Such a transformation has been told to numerous shamans around the world for centuries. A much talked about point in time is the Mayan date of 2012, which symbolizes a time when this grand shift occurs. Thus, most Mayan timekeepers see it as a time for a new, better reality to materialize. These end times constitute the upheaval which brings in this new age of wonders and miracles. Always remember that you are not here to become extinct, but to survive.

This age of prosperity and new governance is foreordained, and its arrival is not restricted to the Gregorian year of 2012. We are in a time of preparation for what is to happen, and indeed, most of what needs to happen has already occurred: A great abundance is ready to manifest, and the shifts within you and around you are well underway. The dark reacts to this with its ever-increasing chaos, and more recently, with a rising panic about what is to happen to its great wealth and power. These opposing momentums drive what you see openly around you. The dark hides its true intentions, but nonetheless reveals clues that can intimate what is taking place. In this instance, the current worldwide meltdown disguises the systemic breakdowns caused by the dark's state of panic. Our Earth allies are close to a major triumph and this fact is most disturbing to those who have long ruled your world. A great void in power has opened up and needs to be filled.

The big issue now is this power void. The struggle between Light and dark has taken a long time to get to this point. Now your reality's dark mantle is to be changed for one that proclaims the rise of our Earth allies and of you. The crucial element is money. Currency held in vast sums has been used as a weapon to rule you. Another cudgel was the constant threat by the Anunnaki to dispose of anyone who failed to please them. Their iron grip was removed in the mid-1990s with the sudden Treaty of Anchara. Thereafter their dark on-planet minions used wealth and influence to set up a construct designed to perpetuate the Anunnaki's erstwhile plans. Now this too is crumbling. Your reality needs more than a new Dumbarton Oaks financial agreement; in fact, it must understand that Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together again. Something wholly new is called for. This "something" is the new system created by our Earth allies.

Instituting this new system is nevertheless only a forerunner of what is to come. Your reality needs to move beyond money to being an intrinsically abundant society. For this, the concept of abundance needs to be used consciously. It is not avarice; rather, it is a prelude to a true moneyless world, operating within a fully conscious reality. Such is our realm and it has existed for eons. Now it is ready to make its appearance here. We come to inform you about what is shortly to be yours. This new realm probably seems quite foreign to you as it is a place that has no significant sense of lack or limitation; the focus is on the successes and rewards that come from what you set out to achieve. However, before you reach this place, you require a period of transition and this is where first contact comes in. We come first as mentors; then, as your equals in a new reality.

Once you see this present time as merely temporary, you begin to view what is occurring in your world in a different way. Nothing in your society is permanent; it just appears that way to you. We understand that what matters is one's sacred relationship to a reality and its inhabitants. A divine Soul connection binds you all together, and flaring out from this are the individual nuances that are the physical you. This "you" is composed of your divine Soul energy and what it is that you came to achieve. We call this your lifetime objective and we support each other in achieving this. Each lifetime gathers in essential wisdom that increases the sum-total knowledge of a reality, and this can be drawn upon when needed to ensure your own success. All the resources you need are duly provided for each inhabitant within a reality.

This transition augurs great promise. We come to end your programmed fears of extraterrestrials. We come to show you the way to amazing technologies and to the restoration of full consciousness. We come to help and to let you become whole again. We come to resurrect who you really are and to tell you why this is the divine time for profound change. Long ago, your shamans locked in a time for a new golden age that was to set the stage for a return of the Light. This time is now! Even as this realm self-destructs, our Earth allies intend to be the special way-showers to a new reality. Along with them comes your first contact team-us. We await the moment when we can be part of a well-deserved victory celebration!

Today, we carried on our discussion with you about what is occurring on your world. Mother Earth is most anxious to start her great physical changes. This transformation is something you are also close to achieving. We are ready, when called upon, to restore you with great joy to being fully conscious Beings of Light. We now leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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