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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

11 Ik, 10 Mol, 4 Eb

Selamat Balik! We come again with information about the changes occurring on your world. Everywhere, critical signs are showing that much needed change is indeed quite close to happening. The panic that began to set in a few months ago is approaching its crescendo. Your dark cabal realizes that the game set in motion eons ago by their former masters, the Anunnaki, is losing its momentum. Accompanying this fact is yet another. Our Earth allies fully intend to carry out an all-encompassing, global "house-cleaning" of the dark and its myriad cronies. They realize there is no escape and thus, the dark cabal's leadership remains in charge with a knowing that a most elegant ouster of them from power is just about to begin. These new "brooms" of the Light are starting slowly: first by sweeping out their old malingering dust-cobs and then by disinfecting the strange odors and odd stains left behind by these slovenly and arrogant power brokers. What is left is to arrest them openly and distribute to the worthy the vast prosperity long promised to them by the Light.

In doing this, the Light opens up in earnest the pathway to full consciousness and the means to return you to your rightful place in the stars and within Heaven. Look upon this current time as the moment when your final frustrations were vented and when at last the great moment for change suddenly manifested. Consequently, these times are most strange and in many ways quite awkward for you. You feel the change and, initially, it can seem to you as if outwardly nothing is occurring. However, behind the scenes much is going on worldwide. A great shift is moving forward at a steady and very relentless clip. This movement to alter your reality is a climatic change, an eco-system alteration and surface modification by Mother Earth. Its vastness cannot be doubted. What is unknown to you is the timing. It seems to the uninitiated that it is something that has caught itself on some endless loop. In fact, it is seeping almost unnoticed into the very wheelwork of your present reality. The transformation is drawing ever closer and with it, the period for our arrival on your shores.

All indigenous groups across your globe note this shift in consciousness. They talk of a time of fire and a time for great changes in what and who you are. They also explain about the return of the "star people" from the many nations that comprise us. We indeed are coming. We come to act as a harbinger of change and as a mentor to each one of you. Our part has been foretold by Heaven and agreed upon by the Spiritual Hierarchy who are in charge of your world. As you become more aware, your meditations lead you progressively to us and to those spiritual guardians that have long looked after you. All of this is just another indicator that you are not alone and that the change you need is ready to come upon you from the great Light of Creation that in Joy made the Heavens. This Joy is represented in this realm by a great Love that intends to keep you safe and to fulfill a number of announced decrees. In this, take heart and let this energy of Light guide you. The grand ways of Heaven are to perform miracles. The ways of this Galactic Federation are to carry out and obey Heaven's decrees.

These decrees call for a first contact. These sacred plans call for your return to full consciousness. All of this is done within the directives of Lord Surea. The throne of Heaven has spoken and the highest orders and Beings of Aeon have come bringing vast numbers of the near infinite Councils of the most High. These events are not things to scoff at! They are divine signs that point to the very nature of why so many have come from throughout this galaxy to observe and to partake in your grand transition in consciousness! Thus, this is a series of sacred acts orchestrated by the Creator. These realities make it hard for us to do anything but carry out what we have come here for. Those of the dark who wish to deny us now comprehend the seriousness of the obstacles that stand before them. The dark continues to try to find a way to defy Heaven. This simply cannot be done! Heaven is to make you whole again. This outcome cannot and will not be stopped by the dark!

In this mode, we have put forth our plans for first contact. A number of you have already become privy to this. You have seen us and heard us describe our arrival to you. We come in peace to mentor you and assist in your final transition to Beings of Light. Doing this is a great honor for us. Our priestesses and priests performed many rituals above, on and within your world. These rituals set the stage for our coming. At this time of the Gregorian year, watch the skies with interest. We are preparing some simple surprises. Many who are of the dark continue to think they can find a way out of their dilemma. We wish to use this time to show them otherwise. When the time comes, the signal is to be given for our arrival. Then, we can descend from the skies in untold numbers and complete the mission we started nearly two decades ago. Before that, we observed you closely and intervened only when Heaven or we thought necessary.

These brief excursions in times past were merely to bring you messages of hope, needed enlightenment and a means to continue your path toward your destiny. These succeeded even though they were only forays required to keep the way of the Light burning within your Heart. The dark was in charge and these things were done knowing that at best they were only small endeavors that lacked the ability to make the dark notice us and plan ways to stop us. It was only in the last few centuries that the time became ready for a more direct infusion of Light. The resulting new technologies carried you to this point. Now, you have a worldwide web run by computers and the means to power them. You sit on the next step. The stars await and we, visitors from these stars, come to greet you and show you the way to our homes.

In doing this, we prepare you to become our equals. You are a grand race of humans who have temporarily lost their way. Now comes the time to rediscover the full wonder of who you really are. Even as you are in the process of doing this, your world, Mother Earth, is likewise preparing to become what she once was. Indeed, the entire solar system is joining together in a vast effort to return itself into what your distant ancestors saw when they first entered this solar system. When you venture out in your newly acquired Light ships, this original perspective can again be joyously gazed upon. We look forward to watching you sally forth and claim your responsibilities as guardians of this beautiful place! We also wait with glee for you to forge your new star nation. This living entity is to be the scene of numerous conferences and many great galactic events.

Your destiny is not to be defined by the dark. You have passed successfully through their caverns filled with the work of their knives. You have survived their imposed sorrows and forded their flooded streams teeming with assorted hatreds, divisions and unrequited violence. This feat is amazing. Now you come to the end of this treachery. The Light at the end of this dark journey is shining ever brightly upon you. Soon you can leave this behind and travel in Light to the shinning crystal cities where you live out the rest of this life in the glory and honor that you truly deserve. Here, Heaven can present you with your earned rewards. Here, we can greet our family and show you the Love and kindnesses decreed for you long ago. All of this is to be yours! Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we continued our discussion about this special time. We ask you to remain ready and prepared for all that is to come. First contact is drawing closer. We await with Love the moment to come into your realm. At that time, much is to be revealed and much is to be said about your destiny and wondrous return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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