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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Cib, 4 Chen, 4 Eb --- January 6, 2009

Selamat Jarin! We welcome you to another discussion about what is happening in your reality. At present, progress continues to be made in each theater of operations. All the preliminaries for ousting the dark cabal from its worldwide dominance are nearly done. We are busy helping our Earth allies identify and find those who need to be rounded up when the required changes in the dark regimes take place. We intend that this operation be swift and thorough. To this end, it is necessary to hand over complete dossiers on these ones so that they can be cornered by our many Earth-allies security forces. These groups are in operation all over the world and we are helping them to complete these preliminaries while also preparing our own personnel for first contact. To expedite matters we increased our on-planet personnel. They are concentrating on taking a comprehensive "pulse" of the current global situation, and as these reports filter back to us a much clearer picture of your fears and worries about your planetary conditions has been fleshed out.

These reports also reveal how you truly feel about us, and we are happy to relate that the graph of your global acceptance rate for first contact has moved upward in the past months. We now see how vital it is to have disclosure of our presence and that this can now further our mission here. Therefore we have asked our diplomatic liaisons to step up their interactions with our Earth allies and those governments ready to cooperate with us. These exchanges have resulted in developments that can quickly lead to first contact. We are impressed with the number of governments that wholeheartedly support ending the UFO cover-up and that want to move swiftly to full disclosure. But we are also saddened by those who use their positions of power in some major governments to maintain this ridiculous cover-up. However, once the necessary regime changes are made these obstacles can be removed. We are told that our Earth allies are very close to putting into effect the secret plans that are to topple these dark regimes.

As our Earth allies approach their moment of action, we too are doing our part to prepare your world for first contact. As you know, the forces of Agartha are working cooperatively with our Earth allies and we have detailed a task force of our own personnel to assist them directly. This group is doing yeoman work and has already compiled lists that can be used by our Earth allies to carry out the various direct actions needed to transform the climate of dark power that hangs like a massive pall over some major regimes. The success of the quiet revolution depends on acting suddenly and only when the proper preconditions for action are met. Getting our Earth allies to this point is a top priority for us. We see how your world cries out for relief from its present grim conditions. Dark miasmas are artificially created by the dark cabal and are being used to the max by its ever-willing minions. Our strategy is to provide the means to counter this black craft and permit an era of true change and enlightenment to sweep over the Earth.

Destructive economic maneuvers are instituted from time to time to stoke your fears and make sure that large sums are siphoned into the dark's coffers. As before, these tactics have recently proven to be most effective. Now armed with more "muscle" with which to exact favors from a number of key organizations, the cabal is rapidly becoming a greater nuisance than before. This time, however, our Earth allies limited the extent of these annoyances. The major remaining impediment is to identify the members of these dark networks and terminate this silliness once and for all. This is where we come into the picture: We have offered to put our data-gathering capabilities concerning the present situation at the disposal of our Earth allies and have already supplied them with all requested lists. We fully intend to facilitate any action necessary for our Earth allies to remove those recalcitrant regimes that persist in holding out against the Light.

Included in the above-mentioned proffered data is a thorough review of recent global developments. Raising the level of violence is an age-old device of the dark ones because it affords them limitless opportunities for misdirection. Of course the real issues here are freedom versus control; want versus abundance; truth versus carefully planted hearsay and outright fabrication. Creating a panorama of mayhem is something the dark is very adept at, and our registers can help our Earth allies unravel these distortions and set up programs to counter this pervasive chicanery. It is vital to neutralize anything that could even temporarily upset our allies' applecart. The actual acts of removal of these dark ones from power must be clear, clean, and swift; to this end, a number of legalities are ready to come into effect to create a new reality for your global society.

Since the end of the 17th century your world has drifted toward what you call "democratic government". When done properly this can be an excellent way for people to share in their country's governance. But when hijacked by self-serving interests it becomes a front for tricking people into believing that they do actually partake in the collective decision-making. The latter case is the more prevalent on your world. The process that founded these "democracies" produced a series of noble documents which can now be used to recreate the original intent of nurturing a sense of true freedom and sovereignty for all. Indeed, it is this thrust which lies at the heart of our Earth allies' actions. Moreover, several national and international legal institutions support this intent, and their secret decrees form the foundation for what our Earth allies are to do.

We fully expect our Earth allies to institute governmental reform and permit a new era of true freedom and sovereignty to take hold on Mother Earth. Within the purview of this new reality, now-hidden technologies can be disclosed and the new governments can broadcast the formal announcement of our existence and first contact with the peoples of Mother Earth. The dark ones are starting to comprehend the inevitability of all this, including the fact that just and legal repercussions of their vast abuses of power are to be meted out to them. We expect the trial process to resemble that of Nuremberg at the end of WW II, but unlike the sentences handed out at that time, these are to be more humanitarian: no death sentences, but rather long prison terms, to be commuted after we arrive on your shores.

First contact is, after all, a big step in your growth in consciousness. Each of you has played a special role during this lifetime on Mother Earth. The goal of all this is to become fully conscious and together, to use your collective and individual abilities to forge a new star nation. Some of you will be given the choice to return home. There you can recall your earthly experiences and recount to your star nation exactly what Earth humans went through to achieve full consciousness. Many of you may return, briefly, as Galactic Federation ambassadors and participate in your new capacity in the many conferences to be held in this new and important star nation. The destined future of your new star nation is bright and beautiful indeed!

Today, we continued our discussion about your present and your future. Around you a new reality is forming. Our first contact with you is one of the last steps on your long journey back to full consciousness. We gladly anticipate the moment when we can openly begin this process with you. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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