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Sheldon Nidle's Archive

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

7 Caban, 5 Yax, 4 Eb ---  January 27, 2009

Selamat Jarin! We come with more to say on a number of different subjects. Our Earth allies continue to move forward on several fronts. A series of events subject to a master timetable are currently on schedule. Our liaison teams tell us that as these events approach manifestation they can be the building blocks for our Earth allies' final goals, deliveries, and accompanying announcements. As we wait for these things to happen, we are securing a number of places that are important for what is to occur. We also continue to monitor changes to Mother Earth's surface and those that you are going through. Heaven decreed decades ago that this time was to comprise both struggle and transformation, in which the first series of changes to your governments and to your financial and monetary systems was to take place. These changes are also a sign that you are entering a period of accelerated changes to your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. These body changes are in consonance, so to speak, with what is happening externally in the global arena.

      It is a time for cleansing your world on multiple levels as she prepares for what is about to supersede your present reality. The current world system is inadequate, and continuing attempts to prop it up are doomed. What is urgently required is "new thinking" much along the lines of that of our Earth allies over the past decade. In order to do this they had to move well beyond the cutting-edge thinking that was being brought to bear on your now distressed legal, financial, and political systems. They knew they had to think well outside the conventional "box" in order to come up with something befitting the new context. They threw out the economic philosophies which created the "crimes" that left the majority of your global populace prey to the excesses of your rich and powerful. They needed to come up with systems that not only reformed your world's institutions but that offered an entirely different way of moving your global society out of the social control mechanisms that cripple your lives. Many of their proposals have since become sequestered laws that now await unveiling.

      As this new "world system" is finally revealed, it most surely needs your heartfelt support. Your global society is at a crossroads, and it is abundantly clear that things are happening in the environment and in the economic sphere that emphatically demand a "new way". Your rise in consciousness makes you increasingly a force for good, and you need to capitalize on this by becoming active in implementing the solutions proposed by our Earth allies. Their ideas are partially contained in what many know as NESARA; but the "total package" of the allies goes far beyond the provisions of that most commendable document. You are on the verge of wondrous prosperity, which includes methods for spreading and maintaining this abundance. First of all an unassailable peace must prevail. This implies a state brought about by a process that transcends your current understanding of the word "diplomacy". People-oriented initiatives, rather than government-based, can create a global milieu of such unity that war becomes impossible!

      Grass-roots movements of amazing scope and size have sprung up around the world. Clearing-houses are needed to link this plethora of organizations, and they need to include the capability to connect these multitudes of components on many different levels. This integration can form the foundation of a galactic society. Galactic society is a coherent whole made up of an interlinked, purpose-oriented clan system, in which we can temporarily substitute or interpose special task modules, if need be. These can hook up within the whole according to their points of shared interest and common agendas. The result is a powerful global network dedicated to peace, prosperity, and mutual support. This organic entity uses tools like hono pono pono to come together by emphasizing accepted similarities rather than allowing differences to divide its members. This organized array of synergistic units works efficiently and powerfully for change.

      Coordinating Earth's grass-roots movements is now necessary, and here, our Earth allies are more than ready to oblige. Indeed, we have trained them extensively for this purpose. Their idea is to use the transitional governments and the above-mentioned people-oriented groups to form an invincible instrument for total institutional reform. As we said earlier, attempting to bolster the current mess is futile; your fatally flawed governance has reached a point where it must return to its democratic principles and then expand upon them. In fact, this is not as monumental a proposition as it at first appears. To begin with, the powerful deadwood and allied special interests that run your governments need to be removed. This is no time for "more of same". This is why we have supported the vast and sweeping new system proposed by our Earth allies. Its implementation is going to rock the world!

      You have moved into an electronic and consciousness-expanding age. This period is the interim between what you have always known and the new world that is about to be born. This new world includes first contact and your return to full consciousness. The question is, how to get you from here to there. The proposals advocated by our Earth allies revolve around this primary issue, and it is no simple task. Herein lies the reason it has taken so long to get you to the starting gate. Numerous legal, financial, and monetary programs had to be approved by influential segments of the world community. Now this is done. The next step is the implementation of what has been agreed to, and slowly but surely these stages are coming on line. What remains now is the trickier stuff.

      This "trickier stuff", however, is ready to manifest. Our Earth allies and we are jointly doing what is necessary to get things done. What drives us is the prize of first contact. As you reach the next phase in your journey, we need to move ourselves closer to first contact. Needless to say, we wish to do this as smoothly as possible. Nevertheless, if so ordered by Heaven, we are to comply even if your governments are not yet ready to receive us. Remember that Heaven is unfolding a divine plan, and this plan lays out specific time points that we need to observe. These stipulations will be our orders to initiate first contact, and we go planetward when so directed. Until then we follow the directives of the operation outlined in this and previous updates. Intuitively we feel that working closely with our Earth allies can lead quickly to a successful first contact.

      Getting you to return to full consciousness is the crux of what is happening on your world. In support of this goal, huge institutional reform needs to take place and then used to bring about peace, prosperity, and a new awareness of who you really are. The means for this lie within your grasp: Prosperity programs are waiting to be disbursed; new monetary, banking, and economic systems are ready to be activated. All that is needed is the Will to do so. Our Earth allies represent one part of this Will. Once they initiate things, it is your responsibility to take up the baton. Work together and make a world that we can come to in Joy and that Mother Earth can rejoice in. The time comes for you to do your part in making all this a reality!

      Today, we discussed more aspects surrounding your move toward full consciousness. We come to guide you and complete what Heaven and you have participated in for nearly 13 millennia. We look forward with joy to celebrating what you are now busy doing. Remember, Together, We are Victorious! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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