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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

1 Kan, 12 Yax, 4 Eb -- February 3, 2009

Selamat Balik! We come again with new things to tell you! Right now most of you are entering the next stage of your preparations for full consciousness. Heaven is putting in a whole new set of energies that are activating your heart and thymus chakras. These, in turn, are activating your immune system and causing you some discomfort. Many of you have flu-like symptoms or are experiencing increased fatigue and sleeplessness. These difficulties are to leave before this month is over. While this is happening your head chakras are going through some preliminary tests that may give you some vivid dreams, mild headaches, and occasional blurry vision. These changes can affect your lower limbs and feet, causing possible swelling of the ankles, knee pains, and on occasion very sore feet. As we said, this will only be short-lived. When this is done, you can begin to experience another leap in your conscious awareness. Colors can then appear brighter, your sleep can be deeper, and your vitality increased.

These physical changes are occurring now for a reason. Your global society is on the verge of great changes. The political and economic systems of much of your world are beginning to systemically fail. The reforms of our Earth allies are starting to be the only real alternative. Everywhere, governments are failing, economies are declining, and the monetary systems are on the brink of truly catastrophic changes. This cannot continue to go on much longer. The reforms require that this present economic and political reality be scrapped. In its stead, quite new ways of looking at your reality need to be adopted. The time has come to make a great leap from a scarcity-based system to one anchored in abundance. Initially, this means ending the age of oil. Many forms of limitless energy production now exist that are either suppressed or in use under national security tags. This technology needs to be released immediately. It also needs to be coupled with technologies that can easily clean up your air, water, and land. This is, however, only the first stage.

The next step is to address governance, monetary reform, and banking. Your present governments are incapable of handling the enormity of what the dark ones created. This systemic global mess was to be the justification for their final takeover of your world, which is why this worldwide disaster had to be a real dozy! What you see around you is getting worse. A further, enormous wave of debt has not yet emerged. This is the mega-tsunami that was to plunge your world into an endless abyss of tyranny! This calamity is still waiting to happen. The reforms of our Earth allies neutralize its manifestation through the route of global debt forgiveness. In addition, those debts that are now accumulating can equally be forgiven. The world starts afresh. The next step is open, participatory, and clean government. This is currently impossible. Those who created the global political disaster need to be ousted along with the system of governance they have so superbly mangled. This process is what we call the "quiet revolution". Many brave men and women are close to making this real.

The quiet battles for your freedom and personal sovereignty do not need recounting here today. All that needs to be said is that many risked life and limb in this noble cause. You are to be the beneficiaries of what they have wrought. Meanwhile, a great deal of legal and financial paperwork was written and approved by a number of important and powerful individuals. This serves as the foundation for what is coming. Your world is to be reborn in freedom, peace, and prosperity. You have wandered into this only because a great, unsung, sacred plan was instituted by Heaven, by many who are Earth allies, and by us. We are proud of where this movement has led us. We cannot say much about this until a series of major announcements have first shocked and rocked the world. Then we dearly intend to ask some of them to come forward and begin a public shepherding of what these courageous ones helped to create. You need to be led partially by example. Then you can take up the baton and affirm what has come to pass.

The coming transitional period is to be filled with some amazing events. Peace needs to be formally declared. Those who can create reasons for division from points based on cultural tradition need to be shown ways that can bring all together. The pain and sorrow within you is to be quenched and firmly replaced with something better. Abundance is only a means to a better end. This end is to show you how to manifest a way to spiritually and materially enrich the world you inhabit. There is more. As you grow together, you begin to see each other not as competitors but as fellow humans with inner dreams and a unique way of expressing them. Let this global show-and-tell be done effortlessly and with the great Love that lives in all of you. Long ago, your ancestors came here together from far away. This time is when a wondrous remembrance of this can begin. It is time to put aside your pain and hatred, and bring forth your Love.

This process of change is organic to these times. You are in the very midst of a transformation that is sanctioned by Heaven, applauded by Lord Surea, and carried out by the Angels! You have nothing to fear. This world of yours is on its last legs, but many things are being done. Most of these remain under the radar until the precise moment for disclosure. We write now only to inform you of this. Currently you are drowning in a veritable flood of depressing news, and more of this disconcerting babble is to come. Yet, unbeknownst to the world, a great proclamation is ready to be bellowed out across the airwaves of your globe! When its meaning strikes your ears, a shock may well set in. This is why we are speaking about this today: Be prepared and ready to rise above the shock and add your voice to the many who are to speak these miraculous words.

The next era on your planet is about understanding yourself while at the same time knowing others. The present dichotomy between self and others needs transforming. A merging is to come about shortly; indeed, this process is beginning even now. Participation in government or in your community can show you that your continuing apathy is not really an option. Coming out and letting yourself be a part of something, even in a very small way, is a good start. Let your unique wisdom come to the fore. Let your beautiful essence be no longer a thing of the shadows. Bask in the light and shine! You are more than you can believe. Indeed, you are incredible Beings! We urge you to go forth and add your voice to the great global chorus. When we arrive, we intend to address those who showed the way and those with the courage to have believed in this.

This new reality engages the physical, the mental, and the Spirit. It is coming at you from many directions at once. Your task is to absorb it and do with it what your intuition prompts you to. You are on the last leg of a journey that is leading you to who you really are and of course to us! Your current world's demise is far from unplanned: the Divine took up and reworked your reality yet again to produce this most positive solution. And this operation is only just beginning. Nevertheless, it is possible for it to be over in a flash. This anticipation of suddenness is a surprise that is to have a most unexpected way of ending. Hence, we cannot divulge it. What we can do is alert you to this. Do be prepared for everything, and expect a great joy to be with you shortly!

Today, we carried on with our discussion of what is happening to you and your reality. Much is ready to pop up and be well received. We come and prepare our fleet for its grand showing-up on your shores. The moments are ticking and the next events are preparing to do what the Creator so decides. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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